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Environmantal law -- Germany -- Baden-Württemberg : Schlabach, Erhard; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Umweltrecht Baden-Württemberg / Erhard Schlabach, Ulrich Mehlich und Alexander Simon Schlabach, Erhard; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
Environmen : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Waste water treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean Region [electronic resource] / edited by Damia Barcelo, Mira Petrovic   電子書 2011
Environmen policy. : International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.; Life Sci. LIB; PRINTED     
      IUCN environmental policy and law paper. no.18 International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED
Land use -- Environmenal aspects -- Congresses : Taniguchi, Makoto; Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Subsurface hydrological responses to land cover and land use change / by Makoto Taniguchi Taniguchi, Makoto; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
  Environment -- See Ecology
--subdivision Environmental aspects under subjects, e.g. Agricultural chemicals--Environmental aspects; Nuclear power plants--Environmental aspects; and headings beginning with the word Ecological
      Abatement techniques for reducing emissions from livestock buildings / by Mohamed Samer Samer, Mohamed,  電子書 2016
      Acid mine drainage in South Africa [electronic resource] : development actors, policy impacts, and broader implications / by Suvania Naidoo Naidoo, Suvania  COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Adaptation and evolution in marine environments. Volume 1, The impacts of global change on biodiversity [electronic resource] / edited by Guido di Prisco, Cinzia Verde   電子書 2012
      Adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change [electronic resource] / edited by Akimasa Sumi, Kensuke Fukushi, Ai Hiramatsu   電子書 2010
1404 additional entries    
Great Britain. Environment Act 1995 : Great Britain; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Environmental protection legislation Great Britain; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
Environment (Aesthetics)    
      Aesthetics and the environment : the appreciation of nature, art and architecture / Allen Carlson Carlson, Allen; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
      Aesthetics and the environment [electronic resource] : the appreciation of nature, art, and architecture / Allen Carlson Carlson, Allen  電子書 2000
      The aesthetics of everyday life / edited by Andrew Light and Jonathan M. Smith   電子書 c2005
      The aesthetics of everyday life / edited by Andrew Light and Jonathan M. Smith AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
17 additional entries    
Environment (Aesthetics);Aesthetics : Drenthen, Martin; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Environmental Aesthetics : Crossing Divides and Breaking Ground Drenthen, Martin  COMPUTER FILE 2014
Environment (Aesthetics) -- Congresses : Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED     
      Le paysage, état des lieux : actes du Colloque de Cerisy, 30 juin-7 juillet 1999 / sous la direction de F. Chenet, M. Collot et B. Saint Girons ; Françoise Chenet ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
Environment and children    
      Children and nature : psychological, sociocultural, and evolutionary investigations / edited by Peter H. Kahn, Jr. and Stephen R. Kellert AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
      Geographies of young people : the morally contested spaces of identity / Stuart C. Aitken Aitken, Stuart C; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2001
      The geography of childhood : why children need wild places / Gary Paul Nabhan, Stephen Trimble ; photographs by Stephen Trimble Nabhan, Gary Paul; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1994
Environment and children -- Congresses    
      Ecological factors in human development / edited by Harry McGurk International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1977
      Ecological research with children and families : from concepts to methodology / Alan R. Pence, editor ; foreword by Urie Bronfenbrenner AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
Environment and children -- United States : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Does it take a village? : community effects on children, adolescents, and families / edited by Alan Booth, Ann C. Crouter AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2001
Environment and Ecology.    
      Climate economics : economic analysis of climate, climate change and climate policy / Richard S.J. Tol Tol, Richard S. J.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Governance approaches to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in Asia / edited by Huong Ha and Tek Nath Dhakal   電子書 2013
      Managing Africa's natural resources [electronic resource] : capacities for development / Edited by Kobena T. Hanson, Cristina D'Alessandro, Francis Owusu Hanson, Kobena T,  電子書 2014
      Media and the politics of Arctic climate change : when the ice breaks / edited by Miyase Christensen, Annika E. Nilsson and Nina Wormbs   電子書 2013
5 additional entries    
Environment and Security Initiative : Hardt, Judith Nora,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Environmental security in the anthropocene : assessing theory and practice / Judith Nora Hardt Hardt, Judith Nora,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
  Environment and state -- See Environmental policy    
Environment and teenagers -- Longitudinal studies : Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly; Ethnology Library; PRINTED     
      Talented teenagers : the roots of success and failure / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Kevin Rathunde, Samuel Whalen ; with contributions by Maria Wong Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
Environment (Art)    
      Anya Gallaccio : beat / with contributions by Mary Horlock, Heidi Reitmaier and Simon Schama Gallaccio, Anya,; DUE 10-29-22   PRINTED 2002
      As Eve said to the serpent : on landscape, gender, and art / by Rebecca Solnit Solnit, Rebecca; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
      Destination art / Amy Dempsey Dempsey, Amy,; DUE 11-02-22   PRINTED 2006
      Earthworks : art and the landscape of the sixties / Suzaan Boettger Boettger, Suzaan,; DUE 11-02-22   PRINTED c2002
10 additional entries    
Environment (Art);Earthworks (Art);Artists -- Interviews : Grande, John K; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Art Nature Dialogues : Interviews with Environmental Artists Grande, John K  COMPUTER FILE 2004
Environment (Art) -- Exhibitions    
      Earth matters : land as material and metaphor in the arts of Africa / Karen E. Milbourne Milbourne, Karen,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Looking for a place : the Third International SITE Santa Fe Biennial, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 10-December 31, 1999 / curated by Rosa Martínez International SITE Santa Fe Biennial; DUE 11-03-22   PRINTED c2000
      A moving world / Richard Long Long, Richard,; DUE 11-03-22   PRINTED 2002
      Parkett. No. 56, Ellsworth Kelly, Vanessa Beecroft, Jorge Pardo AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1999
2 additional entries    
Economic development -- Environment aspects -- Developing countries -- Congresses : Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States; CAPAS Library; PRINTED     
      Small islands, big issues : crucial issues in the sustainable development of small developing islands Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
International business enterprises -- Environment aspects : Economics Library; PRINTED     
      Environmental aspects of the activities of transnational corporations : a survey / United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1985
Land settlement patterns -- Environment aspects -- Germany -- Bochums : Reinirkens, Peter; Ethnology Library; PRINTED     
      Siedlungsböden im Ruhrgebiet : Bedeutung und Klassifikation im urban-industriellen Ökosystem Bochums / Peter Reinirkens Reinirkens, Peter; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1991
Transportation -- Environment aspects    
      The effects of fuel price changes on the transport sector and its emissions - simulations with TREMOVE / by Jacques Delsalle Delsalle, Jacques; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
      Pension reforms : key issues illustrated with an actuarial model / by Heikki Oksanen Oksanen, Heikki; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
Environment -- Collected works : Ethnology Library, Life Sci. LIB ; PRINTED     
      Behavior as an ecological factor / edited by David E. Davis AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1974
Environment -- Congresses    
      Bioseparation engineering [electronic resource] : proceedings of an International Conference on Bioseparation Engineering : "Recovery and Recycle of Resources to Protect the Global Environment", organized under the Special Research Group on Bioseparation Engineering in the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Nikko, Japan, July 4-7, 1999 / edited by I. Endo ... [et al.] International Conference on Bioseparation Engineering : "Recovery and Recycle of Resources to Protect the Global Environment"  電子書 2000
      Energy and the environment : the proceedings of a symposium organized jointly by the Inorganic Chemicals Group and the Environment Group of the Industrial Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry :University of Leeds, 3rd-5th April 1990 / edited by J. Dunderdale AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1990
      Environmental stress : individual human adaptations / edited by Lawrence J. Folinsbee ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1978
      Urban biosphere and society [Electronic Resource] : partnership of cities / edited by Christine Alfsen-Norodom, Benjamin D. Lane, and Melody Corry   電子書 2004
Environment Conservation    
      Business, ethics, and the environment [electronic resource] : the public policy debate / edited by W. Michael Hoffman, Robert Frederick, and Edward S. Petry, Jr National Conference on Business Ethics  電子書 1990
      Economics of the environment : selected readings / edited by Robert Dorfman, Nancy S. Dorfman AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1993
Environment Conservation Philosophy    
      The fabric of the world : towards a philosophy of environment / Maurice Ash Ash, Maurice; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1992
      Gaia in action : science of the living earth / edited by Peter Bunyard AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
      Scientists on Gaia / edited by Stephen H. Schneider and Penelope J. Boston AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1991
Environment, Controlled    
      Biological safety cabinets : a web-based training program [CD] / produced by Eagleson Institute AVAILABLE   COMPUTER FILE c2002
      Control of the animal house environment / edited by Trevor McSheehy AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1976
      Freedom from harm : the civilizing influence of health, safety and environmental regulation / David Bollier & Joan Claybrook Bollier, David; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1986
      Preserving ecological systems : the agenda for long-term research and development / edited by Sidney Draggan, John J. Cohrssen, and Richard E. Morrison AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1987
Environment Design    
      Contemporary environments for people with dementia / Uriel Cohen and Kristen Day Cohen, Uriel; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1993
      Holding on to home : designing environments for people with dementia / Uriel Cohen, Gerald D. Weisman Cohen, Uriel; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1993
      The Routledge handbook of planning for health and well-being : shaping a sustainable and healthy future / edited by Hugh Barton, Susan Thompson, Sarah Burgess and Marcus Grant AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
Environment -- dictionaries -- English : Goutfer, Beatrice; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Deutsch-englische Fachterminologie Umwelt und Umweltrecht : (deutsch-englisch/englisch-deutsch) / Beatrice Goutfer. Goutfer, Beatrice; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2002
Environment -- dictionaries -- German : Goutfer, Beatrice; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Deutsch-englische Fachterminologie Umwelt und Umweltrecht : (deutsch-englisch/englisch-deutsch) / Beatrice Goutfer. Goutfer, Beatrice; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2002
Environment Economics    
      Economic analysis of environmental impacts / John A. Dixon ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
      Environmental economics : an elementary introduction / R. Kerry Turner, David Pearce and Ian Bateman Turner, R. Kerry; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
Environment Effects of Agriculture : Libert, Bo; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      The environmental heritage of Soviet agriculture / Bo Libert Libert, Bo; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1995
Environment Effects of Genetic engineering : Earth Science Library; MAP     
      Introduction of genetically modified organisms into the environment / edited by Harold A. Mooney, Giorgio Bernardi AVAILABLE   MAP 1990
Environment Effects of Humans History : Mannion, Antoinette M; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Global environmental change : a natural and cultural environmental history / A.M. Mannion Mannion, Antoinette M; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
Environment Effects of Sulphur compounds : Earth Science Library; MAP     
      Sulphur cycling on the continents : wetlands, terrestrial ecosystems, and associated water bodies / edited by R.W. Howarth, J.W.B. Stewart, and M.V. Ivanov AVAILABLE   MAP 1992
Environment Ethics    
      Ecologists and ethical judgements / edited by N.S. Cooper and R.C.J. Carling AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
      The greening of ethics / Richard Sylvan and David Bennett Sylvan, Richard; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
Environment, general    
      The Acheulian site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov. Volume II, Ancient flames and controlled use of fire [electronic resource] / by Nira Alperson-Afil, Naama Goren-Inbar Alperson-Afil, Nira  電子書 2010
      Adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change [electronic resource] / edited by Akimasa Sumi, Kensuke Fukushi, Ai Hiramatsu   電子書 2010
      Adaptation to climate change [electronic resource] : a spatial challenge / by Rob Roggema Roggema, Rob  電子書 2009
      Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control [electronic resource] / edited by Lawrence K. Wang, Norman C. Pereira, Yung-Tse Hung   電子書 2005
319 additional entries    
Environment -- Great Britain : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      New modes of governance : developing an integrated policy approach to science, technology, risk and the environment / edited by Catherine Lyall and Joyce Tait AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
Environment health -- Congresses : Skandia International Symposia; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      Trace elements in health and disease / edited by Harry Bostrom and Nils Ljungstedt Skandia International Symposia; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1985
Environment health -- Germany : 法律所圖書館; PRINTED     
      Aktionsprogramm Umwelt und Gesundheit / Umweltbundesamt AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1998
Environment -- in literature    
      The environmental imagination : Thoreau, nature writing, and the formation of American culture / Lawrence Buell Buell, Lawrence; DUE 12-31-21, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
      Exhausted ecologies : modernism and environmental recovery / Andrew Kalaidjian Kalaidjian, Andrew,  PRINTED 2020
Environment in mass media : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Media and the environment / edited by Anders Hansen AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
Environment International law : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Participation in world treaties on the protection of the environment : a collection of data / edited by Maria Clara Maffei ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
Environment law.    
      Climate justice [electronic resource] : a voice for the future / Teresa M. Thorp Thorp, Teresa M  電子書 2014
      European environmental law / Jan H. Jans Jans, J. H; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
      Protection of the environment and the free movement of goods / Caroline London, Michael Llamas, Brizay London London, Caroline.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
Environment law -- Geramny (West) : Hoppe, Werner; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Umweltrecht : juristisches kurzlehrbuch für studium und praxis / Werner Hoppe und Martin Beckmann Hoppe, Werner; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
Environment law -- Germany    
      Die Beeinflussung privater Immissionsabwehransprüche durch das öffentliche Recht / von Markus Johlen Johlen, Markus; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
      Gemeinschaftskommentar zum bundes-immissionsschutzgesetz : GK-BImSchG / Hans-Joachim Koch, Dieter H. Scheuing (hrsg.) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
      Rechtsschutz für nichtmenschliches Leben : der moralische Status des Lebendigen und seine Implementierung in Tierschutz-, Naturschutz- und Umweltrecht / Malte-Christian Gruber Gruber, Malte-Christian; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
      Symbolische Umweltgesetzgebung : rechtssoziologische Untersuchungen am Beispiel des Ozongesetzes, des Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetzes sowie der Grossfeuerungsanlagenverordnung / von Jens Newig. Newig, Jens; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
      Unionsrechtlich induzierte Rechtssetzung im Abgabenrecht : Am Beispiel einer europäischen Emissionsreduzierungsabgabe für die Hochseeschifffahrt / von Juhani M. V. Korn Korn, Juhani M. V.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
Environment law, International : RCHSS Library; PRINTED     
      The effectiveness of international environmental agreements : a survey of existing legal instruments / edited by Peter H. Sand AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1992
Environment Perception By Humans : Fu Ssu-Nien Library, 人文社會聯圖, CAPAS Library ; PRINTED     
      Asian perceptions of nature : a critical approach / edited by Ole Bruun and Arne Kalland AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1995
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