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245 10 Application of liquid biofuels to internal combustion 
       engines /|cby Soo-Young No 
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490 1  Green energy and technology,|x1865-3529 
505 0  Chap. 1. Production of liquid biofuels from biomass -- 
       Chap. 2. Straight vegetable oil -- Chap. 3. Biodiesel -- 
       Chap. 4. Parafnnic biofuels: HVO and BTL diesel -- Chap. 
       5. Bio-oil and pyrolytic oil -- Chap. 6. Biomethanol in 
       advanced CI engines -- Chap. 7. Bioethanol in advanced CI 
       engines -- Chap. 8. Biobutanol in advanced CI engines -- 
       Chap. 9. Other higher alcohols -- Chap. 10. Other drop-in 
520    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the 
       application of liquid biofuels to internal combustion (IC)
       engines. Biofuels are one of the most promising renewable 
       and sustainable energy sources. Particularly, liquid 
       biofuels obtained from biomass could become a valid 
       alternative to the use of fossil fuels in the light of 
       increasingly stringent environmental constraints. In this 
       book, the discussion is limited to liquid biofuels 
       obtained from triglycerides and lignocellulose among the 
       many different kinds of biomass. Several liquid biofuels 
       from triglycerides, straight vegetable oil, biodiesel 
       produced from inedible vegetable oil, hydrotreated 
       vegetable oil, and pyrolytic oil have been selected for 
       discussion, as well as biofuels from lignocellulose bio-
       oil, alcohols such as methanol, ethanol and butanol, and 
       biomass-to-liquids diesel. This book includes three 
       chapters on the application of methanol, ethanol and 
       butanol to advanced compression ignition (CI) engines such
       as LTC, HCCI, RCCI and DF modes. Further, the application 
       of other higher alcohols and other drop-in fuels such as 
       DMF, MF, MTHF, and GVL are also discussed. The book will 
       be a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers 
       and engine designers who are interested in the application
       of alcohols and other biofuels in advanced CI engines, and
       also useful for alternative energy planners selecting 
       biofuels for CI engines in the future 
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