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Author Razdan, M. K
Title Genetic Improvement of Solanaceous Crops, Volume 1 : Potato
Imprint Enfield : Taylor & Francis Group, 2005
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Note Intro -- Foreword -- Preface -- List of Contributors -- Abbreviations Used Throughout the Book -- Contents -- 1. Conservation of Potato Genetic Resources -- I. HISTORY, VALUE AND NEED FOR POTATO GERMPLASM -- Origins of Potato Germplasm -- Value and Ownership of Potato Germplasm -- Germplasm Ownership -- Plant Rights -- Problems with Diseases, Pests, Stresses and Quality -- Problems with Breeding Methods -- II. STATUS OF GENETIC RESOURCES OUTSIDE GENEBANKS -- Goals for Adding Diversity to the Genebank -- Cultivated Species -- Wild Species -- Collection for Genetic Diversity -- Collection for Habitat and Geographic Diversity -- Extent to Which Genetic Diversity Outside the Genebank is Changing -- Cultivated Species -- Monocultures -- Losing Wild Populations -- Loss of Diversity within Populations -- Extent to Which Genebank Stocks Represent Plants in Nature -- Getting a Good Original Sample -- Changes Occurring in the Genebank -- Environmental Effects on Phenotype -- Practical Realities -- Ill. EX-SITU POTATO GERMPLASM COLLECTIONS: THEIR DATA, GENERAL OBJEC'TIVES AND TECHNICAL RESEARCH -- Collections and Their Data -- Acquisition -- Classification -- Identification Plants Pertinent to the Potato Crop -- Classification to Guide Collecting, Breeding and Evaluating "Core Subsets" -- Preservation -- Clonal -- Botanical Seeds -- Toward a Utopian Scheme -- The Aversion to Discard -- Preservation Research -- Effects of Seed Increase on the Genetic Integrity of Potato Collections -- Comparison of ex situ and in situ Populations -- Comparison of Original Populations and their First Seed Multiplication -- Value of Germplasm with Unreliable or Missing Origin Data-The Problem of "Mystery" Samples -- Vulnerability of Alleles in the Potato Genebank -- Unintentional Seedling Selection
Analysis of Genetic Parity Between Potato Germplasm from Different Genebanks -- Studies on the Relationship of Genetic Diversity to Natural Habitats -- The Impact of Breeding System on the Preservation and Use of Germplasm -- Evaluation Research -- Distribution -- Other Forms of Germplasm Distribution -- Promoting Distribution -- Distribution of Information -- REFERENCES -- APPENDIX 1 INFORMATION SOURCES -- A. Potato Genebanks and Related Sites -- B. Information about Named S. tuberosum Cultivars -- C. General Germplasm Conservation Information -- 2. On-farm Profitability and Prospects for True Potato Seed (TPS) -- INTRODUCTION -- TPS TECHNOLOGIES -- METHODS AND EXPECTATIONS -- SAMPLING AND DATA COLLECTION -- RESULTS -- SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS -- EMPIRICAL RULES OF THUMB -- DISTRIBUTION OF BENEFITS -- CONCLUDING COMMENTS -- Acknowledgments -- REFERENCES -- 3. Propagation by Traditional Breeding Methods -- INTRODUCTION -- TRADITIONAL BREEDING OF CULTIVARS VS. GERMPLASM ENHANCEMENT -- OBJECTIVES OF TRADITIONAL BREEDING PROGRAMS -- Biotic Constraints -- Typical Traditional Breeding Programs -- EXAMPLES OF COMPLEMENTARY STRATEGIES IN TRADITIONAL BREEDING METHODS -- Parental Breeding -- Targeted Breeding Approach -- Multitrait Selection -- SOME PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS -- SUMMARY -- Acknowledgments -- REFERENCES -- 4. Breeding Potential and Transmission of Traits in 4x-2x Crosses -- INTRODUCTION TO TETRASOMIC POTATO GENETICS -- Tetrasomic Inheritance -- Double Reduction -- Allelic Diversity and Allelic Interactions -- Inbreeding Depression and Heterosis -- Estimation of Genetic Variation and Covariances -- General and Specific Combining Ability in Tetraploid Potatoes -- Complexity of Quantitative Traits in Tetrasomic Tetraploid Potato -- GENETICS OF 2n GAMETES WITH 4x-2x BREEDING SCHEMES -- Occurrence of 2n Gametes
Genetic Mode and Genetic Consequence of 2n Gametes -- Genetic Consequences -- Preferential Pairing in 4x × 2x Hybridization -- Somatic Chromosome Doubling Vs. 2n Gametes -- TRANSMISSION OF TRAITS AND HERITABILITY IN 4x-2x SCHEME -- Advantages in General Combining Ability and Heritability -- FDR Vs. SDR in 4x-2x Crosses for Agronomic Traits -- FDR-NCO (Non-Crossover) Vs. FDR-CO (Crossover) in Transmission of Agronomic Traits -- Transmission of Quantitative Resistance Traits in 4x-2x Matings in Potato -- Transmission of Combined Traits Related to Pest Resistance with 4x-2x -- Efficiency of Multiple Quantitative Pest Resistance Traits in 4x × 2x Crosses Via FDR 2n Pollen -- CONCLUSION -- Acknowledgment -- REFERENCES -- 5. Improvement at the Diploid Species Level -- Acknowledgments -- REFERENCES -- 6. Molecular Markers in Identification of Genotypic Variation -- INTRODUCTION: POTATO GENETIC MAPS AND MOLECULARGENETICS -- Potato Genetic Maps -- Molecular Markers -- Molecular Markers with QTLs: Agronomic Traits and Disease Resistances -- MODALITIES FOR CHOICE OF MARKERS -- FINGERPRIN'TING CULTIVARS AND MONITORING INTROGRESSION -- Fingerprinting Genotypes -- Monitoring lntrogression -- GENETIC DIVERSITY, TAXONOMY AND PHYLOGENY -- MARKERS FOR BREEDING DISEASE RESISTANCES -- Markers for Linkage Analysis, Marker-Assisted Diagnosis, and Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) -- Resistance to Late Blight (LB) -- Resistance to Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) -- Resistance to Root-Knot Nematode (RKN) -- Glandular Trichomes -- MARKERS FOR BREEDING AGRONOMIC 'TRAITS -- GENERAL CONCLUSIONS -- Acknowledgments -- REFERENCES -- APPENDIX 6.1 -- Elucidation of Potato Genome -- 7. Ploidy Manipulation-Examination of Gene Action and Method of Gene Mapping -- INTRODUCTION -- MANIPULATION OF PLOIDY LEVELS -- Reduction of Ploidy Level from Tetraploids -- Maternal Haploids
Paternal Haploids -- Increase of Ploidy Level of Haploids -- Sexual Polyploidization -- Asexual Polyploidization- Chromosome Doubling -- Asexual Polyploidization-Somatic Fusion -- GENETIC CONSEQUENCES OF 2n GAMETES -- Theoretical Models on Estimation of Genetic Parameters in Tetrasomic Inheritance -- Estimation of Genetic Parameters by First-Degree Statistics -- Estimation of Genetic Parameters by Second-Degree Statistics -- Experimental Results -- EXAMINATION OF GENE ACTION ON PROGENIES DERIVED FROM ASEXUAL POLYPLOlDlZATlON -- GENE MAPPING THROUGH PLOIDY MANIPULATION -- Gene Mapping Based on Monoploids Extracted from a Diploid Hybrid Parent -- Mapping of Gene Markers on a Chromosome Based on 4x-2x Mating -- Marker Data from a Single 4x-2x Cross -- Model I: A-a and 6-6 are Located on Separate Chromosomes -- Model 2: A-a and 6-6 are linked in coupling phase -- Model 3: A-a and B-b are linked in repulsion phase -- Marker Data from a Series of 4x-2x Crosses -- Conclusion -- REFERENCES -- 8. Approaches to Gene Isolation in Potato -- INTRODUCTION -- POTATO MOLECULAR GENETICS: BACKGROUND AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES -- MAP-BASED CLONING: GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS -- MAP-BASED CLONING IN PRACTICE -- CANDIDATE GENE APPROACH -- ADDITIONAL METHODS OF ISOLATING GENES -- POTATO GENE ISOLATION IN FUTURE -- REFERENCES -- APPENDIX 8.1 -- Candidate Gene Approach -- 9. Cell and Tissue Culture of Potato (Solanaceae) -- INTRODUCTION -- CALLUS CULTURES -- SUSPENSION CULTURES -- PLANT REGENERATION -- SOMATIC EMBRYOGENESIS -- MICROPROPAGATION/MICROTUBERIZATION -- CRYOPRESERVATION -- ANTHER/MICROSPORE CULTURE -- PROTOPLAST CULTURE -- SOMACLONAL VARIATION -- SOMATIC HYBRIDS -- CONCLUSION -- REFERENCES -- 10. Starch-Sugar Metabolism in Potato (Solanurn tuberosum L.) Tubers in Response to Temperature Variations -- INTRODUCTION -- RESPIRATION -- KINETICS OF SUGAR ACCUMULATION
Transfer from 10°C to 1-4°C -- ENZYMATIC PATTERNS DURING SWEETENING -- Starch Phosphorylase -- Amylases -- Phosphoglucomutase (PGM) -- UDP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase (UGPase) -- Hexose Phosphates Transported across Amyloplast Membranes -- Sucrose Phosphate Synthase (SPS) -- lnvertase -- RECONDITIONING -- Respiration -- Sugars -- Sucrose Synthase -- ADP-GLUCOSE PYROPHOSPHORYLASE (AGPase) -- EFFECTS OF NUCLEOTIDE LEVELS -- EFFECTS OF HYPOXIA -- SUMMARY -- REFERENCES -- 11. Transformation for Insect Resistance -- INTRODUCTION -- IMPACT OF INSECT PESTS ON POTATO -- PRODUC'TION OF TRANSGENIC PLANTS -- Bacillus Thuringiensis -- Use of Bt Toxin Genes for Insect Control -- Development and Testing of Bt Potatoes for Insect Resistance -- ALTERNATIVE GENES FOR INSECT CONTROL -- COMMERCIAL GROWTH OF BT POTATOES -- RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT -- Bt Resistance Management -- Natural Host Plant Resistance -- CONCLUSIONS -- Acknowledgments -- REFERENCES -- 12. Breeding for Resistance to Meloidogyne Species and Trichodorid-Vectored Virus -- INTRODUCTION: NEMATODE-MEDIATED DISEASES OF POTATO -- BIOLOGY AND AGRONOMIC FACTORS OF MELOIDOGYNE SPECIES -- PATHOGEN LIFE CYCLE AND BIOLOGY -- DISEASE SYMPTOMS -- RESISTANCE TO MELOIDOGYNE SPECIES -- Germplasm Surveys -- Genetics of Resistance -- Nature of Resistance -- CORKY RINGSPOT DISEASE (SPRAING) -- Virus -- Vectors -- Breeding for Resistance to Corky Ringspot Disease -- Germplasm Description -- Infection Detection Methodology -- Transgenic Resistance -- REFERENCES -- 13. Resistance to Viruses -- INTRODUCTION -- POTATO VIRUSES -- RESISTANCE TO VIRUS -- STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING VIRUS-RESISTANT POTATO -- Use of Natural Genes for Resistance to Virus -- Use of Germplasm in Potato Breeding -- BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPROACH -- Somatic Hybridization -- Transgenic Resistance -- Ecological Impact of Transgenic Potatoes
Durability of Viral Resistance
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Subject Crop improvement.;Potatoes -- Breeding.;Potatoes -- Genetics
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Alt Author Mattoo, Autar K
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