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100 1  Edwards, Sebastian 
245 14 The Decline of Latin American Economies :|bGrowth, 
       Institutions, and Crises 
264  1 Chicago :|bUniversity of Chicago Press,|c2007 
264  4 |c©2007 
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490 1  National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report 
505 0  Intro -- Contents -- Introduction -- I. Economic Growth, 
       Taxation, and Institutions -- 1. When Did Latin America 
       Fall Behind? -- 2. Before the Golden Age: Economic Growth 
       in Mexico and Portugal, 1910-1950 -- 3. Inequality and the
       Evolution of Institutions of Taxation: Evidence from the 
       Economic History of the Americas -- II. Financial Crises, 
       Lending, and Inflation -- 4. Financial Crises, 1880-1913: 
       The Role of Foreign Currency Debt -- 5. The True Measure 
       of Country Risk: A Primer on the Interrelations between 
       Solvency and the Polity Structure of Emerging Markets, 
       Argentina1886-1892 -- 6. Related Lending: Manifest Looting
       or Good Governance? Lessons from the Economic History of 
       Mexico -- 7. Sudden Stops and Currency Drops: A Historical
       Look -- 8. Establishing Credibility: The Role of Foreign 
       Advisors in Chile's 1955-1958 Stabilization Program -- 
       III. Protectionism and Economic Performance -- 9. Some 
       Economic Effects of Closing the Economy: The Mexican 
       Experience in the Mid-Twentieth Century -- 10. The 
       Political Economy of Protectionism: The Mexican Textile 
       Industry, 1900-1950 -- Contributors -- Author Index -- 
       Subject Index 
520    Latin America's economic performance is mediocre at best, 
       despite abundant natural resources and flourishing 
       neighbors to the north. The perplexing question of how 
       some of the wealthiest nations in the world in the 
       nineteenth century are now the most crisis-prone has long 
       puzzled economists and historians. The Decline of Latin 
       American Economies examines the reality behind the 
       struggling economies of Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. A 
       distinguished panel of experts argues here that slow 
       growth, rampant protectionism, and rising inflation 
       plagued Latin America for years, where corrupt 
       institutions and political unrest undermined the financial
       outlook of already besieged economies. Tracing Latin 
       America's growth and decline through two centuries, this 
       volume illustrates how a once-prosperous continent now 
       lags behind. Of interest to scholars and policymakers 
       alike, it offers new insight into the relationship between
       political systems and economic development 
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650  0 Latin America -- Economic conditions.;Latin America -- 
       Economic policy.;Latin America -- Politics and 
       government.;Latin America -- History 
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700 1  Esquivel, Gerardo 
700 1  Márquez, Graciela 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aEdwards, Sebastian|tThe Decline of Latin
       American Economies : Growth, Institutions, and Crises
       |dChicago : University of Chicago Press,c2007
830  0 National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report 
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