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100 1  Orsina, Giovanni 
240 10 Berlusconismo nella storia d'Italia 
245 10 Berlusconism and Italy|h[electronic resource] :|ba 
       historical interpretation /|cGiovanni Orsina 
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490 0  Italian and Italian American studies 
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505 0  1. The Italian Question  2. The Antifascist Republic  3. 
       Berlusconism  4. The Berlusconian Elector  5. The 
       Evolution of Berlusconism  6. Epilogue: The Fly in the 
516    Document 
520    From the outset, Silvio Berlusconi's career was expected 
       to be short, and he has been considered finished several 
       times, only to have reemerged victorious. This fascinating
       political and historical study shows that Berlusconi's 
       success and resilience have lain in his ability to provide
       answers to longstanding questions in Italian history.
       |bSince 1994, when he first moved from business into 
       public life, Silvio Berlusconi has been a defining figure 
       in Italian politics. From the outset, his political career
       was expected to be short-lived, and over the following 
       years he has been considered finished several times, most 
       recently with his resignation in 2011 - yet each time, 
       such predictions have been proven wrong. In this 
       fascinating political and historical study, Giovanni 
       Orsina shows that Berlusconi's success and resilience have
       lain in his ability to give significant political answers 
       to longstanding questions in Italian history. In the 
       process, he also shows how the weakened political parties,
       electoral volatility, resurgent populism, negative 
       politics, and other post-democratic features of 
       Berlusconi's Italy came to be 
520 1  By placing 'Berlusconism' into a fully historical context,
       Giovanni Orsina cuts through the stereotypes. He has 
       exposed the Berlusconi phenomenon's roots and has given us
       a fresh understanding of an important trend that Italian 
       and international observers have frequently treated in a 
       superficial manner. Orsina's insightful and impeccably 
       documented book leads us to conclude that--far from being 
       an inexplicable development led by a quixotic businessman 
       operating in a unbalanced country--there are rational 
       explanations for Berlusconi's rise that other countries 
       ignore at their own risk. - Spencer M. Di Scala, 
       University of Massachusetts Boston, USAHow Silvio 
       Berlusconi came to corral an electoral power-base and 
       dominate his country's politics for so long is a 
       fascinating story. And in this book Giovanni Orsina 
       explains how he did it. By setting the Berlusconi 
       phenomenon in the broad sweep of the modern Italian 
       political history the book manages to de-mystify the 
       subject. A certain logic emerges. Foreigners in particular
       often struggle to understand the rise of Silvio Berlusconi,
       but Professor Orsina has provided them here with a 
       comprehensive explanation. - Alan Johnston, correspondent 
       with BBC RomeGiovanni Orsina has written the first serious
       book on 'Berlusconism' as a political movement whose 
       nature and success can be explained by delving in the long
       story of our country. . . . A book that, for the quality 
       of its writing, the obvious seriousness and rootedness of 
       many of its arguments ... should find many readers. - 
       Michele Salvati, Il Corriere della Sera 
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545 0  Giovanni Orsina is Associate Professor in Contemporary 
       History and Deputy Director of the School of Government, 
       Luiss-Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy 
600 10 Berlusconi, Silvio,|d1936-|xInfluence 
600 10 Berlusconi, Silvio,|d1936-|xPolitical and social views 
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