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245 00 Most fearefull and strange nevves from the bishoppricke of
       Durham,|h[electronic resource] :|bbeing a true relation of
       one Margret Hooper of Edenbyres, neere the river Darwent 
       in the said bishoppricke. Who was most fearfully possessed
       and tormented with the devill, as also in what ugley shape
       he first appeared unto her, how lamentabley she was 
       handled with this evill spirit, and at last how 
       wonderfully the Lord delivered her. Affirmed by these 
       cridible witnesses there present, November the fifteenth. 
       1641. Stephen Hooper. Iohn Hooper. Iohn Sley. Alexander 
       Eglestone. Anthony Westgarth Alice Egleston. And divers 
260    London :|bPrinted for Iohn Thomas,|c1641 
300    [4], 6 p 
500    Thomason copy imperfect: significant show-through 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library 
510 4  Wing (2nd ed.)|cM2889 
510 4  Thomason|cE.180[11] 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bAnn Arbor, Mich. :|cUMI,|d1999-
       |f(Early English books online)|nDigital version of: 
       (Thomason Tracts ; 31:E180[11])|7s1999    miun s 
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