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Excise tax -- Law and legislation -- England

A collection of all the statutes relating to the excise with notes in the margin : to which is added an abridgment or breviary of the said statutes : wherein the substance of all that relates to one and the same matter or head respectively is collected together, and placed under one and the same proper title, and referred to the pages of the said statutes, for the more easie and ready finding : with a table of all the said titles subjoyned
England and Wales
London : Printed by the assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker ..., 1676

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Ordered by the Lord and Commons now assembled in Parliament that one subsidy called tonnage, and one other subsidy called poundage, and those other duties called or known by the name of new impost, shall continue to be paid after the rates, rules and proportions by which they are now due and payable ..
England and Wales. Parliament
London : Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker ..., 1660

Location: 中央研究院