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Author CAPAS-MARC 2010 workshop migration, network and colonial legacies in Pacific Islands (2010 : Taipei, Taiwan)
Title CAPAS-MARC 2010 workshop migration, network and colonial legacies in Pacific Islands
Imprint Taipei : Center for Asia Pacific Area Studies (CAPAS), RCHSS, Academia Sinica ; [Mangilao, Guam] : Richard F. Taitano, Micronesia Area Research Center(MARC), University of Guam, 2010
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 Panel 1-1Differences, connections, and the colonial Merry-go-round in Micronesian history / Glenn Petersen 
 Panel 1-2Historical awareness constructed under control of multi-layered alien powers, Including Japan: an anthropological comparative study on Taiwan and Micronesia / Yuko Mio三尾裕子 
 Panel 1-3The ethno-historical network among the islands of the 'East Taiwan Sea' / Chih-huei Huang黃智慧 
 Panel 2-1Voyaging for anti-colonial recovery: Austronesian seafaring, archipelagic rethinking, and the re-mapping of indigeneity / Vicente Diaz 
 Panel 2-2Torina (canoe making magic) and 'copy-cat': history and discourses on the boat building industry in Langalanga, Solomon Islands / Pei-yi Guo郭佩宜 
 Panel 2-3Making homes on others' land: immigrants on Pacific Islands / Yuan-chao Tung童元昭 
 Panel 2-4Notes on clan histories and migration in the federated states of Micronesia / Manuel Rauchholz 
 Panel 3-1Black stones in the Black Stone(Naganivatu): gender and hierarchical relations in Fiji / Meng-shan Lee李孟珊 
 Panel 3-2The consumption of food commodities in the Marshall Islands / Yi-chun Lu呂億君 
 Panel 3-3Living with a living volcano : the Maori in Tongariro Nation Park / Yi-ning Du杜亦寧 
 Panel 3-4Vanuatu: mask in Ambrym Island / Shih-hsuan Chen陳仕烜 
 Panel 4-1Climate change and maritime migration: late Holocene human settlement in Micronesia / John Peterson 
 Panel 4-2Palaeohabitat context of ancient Austronesian population dispersals: the 1500-1000 B.C. time interval in the Mariana Islands, Western Pacific / Mike Carson 
 Panel 4-3The first settlement of remote oceania: the Philippines to the Marianas / Hsiao-chun Hung洪曉純et al. 
 Panel 4-4Lapita-scape: research possibilities using the digital database of Lapita Pottery / Scarlett Chiu邱斯嘉 
 Panel 4-5Okisel a duch er a chim: revival of Palau pottery / Meked Besebes 
 Panel 5-1Islands of coconuts and soy sauce: Asian articultations in the Marshall Islands / Greg Dvorak 
 Panel 5-2Cultural tours to Japan taken by Micronesian Islanders: reflections on the haunting colonial discourse on assimilation of 'Primitive Peoples' / Shingo Iitaka飯高伸五 
 Panel 5-3What factors catalyzed the emergence of local entrepreneurs in Palau? / Yu-ping Chen陳玉苹 
 Panel 5-4Colonial uneven development and the rise of modern environmentalism in Taveuni, Fiji: using the Bouma Region as an Example / Hao-li Lin林浩立 
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