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245 10 Disruptive innovation through digital transformation :
       |bmulti-sided platforms of e-health in China /|cby Xue Han,
       Yuanyuan Wu, Jie Zheng 
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505 0  Chapter1. Introdcution -- Chapter2. Distinctive 
       characterstics of Chinese healthcare industry -- Chapter3.
       Disruptive innovation in healthcare industry -- Chapter4. 
       Governance of multi-sided platforms -- Chapter5. Multi-
       sided platforms(MSP) in China and their disruptive 
       innovation -- Chapter6. Pair comparison of Chinese MSP 
       with western MSPs -- Chapter7. Patient-participation in 
       constructing the healthcare platform -- Chapter8. 
       Conclusion and policy recommendations 
520    The book addresses the prevalent digital transformation 
       and focuses on its significant disruption in healthcare. 
       In light of the distinctive characteristics and evolution 
       of the Chinese healthcare industry, private multi-sided 
       platform (MSP) companies emerge to offer novel values and 
       explore the industry value chain. Drawing on the 
       management and economics literature of MSPs, this book 
       examines the selected Chinese MSPs and compares them with 
       the counterpart MSPs in the U.S. This analysis highlights 
       how the unfolding healthcare disruption is valuable for 
       both scholars and practitioners to understand the trends 
       and to take effective actions. "Disruptive Innovation 
       through Digital Transformation: Multi-Sided Platforms of E
       -Health in China" provides readers in the developing and 
       developed countries with insights on how to approach the 
       current multi-sided platform and to resolve the current 
       problems to better serve customers and patients in the 
       healthcare market 
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650 14 Health Care Management 
650 24 IT in Business 
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