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Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688. History & vindication of the loyal formulary : Talbot, Peter,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The friar disciplind, or, Animadversions on Friar Peter Walsh [electronic resource] : his new remonstrant religion : the articles whereof are to be seen in the following page : taken out of his history and vindication of the loyal formulary ... / the author Robert Wilson Talbot, Peter,  COMPUTER FILE 1674
American literature -- African American authors -- History andcriticism : Ethnology Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Multiculturalism : roots and realities / edited by C. James Trotman AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2002
History.;Arctic regions -- Discovery and exploration : Lawrence, Hugh; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      The Letters of Adam Marsh : Volume I Lawrence, Hugh  COMPUTER FILE 2006
History -- Asia    
      Communist morality and meanings of private life : post-stalinist Russia, 1953-64 / by Deborah Ann Field Field, Deborah Ann; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
      Fukien's tea industry and trade in Ch'ing and Republican China : the developmental consequences of a traditional commodity export / Robert Paul Gardella Gardella, Robert Paul,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1982
      The politics of retirement in Republican China, 1911-1949 / Terrill Edward Lautz Lautz, Terrill Edward,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1976
      Prosperity's predicament [electronic resource] : Identity, reform, and resistance in rural wartime China / Isabel Brown Crook, Christina Kelley Gilmartin, Xiji Yu, Gail Hershatter, Emily Honig Crook, Isabel Brown  COMPUTER FILE 2013
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History, Asia, Australia and Oceania    
      500 Maori PhDs in five years: Insights from a successful indigenous higher education initiative Villegas, Malia Maya  PRINTED
      The 1960 US-Japan Security Treaty Crisis and the Origins of Contemporary Japan Kapur, Nikhil Paul  PRINTED
      The 1989 Beijing spring, P. R. China: The events and how they were portrayed in primary and middle schools in Beijing, August-December 1989 Levitt, Gregory Alan  PRINTED
      A.A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895--1920 Yamamori, Yumiko  PRINTED
1433 additional entries    
History, Asia, Australia and Oceania -- Optical disc    
      The accommodation of insanity in Canton, China [electronic resource] : 1857-1935 / Peter Paul Szto Szto, Peter Paul; AVAILABLE   COMPUTER FILE
      Agrarian urbanization [electronic resource] : Social and economic changes in Jiangnan from the eighth to the nineteenth century / by Yong Xue Xue, Yong; AVAILABLE   COMPUTER FILE
      Autonomy through social networks [electronic resource] : Law, politics, and the news media in modern China, 1931-1957 / by Sei Jeong Chin Chin, Sei Jeong; AVAILABLE   COMPUTER FILE
      Beyond Collaboration and Resistance [electronic resource] : Accommodation and the Weihsien Internment Camp, China, 1943-1945 / Jonathan Henshaw Henshaw, Jonathan; AVAILABLE   COMPUTER FILE
30 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / Central Asia.    
      Afghanistan, Pakistan and strategic change : adjusting western regional policy / edited by Joachim Krause and Charles King Mallory, IV AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Azan on the moon : entangling modernity along Tajikistan's Pamir Highway / Till Mostowlansky Mostowlansky, Till,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Buddhism in Mongolian history, culture, and society / edited by Vesna A. Wallace AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Hannibal's oath : the life and wars of Rome's greatest enemy / John Prevas Prevas, John,; DUE 03-15-21   PRINTED 2017
HISTORY-Asia-Central Asia.-bisacsh : Théliol, Mylène; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      La Guerre D'Afghanistan : L'opposition de l'URSS et des Moudjahidines, De 1979 à 1989 Théliol, Mylène  COMPUTER FILE 2015
History -- Asia, Central -- Congresses.;Asia, Central -- Congresses : Gacek, Tomasz; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies Gacek, Tomasz  COMPUTER FILE 2009
HISTORY / Asia / China.    
      Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China / Evan Osnos Osnos, Evan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Alternative Chinese Opera in the age of globalization [electronic resource] : performing zero / Daphne P. Lei Lei, Daphne Pi-Wei  電子書 2011
      American radio in China [electronic resource] : international encounters with technology and communications, 1919-41 / Michael A. Krysko Krysko, Michael A.,  電子書 2011
      Asian American culture : from anime to tiger moms / Lan Dong, editor   PRINTED 2016
32 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / China.-bisacsh : Maissen, Thomas; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Why China Did Not Have a Renaissance - and Why That Matters : An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Maissen, Thomas  COMPUTER FILE 2018
HISTORY / Asia / General.    
      After the empires : the creation of novel political-cultural projects in East Asia / P.W. Preston, Emeritus Professor, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham Preston, P. W.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Asian comics / John A. Lent Lent, John A.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Asian expansions : the historical experiences of polity expansion in Asia / edited by Geoff Wade AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Asian nationalisms reconsidered / edited by Jeff Kingston DUE 02-08-21, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
24 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / General.-bisacsh : Maissen, Thomas; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Why China Did Not Have a Renaissance - and Why That Matters : An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Maissen, Thomas  COMPUTER FILE 2018
HISTORY / Asia / India & South Asia.    
      Ants among elephants : an untouchable family and the making of modern India / Sujatha Gidla Gidla, Sujatha,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Arming the periphery [electronic resource] : the arms trade in the Indian Ocean during the age of global empire / by Emrys Chew, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Chew, Emrys  電子書 2012
      Britain's imperial muse [electronic resource] : the classics and Britain's Indian empire, 1784-1914 / Christopher Hagerman Hagerman, Christopher,  電子書 2013
      The builders of the Mogul Empire / Michael Prawdin Prawdin, Michael,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
32 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / Iran / bisacsh : Moazami, Behrooz,; 中央研究院; 電子書     
      State, religion, and revolution in Iran, 1796 to the present / Behrooz Moazami Moazami, Behrooz,  電子書 2013
HISTORY / Asia / Japan.    
      America's Japan and Japan's performing arts : cultural mobility and exchange in New York, 1952-2011 / Barbara E. Thornbury Thornbury, Barbara E.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Anglo-American connections in Japanese chemistry : the lab as contact zone / Yoshiyuki Kikuchi Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki,  電子書 2013
      Dr. David Murray : superintendent of education in the empire of Japan, 1873-1879 / Benjamin Duke Duke, Benjamin C.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Environment and society in the Japanese islands : from prehistory to the present / edited by Bruce L. Batten and Philip C. Brown AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
17 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / Japan.-bisacsh : Tang, Edward; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      From Confinement to Containment : Japanese/American Arts During the Early Cold War Tang, Edward  COMPUTER FILE 2019
HISTORY / Asia / Korea.    
      An Asian frontier : American anthropology and Korea, 1882-1945 / Robert Oppenheim Oppenheim, Robert,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      The birth of Korean cool : how one nation is conquering the world through pop culture / Euny Hong Hong, Y. Euny,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Gender in modern East Asia : an integrated history / Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University, Janet Theiss, University of Utah, Hyaeweol Choi, Australian National University Molony, Barbara,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Heritage Management in Korea and Japan : The Politics of Antiquity and Identity Pai, Hyung Il  COMPUTER FILE 2013
2 additional entries    
HISTORY / Asia / Korea.-bisacsh : Iverson,Shepherd; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Stop North Korea! : A Radical New Approach to the North Korea Standoff Iverson,Shepherd  COMPUTER FILE 2017
HISTORY / Asia / Southeast Asia.    
      Blood, dreams and gold : the changing face of Burma / Richard Cockett Cockett, Richard,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Burma's economy in the twentieth century / Ian Brown, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Brown, Ian,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Climate, science, and colonization : histories from Australia and New Zealand / edited by James Beattie, Emily O'Gorman and Matthew Henry AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Debating American exceptionalism [electronic resource] : empire and democracy in the wake of the Spanish-American War / Fabian Hilfrich Hilfrich, Fabian  電子書 c2012
15 additional entries    
History -- Asia -- Statistics    
      International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993 / B.R. Mitchell Mitchell, B. R.; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1998
      International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-2001 / B.R. Mitchell Mitchell, B. R.; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED c2003
History (Australasia) : Fischer, Steven R; Ethnology Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      A history of the Pacific Islands / Steven Roger Fischer Fischer, Steven R; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
HISTORY / Australia & New Zealand.    
      Climate, science, and colonization : histories from Australia and New Zealand / edited by James Beattie, Emily O'Gorman and Matthew Henry AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      Conciliation on colonial frontiers : conflict, performance, and commemoration in Australia and the Pacific Rim / edited by Kate Darian-Smith and Penelope Edmonds AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Empire and environmental anxiety [electronic resource] : health, science, art and conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800-1920 / James Beattie Beattie, James,  電子書 2011
      Empire and environmental anxiety : health, science, art and conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800-1920 / James Beattie Beattie, James,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
7 additional entries    
History.;Balkan Peninsula -- History -- War of 1912-1913 : Hall, Richard C; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      The Balkan Wars 1912-1913 : Prelude to the First World War Hall, Richard C  COMPUTER FILE 2000
United States -- History bibl : U. S. Library of Congress.; Fu Ssu-Nien Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      A guide to the study of the United States of America : reference books reflecting the development of American life and thought / prepared under the direction of Roy P. Basler by Donald H. Mugridge and Blanche P. McCrum U. S. Library of Congress.; LIB USE ONLY, IN REPAIR   PRINTED 1960
History -- Biblical teaching    
      The first historians : the Hebrew Bible and history / Baruch Halpern Halpern, Baruch; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
      God and history in the Book of Revelation : New Testament studies in dialogue with Pannenberg and Moltmann / Michael Gilbertson Gilbertson, Michael,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
      Historiography and self-definition : Josephos, Luke-Acts, and apologetic historiography / by Gregory E. Sterling Sterling, Gregory E; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1992
      History, justice, and the agency of God : a hermeneutical and exegetical investigation on Isaiah and Psalms / by Christoph O. Schroeder Schroeder, Christoph O; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
History -- Biblical teaching -- Early works to 1800 : Vilvain, Robert,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      A compend of chronography: [electronic resource] : containing four thousand thirty yeers complet, from Adams creation to Christs birth. As an harbinger to two larger tomes, in pawn of the authors promiss: which he intends to perform, if God shal permit. / By Rob. Vilvain of Excester. Price at press 3 d Vilvain, Robert,  COMPUTER FILE 1654
History -- Bibliography    
      The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature / general editor, Mary Beth Norton ; associate editor, Pamela Gerardi LIB USE ONLY, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
      Bibliographie zur Zeitgeschichte LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL
      Bibliotheca Ittigiana [microform] : cum indice alphabetico IN PROCESS   MICROFORM 1711
      Bibliothecae Thomasianae, sive, Locupletissimi thesauri ex omni scientia librorum praestantissimorum rarissimorumque ... possedit ... Gottofredus Thomasius ... Volumen III ... IN PROCESS   MICROFORM 1770
22 additional entries    
History -- Bibliography -- Methodology -- Study and teaching -- Handbooks, manuals, etc : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Teaching bibliographic skill in history : a sourcebook for historians and librarians / edited by Charles A. D'Aniello LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1993
History -- Bibliography -- Periodicals    
      Annual bulletin of historical literature Historical Association (Great Britain); LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED
      Historisches Jahrbuch LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL
      International bibliography of historical sciences. Internationale Bibliographie der Geschichtswissenschaften LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED
      International bibliography of historical sciences = Internationale Bibliographie der Geschichtswissenschaften = Bibliografia internacional de ciencias historicas = Bibliographie internationale des sciences historiques = Bibliografia internazionale delle scienze storiche. Volume LXXVI, 2008 / edited by Massimo Mastrogregori LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED c2013
      The Journal of modern history LIB USE ONLY, IN PROCESS, AVAILABLE   JOURNAL 1929-
History -- Biography -- Early works to 1800    
      The Beauties of history; or, Pictures of virtue and vice, drawn from real life [electronic resource] : Designed for the instruction and entertainment of youth. By L.M. Stretch, M.A. vicar of Twyford and Ouselbury, Hampshire   COMPUTER FILE 1798
      The beauties of history: or, Pictures of virtue and vice, drawn from real life [electronic resource] : designed for the instruction and entertainment of youth. By L.M. Stretch, M.A. Vicar of Twyford and Ouselbury, Hants   COMPUTER FILE 1788
History, Black    
      Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff: The social responsibility and expanded pedagogy of the Black artist Bey, Sharif  電子書
      Acculturating the narratives of Native Americans and African Americans into institutions of higher education throughout the United States Ilogu, Chukwunonso C  PRINTED
      African-American music: Structure and analysis of vocal performance, 1955-1995 Breckenridge, Stan Laroy  PRINTED
      African-American music traditions in Northeast Mississippi Oliver, Sylvester Walker, Jr  PRINTED
152 additional entries    
History -- Book reviews : Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      Parmi les historiens : articles et comptes rendus / Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1983
History -- Book reviews -- Indexes : Brewster, John W; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Index to book reviews in historical periodicals / John W. Brewster and Joseph A. McLeod Brewster, John W; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED
History -- Book reviews -- Periodicals : Modern History Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      History : reviews of new books LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED
India -- History, British occupation, 1765-1947 : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Beyond representation : colonial and postcolonial constructions of Indian identity / edited by Crispin Bates AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
History (Buddhism) : Nattier, Jan,; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED     
      Once upon a future time : studies in a Buddhist prophecy of decline / Jan Nattier Nattier, Jan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1991
Evidence, Criminal -- Germany -- History.c : Bloemberg, Ronnie,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      The development of the criminal law of evidence in the Netherlands, France, and Germany between 1750 and 1870 : from the system of legal proofs to the free evaluation of the evidence / by Ronnie Bloemberg Bloemberg, Ronnie,  PRINTED 2020
History.;Cameroon -- History : Gam, Walter; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Voicing the Voiceless : Contributions to Closing Gaps in Cameroon History, 1958-2009 Gam, Walter  COMPUTER FILE 2010
HISTORY -- Canada -- General.    
      Finance, politics, and imperialism [electronic resource] : Australia, Canada, and the City of London, c.1896-1914 / Andrew Dilley Dilley, Andrew Richard,  COMPUTER FILE 2012
      The minor intimacies of race : Asian publics in North America / Christine Kim Kim, Christine,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Your country, my country : a unified history of the United States and Canada / Robert Bothwell Bothwell, Robert,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
History.;Canada -- Politics and government -- 1837-1838.;Canada -- History -- Rebellion, 1837-1838.;Canada -- Politics and government -- 1838-1841.;Québec (Province) -- Politics and government -- 19th century : Craig, Gerald M; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Lord Durham's Report : An abridgement of Report on the Affiars of British North America by Lord Durham Craig, Gerald M  COMPUTER FILE 2000
HISTORY / Canada / Post-Confederation (1867-)    
      Bootleggers and Borders : The Paradox of Prohibition on a Canada-U.S. Borderland Moore, Stephen T  COMPUTER FILE 2014
      This benevolent experiment : indigenous boarding schools, genocide, and redress in Canada and the United States / Andrew Woolford Woolford, Andrew John,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
History, Canadian    
      Ambitious cities: Enterprise culture in eastern Ontario's urban places, 1872-1892 Nicol, Heather Nora  PRINTED
      "And in the good times, they buy flowers": Private gardening in suburban southern Ontario in the 1950s Holson, Maya  PRINTED
      Archivistique: Information, organisation, memoire. L'exemple du Mouvement cooperatif Desjardins 1900-1990 Cardin, Martine  電子書
      "Between education and catastrophe": Public schooling and the project of post-war reconstruction in Manitoba 1944--1960 Buri, George  PRINTED
106 additional entries    
HISTORY / Caribbean & West Indies. / bisacsh : Walvin, James,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Sugar : the world corrupted : from slavery to obesity / James Walvin Walvin, James,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
HISTORY / Caribbean & West Indies / Cuba.    
      Cuba : a cultural history / Alan West-Durán West, Alan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Debating American exceptionalism [electronic resource] : empire and democracy in the wake of the Spanish-American War / Fabian Hilfrich Hilfrich, Fabian  電子書 c2012
      Havana : a subtropical delirium / Mark Kurlansky Kurlansky, Mark,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      The history of Cuba [electronic resource] / Clifford L. Staten Staten, Clifford L  電子書 2015
3 additional entries    
HISTORY / Caribbean & West Indies / General.    
      Colonizing paradise : landscape and empire in the British West Indies / Jefferson Dillman Dillman, Jefferson,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Diplomacy in black and white : John Adams, Toussaint Louverture, and their Atlantic world alliance / Ronald Angelo Johnson Johnson, Ronald Angelo,  PRINTED 2014
      Global histories, imperial commodities, local interactions [electronic resource] / edited by Jonathan Curry-Machado   COMPUTER FILE 2013
      The last Caribbean frontier, 1795-1815 [electronic resource] / by Kit Candlin Candlin, Kit  電子書 2012
4 additional entries    
History -- Catalogs : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Ashgate 1998 history catalogue AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1998
Theater -- History century -- Dictionaries : Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib., 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      The world encyclopedia of contemporary theatre LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1994-
Great Britain -- History, (Charles I, 1625-1649) -- Early works to 1800    
      An astrologicall judgement upon His Maiesties present martch [electronic resource] : begun from Oxford May 7. 1645. By Geo: Wharton Wharton, George,  COMPUTER FILE 1645
      A letter sent to the right honourable the Lord Chamberlaine, from John Lord Finch, late Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, from the Hage [electronic resource] Finch of Fordwich, John Finch,  COMPUTER FILE 1641
Scotland -- History, (Charles I, 1625-1649) -- Sources -- Early works to 1800 : England and Wales.; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The Kings Majesties desires and propositions to all his subjects in Scotland, [electronic resource] : declaring his royall intentions and determination to all the Lords of His Privie Councell, concerning this kingdome, signed with his royall signet, and now published by authority. Likewise the resolution of the kingdome of Scotland, to all His Majesties subjects in this nation, declaring and manifesting their determination concerning the Earl of Essex, being glad tydings for England England and Wales.  COMPUTER FILE 1642
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