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245 00 English and globalization :|bperspectives from Hong Kong 
       and mainland China /|cedited by Kwok-kan Tam, Timothy 
260    Hong Kong :|bChinese University Press,|cc2004 
300     xxvii, 276 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Introduction: |tEnglish(es) in global and local 
       perspectives ;|tWorld English(es) in the age of 
       globalization /|rKwok-kan Tam -- |tGlobal English, culture
       and western modernity /|rDavid Parker --  |tEnglish 
       studies as creolized cultural space /|rTimothy Weiss -- 
       |tLinguistic imperialism and the history of English 
       language teaching in Hong Kong /|r Joseph Boyle -- 
       |tCentrifugal tendencies around the rim: reading Maxine 
       Hong Kingston's The woman warrior in the Hong Kong 
       University classroom /|rStuart Christie -- |tGlobalization,
       tribalization and online communication /|rSuying Yang -- 
       |tGlobalization and English language teaching in Hong Kong
       /|rGeorge C.K. Jor -- |tThe English language and Chinese 
       people /|rPhillip Shu-yue Sun -- |tWhen English becomes 
       big business / |rWang Labao -- |tGlobalization and 
       intercultural competence /|rWen Qiufang -- |tGlobalism and
       localism: issues of standard and variation in English as a
       foreign language /|rLi Ming (Suzhou) -- |tThe role of 
       empathy in intercultural communication /|rMa Liyan -- 
       |tAcultural approach to literature for Chinese students /
       |rYe Hong -- |tThe need to integrate language and culture 
       in teaching English as a foreign language in China /|rLi 
       Ming (Guangdon) -- |tEnglish language education in China: 
       an update /|rAgnes Lam,|rKathy Chow 
650  0 English language|xSocial aspects|zChina|zHong Kong 
650  0 English language|xSocial aspects|zChina 
650  0 Globalization|xSocial aspects 
650  0 English language|zChina 
700 1  Weiss, Timothy,|d1949- 
700 1  Tam, Kwok-kan,|d1952- 
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