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100 1  Xu, Linli 
245 10 Soft Magnetic Materials :|bSoft Magnetic Materials 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Durnten :|bTrans Tech Publications, Limited,|c2011 
264  4 |c©2011 
300    1 online resource (294 pages) 
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490 1  Advanced Materials Research ;|vv.298 
505 0  Intro -- Soft Magnetic Materials -- Preface and Organizing
       Committee -- Table of Contents -- Temperature Compensation
       of RLG's Bias Based on LS-SVM -- A New Model of Discribing
       the Band Gap Bowing of III Nitride Alloys -- The Factors 
       Influencing the Band Gap Bowing of III Nitride Alloys -- 
       Application of the Intelligent Sensor in Yarn Quality 
       Online Detection -- Dielectric Relaxation Properties in 
       Colossal Dielectric Constant Material 
       Sr0.9Ba0.1Ti0.9Ru0.1O3 -- The Transition from Normal 
       Ferroelectric to Relaxor Ferroelectric and Evidences of 
       Polar Nanoregions Combination in Sr1-xPbxTiO3 -- The 
       Application of Intelligent Laser Sensor on Yarn Quality 
       Inspection -- A Novel Long-Life Air Working Electro-Active
       Actuator Based on Cellulose and Polyurethane Blend -- 
       Study on the Characterization and Bending Performance of 
       Electro-Active Actuator Based on Cellulose and Poly(3-
       Hydroxybutyrate) -- Study on Structure Properties of 
       Pyridine Ionic Liquids of Different Acid-Based Chain 
       Lengths -- Novel DNA Electrochemical Biosensor Using 
       Anthraquinone-2-Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt as Hybridization
       Indicator -- Intelligent Detection of Yarn Supply Tension 
       during Flat Knitting Process -- Research on FBG in 3-D 
       Braided Composite Structure Health Monitoring -- The 
       Influences of Material and Structure on the UV Protection 
       of Summer Fabrics -- DNA Electrochemical Biosensor Based 
       on Au Nanoparticles Self-Assembled Au Electrode -- The 
       Research of Sphygmus Sensor Based on FBG in Smart Clothing
       -- The Preparation of a Novel Composite Film Based on 
       Polyoxometalate for Visible Light Photocatalysis -- Gas-
       Sensitive Behavior Based on Charge Transfer Processes of a
       Novel Polyoxometalate (POM)/TiO2/SiO2 Composite Film -- 
       Development of Blended Yarns of Slenderized Wool and 
       Mercerized Cotton -- Application of FXL Series High-Speed 
       Gilling Machine on Flax Short Spinning 
505 8  Continuous Processing Technology of Wool Slenderizing 
       Integrated with Biologic Enzyme Modification -- 
       Preparation of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide 
       Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube and its 
       Application to Dehydrogenase Biosensor -- DNA 
       Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Chitosan and Gold 
       Nanoparticles Using Methylene Blue as Electrochemical 
       Indicator -- DNA Electrochemical Biosensor Based on 
       Chitosan and Core-Shell Au@SiO2 Nanoparticles -- Analysis 
       on the Application of Ceramic Materials in Package - The 
       Application of Ceramic Bottle in the Package of Jinjiu -- 
       Mangnese Dioxide Nano-Crystal as Catalyst to Remove 
       Formaldehyde -- Sensing Textile Fibers by THz Time-Domain 
       Spectroscopy -- Converse Magnetoelectric Coefficient of 
       Terfenol-D/PZT/Terfenol-D Laminated Magnetoelectric 
       Composite -- Synthetic Technology and Performance of a 
       Novel Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Carboxylate 
       Surfactants -- Effect of Binder Materials on Magnetic 
       Properties of Amorphous Fe78Si9B13 Powder Core -- Research
       on Preparation and Properties of Fe-Si-Al Soft Magnetic 
       Composites -- A Novel Model for Predicting Iron Losses of 
       Electrical Steels Fed by PWM Inverter -- The Estimation 
       for Position and Velocity of Moving Ball from Single 
       Linear Array Image -- Synthesis, Characterization and 
       Photocatalytic Property of Magnetic Titania Hollow Sphere 
       Composite -- The Equivalent Proving of Two Typical Vector 
       Composing PM Circuits and their Characteristic Analysis --
       The Surface Weak Magnetic Signals of Low Carbon Steel 
       under Cyclic Loads -- Effect of Hot-Rolled Microstructure 
       on the Recrystallization Texture of Cold-Rolled Non-
       Oriented Electrical Steel -- Effect of Mineralizer on the 
       Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 Lead-Free 
       Piezoelectric Crystals -- Mechanical Alloying for 
       Fabrication of Fe50Ni30B20 Amorphous Alloys Powder 
505 8  The Design and Simulation of a Switch Reluctance Motor for
       the Transmission Auxiliary Start up and Brake -- 
       Application of Attapulgite Clay Mineral Modified by Flame 
       Retarder in Green Building Materials -- Stable 
       Antiferromagnetism of Orthorhombic BiCrO3 under Pressure: 
       a Theoretical Study -- Characterization of TiO2 Film 
       Prepared by Sol-Gel Method Using Ti(OC4H9)4 -- 
       Characterization of Porous TiO2 Films Prepared Using PEG 
       of Different Molecular Weight -- The Logarithmic Amplifier
       with I/O Characteristic Approaching Horizontal Line -- The
       Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Microstructure Changes in 
       Strong Alternating Magnetic Field -- Analysis on Torsional
       Vibration Characteristics of Steam Turbine Generator 
       Shafts -- Simple Synthesis of Micrometer Fe3O4 Particles 
       with Controlled Magnetic Behaviors -- Three-Dimensional 
       Automatic Measurements System for RFID Magnetic Field -- 
       Modeling and Simulation of the Membrane-Type Actuator 
       Based on E-ACE -- Keywords Index -- Authors Index 
520    The objective of this special collection was to provide a 
       forum for researchers, educators, engineers and government
       officials, involved in the general areas of soft magnetic 
       materials, soft ferrites, powder cores, composite 
       materials, thin films, metamaterials, magnetic 
       measurements and instrumentation, to disseminate their 
       latest research results and to exchange views on the 
       future research directions of these fields.Review from 
       Book News Inc.: Researchers, educators, engineers, and 
       government officials trade views and latest results 
       regarding soft magnetic materials, soft ferries, power 
       cores, composite materials, thin films, metamaterials, 
       magnetic measurements, and instrumentation. The 51 papers 
       consider such topics as applying intelligent laser sensors
       to yarn quality inspection, manganese dioxide nano-crystal
       as a catalyst to remove formaldehyde, designing and 
       simulating a switch reluctance motor for the transmission 
       auxiliary start up and brake, and torsional vibration 
       characteristics of steam turbine generator shafts 
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650  0 Magnetic materials -- Congresses.;Magnetism -- 
       Congresses.;Ferrites (Magnetic materials) -- 
       Congresses.;Composite materials -- Magnetic properties -- 
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700 1  Tian, Jerry 
700 1  Mao, Elwin 
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