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245 00 Gender, embodiment, and the history of the scholarly 
       persona :|bincarnations and contestations /|cedited by 
       Kirsti Niskanen, Michael J. Barany 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
       Palgrave Macmillan,|c2021 
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520    This book investigates the historical construction of 
       scholarly personae by integrating a spectrum of recent 
       perspectives from the history and cultural studies of 
       knowledge and institutions. Focusing on gender and 
       embodiment, the contributors analyse the situated 
       performance of scholarly identity and its social and 
       intellectual contexts and consequences. Disciplinary 
       cultures, scholarly practices, personal habits, and a 
       range of social, economic, and political circumstances 
       shape the people and formations of modern scholarship. 
       Gender, Embodiment, and the History of the Scholarly 
       Persona: Incarnations and Contestations is of interest to 
       historians, sociologists, media and culture scholars, and 
       all those with a stake in the personal dimensions of 
       scholarship. An international group of scholars present 
       original examinations of travel, globalisation, exchange, 
       training, evaluation, self-representation, institution-
       building, norm-setting, virtue-defining, myth-making, and 
       other gendered and embodied modes and mechanisms of 
       scholarly persona-work. These accounts nuance and 
       challenge existing understandings of the relationship 
       between knowledge and identity 
650  0 Educational sociology|xPhilosophy 
650  0 Sex differences in education|xPhilosophy 
650  0 Identity (Psychology) 
650 14 History, general 
650 24 History of Science 
650 24 Cultural History 
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650 24 Gender Studies 
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