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Apparitions -- England -- Early works to 1800

A full and true relation of the examination and confession of W. Barwick and E. Mangall, of two horrid murders one committed by William Barwick upon his wife being with child, near Cawood in Yorkshire, upon the 14th. of April last: as likewise a full account how it came to be discovered by an apparition of the person murder'd. The second was committed by Edward Mangall, upon Elizabeth Johnson alias Ringrose, and her bastard child, on the 4th. of September last, who said he was tempted thereto by

[London : printed for Isaac Cleave at the Star, next to Serjeants-Inn in Chancery-lane, [1690]]

Location: 中央研究院

Signes from heaven: or Severall apparitions seene and heard in the ayre, in the counties of Cambridge and Norfolke, on the 21 day of May last past in the afternoone, 1646. Viz. [brace] A navie or fleet of ships under sayle. A ball of wild-fire rolling up and downe. Three men struggling one with another, one having a sword in his hand. Great hailstones round and hollow like rings. Extraordinary beating of drums in the ayre, &c. A piller or cloud ascending up from the earth like a spire-steeple, b

London, : Printed by T. Forcet, dwelling in Old Fish-street, in Heydon-court, 1646

Location: 中央研究院

The wonder of this age: or, God's miraculous revenge against murder. Being a relation of an undoubted truth out of the west. How the skull of a person (murdered about thirty years agoe, in an inn) was found with a linnen cap thereon, still whole, with the two letters wherewith it was marked, plain to be seen, though it has lain so many years in the earth. How likewise an apparition oblig'd one that was lately come to live in that house, to divulge it ... The truth of this relation will be attest

London, : Printed for B.H., 1677

Location: 中央研究院