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050  4 PJ309|b.N377 2011 
245 00 Narratives of Egypt and the Ancient Near East :|bliterary 
       and linguistic approaches /|cedited by Fredrik Hagen ... 
       [et al.] 
260    Leuven :|bPeeters,|c2011 
300    xxxvi, 558 p. :|bill., charts ;|c25 cm 
490 1  Orientalia Lovaniensia analecta,|x0777-978X ;|v189 
500    " ... originated in a conference entitled "Framing plots :
       the grammar of ancient Near Eastern narratives", held at 
       the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, 
       16th - 17th December 2005"--Foreword 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |t2400-1500 BC.|tThe oral-compositional form of pyramid 
       text discourse /|rChris H. Reintges ;|tVariation in 
       Sumerian myths as a reflection of literary creativity /
       |rBendt Alster ;|tHero and villain :|tanalyses of Sargon 
       and Ur-Zababa /|rGraham Cunningham ;|tOf spice and mine :
       |tthe tale of the shipwrecked sailor and Middle Kingdom 
       expedition inscriptions /|rRoland Enmarch ;|tMonstrous 
       identities :|tnarrative strategies in Lugale and some 
       reflections on Sumerian religious narrative /|rLaura Feldt
       ;|tBroken icons :|tthe emplotting of master-narratives in 
       the Ancient Egyptian tale of Sinuhe /|rGerald Moers ;
       |tText as territory :|tmapping Sinuhe's shifting loyalties
       /|rJosé-Ramón Pérez-Accino ;|tNarrative and framing 
       strategies in Old Babylonian Akkadian literature /|rJoan 
       Goodnick Westenholz --|t1500-500 BC.|tA true secret of the
       house of life :|tprosody, intertext and performance in 
       magical texts /|rJoanna Kyffin ;|tIntertextuality in 
       Ancient Egyptian visitors' graffiti? /|rHana Navrátilova ;
       |tNarrative methodologies in Ancient Egyptian art history 
       :|tthe military reliefs of Ramsses II at Luxor /|rAaron 
       Smith ;|tExamining the "literariness" of Wenamon from the 
       perspective of the grammar of narrative /|rJacqueline E. 
       Jay ;|tSystemic functional grammar and its value for the 
       analysis of plot in Biblical Hebrew narratives :|ta 
       thematic investigation of the Isaac narrative act (Gen. 25
       :19-28:9) ;|tThe syntax of narrative forms /|rRobert S. 
       Kawashima --|t500 BC-AD 2000.|tInformation structure and 
       word order in the Aramaic of the Book of Daniel /|rIlya 
       Yakubovich ;|tThe sinews of demonic narrative /|rJohn Tait
       ;|tThe narrative of continuity between the Teaching of 
       Addai and the Acts of Mari :|ttwo historical novels? /
       |rIlaria Ramelli ;|tRhetorical narratives, tableaux and 
       scenarios :|twork-notes on narrative poetics in Shenoutean
       Sahidic Coptic /|rAriel Shisha-Halevy ;|tMasterplots and 
       martyrs :|tnarrative techniques in Bohairic hagiography /
       |rEwa D. Zakrzewska ;|tThe discourse function of 
       independent pronominal subjects in North Eastern Neo-
       Aramaic --|gAfterword.|tIntertextuality, ideology and 
       culture :|ttrajectories of narrato-logical inquiries in 
       ancient Near and Middle Eastern literatures /|rWen-chin 
650  0 Egyptian literature|xHistory and criticism|vCongresses 
650  0 Egyptian philology|vCongresses 
650  0 Middle Eastern literature|xHistory and criticism
650  0 Middle Eastern philology|vCongresses 
700 1  Hagen, Fredrik 
711 2  Framing plots : the grammar of ancient Near Eastern 
       narratives|d(2005 :|cUniversity College London) 
830  0 Orientalia Lovaniensia analecta ;|v189 
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