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100 1  Binder, Stephan 
245 10 Life Insurance in Asia :|bSustaining Growth in the Next 
250    2nd ed 
264  1 Singapore :|bJohn Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,|c2012 
264  4 |c©2009 
300    1 online resource (256 pages) 
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490 1  Wiley Finance Ser 
505 0  Intro -- Life Insurance in Asia, Second Edition: 
       Sustaining Growth in the Next Decade -- Copyright -- 
       Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- What Is New
       in This Second Edition? -- Chapter 1: Emerging Themes in 
       Asia -- A New Paradigm -- Asia as the Emerging Powerhouse 
       in Insurance -- Solid Fundamentals Supporting Growth -- A 
       Shift toward Quality -- A Heated Battle between 
       Multinationals and Locals -- Multinationals in Asia: 
       Survival of the Fittest -- The Coming-of-Age of the Asian 
       Insurer -- The Changing Face of Distribution -- Agency: 
       The End of an Era? -- The Bancassurance Revolution -- 
       Growth of Third-Party Distributors and the Direct Channel 
       -- Driving Innovation in Insurance -- Asian Consumers 
       Moving Online -- Rapid Pace of Technological Development -
       - An Opportunity for Insurers to Innovate -- Changing 
       Product Mix to New Needs of Asian Consumers -- Investment-
       linked Products: Managing the Cyclicality -- Protection 
       Products: Closing the Gap -- Annuities and Retirement 
       Products: Pockets of Growth -- Health Insurance: Potential
       for Private Insurers to Play a Greater Role -- Takaful 
       (Islamic Insurance): Continued Rapid Growth -- Conclusion 
       -- Chapter 2: China: Yes, Size Does Matter -- A Winding 
       Road to the Top -- Rise of the Chinese Giants -- Foreign 
       Multinationals in China: Scaling the Great Wall -- Key 
       Challenges to Overcome in China -- Tied Agency: 
       Transforming the Traditional Model -- Bancassurance: 
       Extracting Value from the Relationship -- Addressing 
       Diversifying Customer Needs -- The Future: Growth in 
       Uncertainty -- Chapter 3: India: Dance of the Elephant -- 
       Dawn of a New Era -- Near-term Slowdown, but Attractive 
       Growth Prospects over the Medium-to-Long Term -- Shift 
       toward Long-term Savings and Protection -- Need to Focus 
       on Value Creation -- Changing Landscape of the Life 
       Insurance Market -- Continued Regulatory Changes 
505 8  Shifts in Consumer Behavior -- Digital Revolution -- 
       Intensifying Competition Ahead -- Path to Sustainable 
       Growth in the New Normal -- Revamping the Agency Force -- 
       Responding to the Bancassurance Discontinuity -- 
       Developing Alternative Distribution Models -- Shift toward
       a More Balanced Product Portfolio -- Managing the Large 
       Geographic Expanse -- Driving Breakthrough Innovations 
       through Technology -- Capturing Value from Existing 
       Customers -- The Future: India Life Insurance 2.0 -- 
       Chapter 4: Japan: A Giant Awakening? -- Continued 
       Stagnation in the Overall Market -- Lack of Economic 
       Growth -- Shrinking Addressable Market -- Saturated 
       Insurance Market -- Shifting Competitive Landscape -- Slow
       Decline of the Japanese Incumbents -- Giants Awakening? --
       Consolidation of Select Foreign Players -- Emerging 
       Opportunities in Certain Product Submarkets -- Health and 
       Medical Insurance -- The Retirement Opportunity -- 
       Individual Annuities -- Increasing Scope for Innovative 
       Sales Models -- Professionalization of the Agency Channel 
       -- Bancassurance Deregulation and Japan Post Privatization
       -- Emergence of Direct, Multichannel, and Internet 
       Distribution -- The Future -- Chapter 5: South Korea and 
       Taiwan: An Increasingly Localized Game -- Highly Mature 
       Markets -- Mismatched Book of Assets and Liabilities -- 
       Entrenched Position of Leading Domestic Players -- Foreign
       Players Fighting to Gain Share from Local Incumbents -- 
       South Korea: Solid and Resilient -- Domestic Insurers: 
       Solidifying Market Positions -- Large Retirement 
       Opportunity -- Bancassurance as the Dominant Channel -- 
       Emergence of Independent and Direct Channels -- The Future
       -- Taiwan: Darkness before Dawn? -- Surprising Economic 
       and Insurance Premium Growth -- A Challenging Market to 
       Navigate -- Changing Dynamics with an Exodus of Foreign 
505 8  Domestic Players Saddled with Large Negative Spread 
       Portfolios -- The Future -- Chapter 6: Hong Kong and 
       Singapore: Refusing to Mature -- Profitable and High-
       Growth Contributor -- Small but Stable Market for 
       Latecomers -- Attractive Asian Base for Multinational 
       Insurers -- Hong Kong: The China Opportunity Offshore -- 
       Continued Strong Growth -- Channel Segregation between 
       Agency, Bancassurance, and Broker -- Intensifying 
       Competition between Traditional and Bank-owned Insurers --
       The Future -- Singapore: Structured and Profitable -- 
       Active Management by the Singaporean Government -- 
       Prominent Role of Central Provident Fund -- Shift toward 
       Multichannel and Independent Distribution -- The Future --
       Chapter 7: Southeast Asia: The Underappreciated Growth 
       Engine -- Increasing Competition between Foreign and Local
       Players -- Tailored Products for Market Niches -- Channel 
       Upgrades to Reach More Customer Segments -- The Future: 
       Reaching Scale -- Indonesia: The Next Growth Frontier -- 
       The Most Favorable Macrofundamentals in Southeast Asia -- 
       Agency and Bancassurance Both Experiencing Explosive 
       Growth -- Investment-linked and Takaful Products Dominate 
       -- Foreign Players Capturing Much of the Market Growth -- 
       Looking Ahead -- Vietnam: Little China? -- Underdeveloped 
       Life Insurance Industry -- Fierce Competition in a Very 
       Young Market -- Simple Products Sold through Traditional 
       Channels -- Looking Forward: Major Challenges Ahead -- 
       Chapter 8: The Road Ahead: A New Paradigm for Life 
       Insurance in Asia -- Changing Context: A Much More 
       Difficult and Nuanced World -- Seven Priorities for 
       Winners -- Priority 1: Value-based Management -- Priority 
       2: Ensuring a Sustainable Agency Model -- Priority 3: 
       Finding Value in Bancassurance Relationships -- Priority 4
       : Tapping into Asia's Affluent Middle Class -- Priority 5:
       Embracing Innovation and New Technologies 
505 8  Priority 6: Revamping Investment Management -- Priority 7:
       Engage in Inorganic M&A Opportunities -- Sustaining Growth
       in the Next Decade -- Appendix -- Reference Sources -- 
       Methodology -- Notes -- Chapter 1: Emerging Themes in Asia
       -- Chapter 2: China: Yes, Size Does Matter -- Chapter 3: 
       India: Dance of the Elephant -- Chapter 4: Japan: A Giant 
       Awakening? -- Chapter 5: South Korea and Taiwan -- Chapter
       6: Hong Kong and Singapore -- Chapter 7: Southeast Asia --
520    An incisive look at the war for market share in the Asian 
       life insurance market Although the life insurance industry
       in Asia has emerged from the financial crisis stronger 
       than ever, it has not escaped unchanged. As the general 
       focus of insurance companies across the continent moves 
       towards profitability beyond growth, tightening regulatory
       measures, shifts in consumer preferences, and risk 
       tolerance, battle lines have been drawn between local 
       incumbents, attackers, and foreign players. Life Insurance
       in Asia: Winning in the Next Decade, Second Edition looks 
       at the ways in which small local agencies and 
       multinational companies alike are seizing control of as 
       much of the market as they can by aggressively recruiting 
       new agents, leveraging new channels, and selling new 
       products to cash in on the explosive Asian markets. 
       Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition offers a 
       comprehensive introduction to the booming Asian life 
       insurance markets and outlines exactly what it takes to 
       capture the opportunities that are emerging. Drawing on 
       the research and experience of the McKinsey Asia financial
       services team, it includes everything you need to know 
       about the battle for the life insurance market in Asia. 
       Looks at how China and India are becoming increasingly 
       important players on the international life insurance 
       scene Goes behind the scenes of the Asian life insurance 
       industry and the contentious battle for market share 
       Outlines the steps to successfully entering, and 
       prospering, in the Asian market The life insurance 
       industry in Asia is changing like never before. What the 
       future holds, no one knows, but with Life Insurance in 
       Asia in hand, you'll have a clear idea of the factions in 
       play and the rules of the game 
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