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245 00 Viral vectors for gene therapy|h[Electronic Resource] :
       |bmethods and protocols /|cedited by Curtis A. Machida 
260    Totowa, N.J. :|bHumana Press,|cc2003 
300    1 online resource (xv, 589 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Methods in molecular medicine ;|v76 
500    Description based on print record 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Use of the herpes simplex viral genome to construct gene 
       therapy vectors / E.A. Burton ... [et al.] -- Construction
       of multiply disabled herpes simplex viral vectors for gene
       delivery to the nervous system / C.E. Lilley and R.S. 
       Coffin -- Improved HSV-1 amplicon packaging system using 
       ICP27-deleted, oversized HSV-1 BAC DNA / Y. Saeki, X.O. 
       Breakefield and E.A. Chiocca -- Herpes simplex amplicon 
       vectors / C.J. Link, N.N. Vahanian and S. Wang -- 
       Strategies to adapt adenoviral vectors for targeted 
       delivery / C.R. O'Riordan, A. Song and J. Lanciotti -- Use
       of recombinant adenovirus for gene transfer into the rat 
       brain. Evaluation of gene transfer efficiency, toxicity, 
       and inflammatory and immune reactions / A. Hurtado-Lorenzo
       ... [et al.] -- Generation of adenovirus vectors devoid of
       all viral genes by recombination between inverted repeats 
       / H. Stecher ... [et al.] -- Packaging cell lines for 
       generating replication-defective and gutted adenoviral 
       vectors / J.S. Chamberlain, C. Barjot and J. Scott -- 
       Improving the transcriptional regulation of genes 
       delivered by adenovirus vectors / S. Rubinchik ... [et 
       al.] -- Targeted integration by adeno-associated virus / 
       M.D. Weitzman ... [et al.] -- Development and optimization
       of adeno-associated virus vector transfer into the central
       nervous system / M.J. During ... [et al.] -- A method for 
       helper virus-free production of adeno-associated virus 
       vectors / R.F. Collaco and J.P. Trempe -- Novel tools for 
       production and purification of recombinant adeno-
       associated viral vectors / J.D. Harris, S.G. Beattie and 
       J.G. Dickson -- Recombinant adeno-associated viral vector 
       types 4 and 5. Preparation and application for CNS gene 
       transfer / B.L. Davidson and J.A. Chiorini -- Trans-
       splicing vectors expand the packaging limits of adeno-
       associated virus for gene therapy applications / D. Duan 
       ... [et al.] -- Generation of retroviral packaging and 
       producer cell lines for large-scale vector production with
       improved safety and titer / T.W. Dubensky, Jr. and S.L. 
       Sauter -- An ecdysone-inducible expression system for use 
       with retroviruses / K. Morse and J. Olsen -- In vivo 
       infection of mice by replication-competent MLV-based 
       retroviral vectors / E. Bachrach ... [et al.] -- 
       Development of simian retroviral vectors for gene delivery
       / B. Li and C.A. Machida -- Self-inactivating lentiviral 
       vectors and a sensitive Cre-loxP reporter system / L.J. 
       Chang and A.K. Zaiss -- Lentiviral vectors for gene 
       transfer to the central nervous system. Applications in 
       lysosomal storage disease animal models / D.J. Watson and 
       J.H. Wolfe -- A highly efficient gene delivery system 
       derived from feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) / S.L. 
       Sauter, M. Gasmi and T.W. Dubensky, Jr. -- A multigene 
       lentiviral vector system based on differential splicing / 
       Y. Zhu and V. Planelles -- Production of trans-lentiviral 
       vector with predictable safety / J.C. Kappes, X. Wu and 
       J.K. Wakefield -- Human immunodeficiency virus type 1-
       based vectors for gene delivery to human hematopoietic 
       stem cells / A. Ramezani and R.G. Hawley -- Semliki Forest
       virus vectors for gene transfer / J. Wahlfors and R.A. 
       Morgan -- Semliki Forest virus (SFV) vectors in 
       neurobiology and gene therapy / K. Lundstrom and M.U. 
       Ehrengruber -- Semliki Forest virus vectors for large-
       scale production of recombinant proteins / K. Lundstrom --
       Development of foamy virus vectors / G. Vassilopoulos, 
       N.C. Josephson and G. Trobridge -- Poxviral/retroviral 
       chimeric vectors allow cytoplasmic production of 
       transducing defective retroviral particles / G.W. Holzer 
       and F.G. Falkner 
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655  7 Electronic texts.|2local 
700 11 Machida, Curtis A 
776 0  |bPrint version:|tViral vectors for gene therapy.|dTotowa,
       N.J. : Humana Press, c2003|z1588290190|w(DLC) 2002075944
830  0 Methods in molecular medicine ;|v76 
856 40 |uhttps://doi.org/10.1385/1592593046
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