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100 1  Flowers, R. Barri 
245 10 Runaway Kids and Teenage Prostitution :|bAmerica's Lost, 
       Abandoned, and Sexually Exploited Children 
264  1 Westport :|bABC-CLIO,|c2001 
264  4 |c©2001 
300    1 online resource (228 pages) 
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505 0  Intro -- Contents -- Figures and Tables -- Preface -- 
       Introduction -- I. The Dynamics of Running Away -- 1. The 
       Scope of Runaway Youth -- 2. The Extent of Throwaway Kids 
       -- 3. Runaways, Arrest, and the Police -- 4. Why Teens Run
       Away from Home -- 5. The Perils for the Teenage Runaway --
       6. Theoretical Approaches to Running Away and Teenage 
       Prostitution -- 7. Policy, Practice, and Response to 
       Runaway and Prostitution Involved Teens -- II. The 
       Dynamics of Teenage Prostitution -- 8. The Nature of 
       Teenage Prostitution -- 9. Teen Prostitutes, Arrest, and 
       the Criminal Justice System -- 10. Girl Prostitution -- 
       11. The Pimp's Role in Teenage Prostitution -- 12. Boy 
       Prostitution -- III. Correlates of Running Away and 
       Teenage Prostitution -- 13. Child Sexual Abuse -- 14. 
       Child Pornography -- IV. The Law and Combating Teenage 
       Prostitution -- 15. Laws and the Prostitution of Teenagers
       -- V. Runaway Youth and Prostituted Teens in Other 
       Countries -- 16. Runaways and Teenage Prostitution 
       Globally -- Bibliography -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E
       -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- 
       Q -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- Y 
520    This concise and accessible new text examines the 
       correlations between runaway children and teenage 
       prostitution in the United States from a criminological, 
       sociological, and psychological perspective. The author 
       takes a systematic approach to defining and describing the
       differences between youth who run away from home and those
       who leave institutional settings and distinguishes the 
       difference between runaway and throwaway children. A 
       careful examination of teenage prostitution among girls 
       and boys helps to illuminate the special problems faced by
       children who have run away. In addition, the author 
       discusses laws related to runaways, teenage prostitution, 
       and the sexual exploitation of minors as well as the 
       criminal justice response to the problems. Runaways and 
       prostitution involving youth in other countries is also 
       explored. The text's findings support current conclusions 
       on the characteristics of runaways, the relationship 
       between runaways and teen prostitution, and the 
       implications of running away from home.    Runaway Kids 
       and Teenage Prostitution is divided into five parts. Part 
       I examines the scope and dynamics of running away and 
       differentiates between runaways and throwaways. Part II 
       explores teenage prostitution and provides information on 
       girl and boy prostitutes and the people who exploit them. 
       Child sexual abuse and child pornography as correlates to 
       the problem are studied in Part III, and Part IV reviews 
       the law that atttempts to combat teenage prostitution. 
       Part V is devoted to an examination of the scope and 
       significance of the problem in other countries. Together, 
       these chapters provide readers with a clear picture of the
       problem of runaways and teenage prostitution in the United
       States and around the world 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aFlowers, R. Barri|tRunaway Kids and 
       Teenage Prostitution : America's Lost, Abandoned, and 
       Sexually Exploited Children|dWestport : ABC-CLIO,c2001
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