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100 1  Bathmaker, Ann-Marie,|eauthor 
245 10 Higher education, social class and social mobility :|bthe 
       degree generation /|cby Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Nicola Ingram,
       Jessie Abrahams, Anthony Hoare, Richard Waller, Harriet 
264  1 London :|bPalgrave Macmillan UK :|bImprint: Palgrave 
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505 0  Chapter 1. Introduction: The Degree Generation. Higher 
       Education and Social Class -- Chapter 2. Researching Class
       and Higher Education -- Chapter 3. Two Universities: One 
       City -- Chapter 4. Getting In -- Chapter 5. Getting On -- 
       Chapter 6. Getting Out -- Chapter 7. Narratives of Class 
       and 'Race' -- Chapter 8. Conclusion 
520    This book explores higher education, social class and 
       social mobility from the point of view of those most 
       intimately involved: the undergraduate students. It is 
       based on a project which followed a cohort of young 
       undergraduate students at Bristol's two universities in 
       the UK through from their first year of study for the 
       following three years, when most of them were about to 
       enter the labour market or further study. The students 
       were paired by university, by subject of study and by 
       class background, so that the fortunes of middle-class and
       working-class students could be compared. Narrative data 
       gathered over three years are located in the context of a 
       hierarchical and stratified higher education system, in 
       order to consider the potential of higher education as a 
       vehicle of social mobility. Jessie Abrahams is a PhD 
       student in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff 
       University, UK. Ann-Marie Bathmaker is Professor of 
       Vocational and Higher Education at the University of 
       Birmingham, UK. Harriet Bradley is Professor of Women's 
       Employment at the University of the West of England, UK 
       and Professor Emerita at Bristol University, UK. Tony 
       Hoare was Director of Research in Widening Participation, 
       University of Bristol, UK, from 2006 till 2015. Nicola 
       Ingram is Lecturer in Education and Social Justice at 
       Lancaster University, UK. Dr Richard Waller is Associate 
       Professor of the Sociology of Education at the University 
       of the West of England, UK 
650  0 Education, Higher|xSocial aspects|zEngland|zBristol|vCase 
650  0 Social mobility|zEngland|vCase studies 
650  0 Social classes|zEngland|vCase studies 
650 14 Education 
650 24 Higher Education 
700 1  Ingram, Nicola,|eauthor 
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