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100 1  Mantas, J 
245 10 Enabling Health Informatics Applications 
264  1 Burke :|bIOS Press,|c2011 
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490 1  Studies in Health Technology and Informatics ;|vv.213 
505 0  Title Page -- Preface -- ICIMTH 2015 Scientific Programme 
       Committee and Reviewers -- Contents -- Keynotes -- An 
       Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling -- Privacy 
       and Data Protection in Healthcare: eHealth for All - 
       Keynote Address -- 1. Biomedical Technology -- 
       Photodocumentation of Allergic Severity Under Conjunctival
       Provocation -- Image-Based Assessment of Allergic 
       Inflammation Under Conjunctival Provocation -- 3D Texture 
       Analysis of Heterogeneous MRI Data for Diagnostic 
       Classification of Childhood Brain Tumours -- Establishing 
       a National Medical Device Registry in Saudi Arabia: 
       Lessons Learned and Future Work -- 2. Clinical Informatics
       -- The Implementation Experiences of an Endoscopy 
       Information System (EIS) on the Improvement of Workflow 
       Processes in a Saudi Endoscopy Department -- Remote 
       Patient Monitoring System Implementation at a Cardiac Care
       Centre in Saudi Arabia -- Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) 
       Therapy System Implementation at a Neurology Department in
       Saudi Arabia -- Improving Emergency Room Performance by 
       Reducing Patients' Length of Stay -- A First Step for the 
       Automation of Fugl-Meyer Assessment Scale for Stroke 
       Subjects in Upper Limb Physical Neurorehabilitation -- An 
       Extensible Neuroimaging e-Repository for Clinical Trials 
       of Paediatric Brain Tumours -- Computerized Insulin Order 
       Sets Can Lead to Unanticipated Consequences -- A Query 
       Tool Enabling Clinicians and Researchers to Explore 
       Patient Cohorts -- Feasibility of Interactive Resistance 
       Chair in Older Adults with Diabetes -- 3. Decision Support
       and Intelligent Systems -- Clinical Decision Support 
       Knowledge Management: Strategies for Success -- The 
       Prognostic Scale CRASH in the Treatment of Children with 
       Severe Traumatic Brain Injury -- Prediction of 5-Year 
       Survival with Data Mining Algorithms 
505 8  Abstractive Summarization of Drug Dosage Regimens for 
       Supporting Drug Comparison -- Exploitation of Medical 
       Crisp Database for Fuzzy Diagnostic Decision Support 
       Systems -- A Decision Support System Platform for Spatial 
       Epidemiology -- 4. E-Learning and Education -- Open 
       Innovation Challenge in Healthcare. Role for Education -- 
       Proactive Support of Internet Browsing when Searching for 
       Relevant Health Information -- Benefits and Barriers of E-
       Learning for Staff Training in a Medical University -- 
       West Midlands Health Informatics Network: A Perspective on
       Education and Training Needs -- Knowledge Management 
       Within the Medical University -- Toward More Successful 
       Biomedical Informatics Education Programs and Ecosystems 
       in the Arab World -- IMIA Dynamic Accreditation Procedure:
       Suggestions, Simplicity and Efficiency -- Net Generation's
       Learning Styles in Nursing Education -- An e-Learning 
       Approach to Hospital Information Systems -- Health 
       Professionals Information for Diagnostics Related Groups 
       (DRGs) with the Use of a Website -- 5. Formalisation of 
       Knowledge, Ontologies, Clinical Guidelines and Standards 
       of Healthcare -- Clinical Pathways: Identifying 
       Development, Implementation and Evaluation Challenges -- 
       The Medical Ontology ̀̀HoPRO'' -- Data Warehouse Design 
       from HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Schema -- 6. 
       Health Informatics -- Innovative Information Systems in 
       the Intensive Care Unit, King Saud Medical City in Saudi 
       Arabia -- A Proposed Framework to Enrich Norwegian EHR 
       System with Health-Trusted Information for Patients and 
       Professionals -- eHealth Services for the European 
       Reference Network on Rare Anaemias (eENERCA) -- Serious 
       Games for Home-Based Stroke Rehabilitation -- Assessing 
       Greek Public Hospitals' Websites -- 7. Health Information 
       Management -- Developing an Emergency Physician 
       Productivity Index Using Descriptive Health Analytics 
505 8  Real-Time Classification of Exercise Exertion Levels Using
       Discriminant Analysis of HRV Data -- Taming Big Data: An 
       Information Extraction Strategy for Large Clinical Text 
       Corpora -- Nora: A Vocabulary Discovery Tool for Concept 
       Extraction -- Developing an Institutional Repository of 
       Digital Health Information Content -- Integrated 
       Electronic Health Record Database Management System: A 
       Proposal -- 8. Healthcare IT -- Multiprocessor Neural 
       Network in Healthcare -- Understanding and De-Risking the 
       Dependencies Between Operator and Manufacturer of Clinical
       IT -- AppFactLib - A Concept for Providing Transparent 
       Information About Health Apps and Medical Apps -- 9. 
       Healthcare Management -- Greece Financial Crisis and 
       Quality of Life -- The Empowerment of Patients with Mental
       Conditions and Addictions Through e-Health -- Staffing and
       Educational Level of Military Hospital Personnel in 
       Relation to Patients' Satisfaction from the Provided 
       Health Care Services -- 10. Mobile Technology in 
       Healthcare -- Do Ethics Need to Be Adapted to mHealth? -- 
       A Systematic Review of Mobile Health Technology Use in 
       Developing Countries -- The ̀̀SMART Travel Health'' Mobile
       Application Assessment -- 11. Public Health Informatics --
       eHealth in Saudi Arabia: Current Trends, Challenges and 
       Recommendations -- Building a Culture of Health 
       Informatics Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A New 
       Frontier -- 12. Social Media and Health -- #DigitalHealth:
       Exploring Users' Perspectives Through Social Media 
       Analysis -- A Social Media Campaign to Promote 
       Breastfeeding Among Saudi Women: A Web-Based Survey Study 
       -- Exploring the Role of Twitter in Promoting Women's 
       Health in the Arab World: Lessons Learned -- Facebook and 
       Health Information: Content Analysis of Groups Related to 
       Schizophrenia -- The Role of Social Media in Promoting 
       Women's Health Education in Saudi Arabia 
505 8  The Prevalence of Using Social Media Among Healthcare 
       Professionals in Saudi Arabia: A Pilot Study -- Social 
       Networks and Health -- 13. Telemedicine -- Resilient 
       Systemics to Telehealth Support for Clinical Psychiatry 
       and Psychology -- Towards Resilient Telehealth Support for
       Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology: A Strategic Review -- 
       Ontology-Based Medical Decision Support System to Enhance 
       Chronic Patients' Lifestyle Within E-Care Telemonitoring 
       Platform -- iSignIT - Communication App and Concept for 
       the Deaf and Hard of Hearing -- The Digital Microscopy in 
       Organ Transplantation: Ergonomics of the Tele-Pathological
       Evaluation of Renal and Liver Grafts -- Health 
       Professionals' Use of Computer Databases to Utilize 
       Research for Practice: A Pilot Study -- Subject Index -- 
       Author Index 
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650  0 Medical informatics -- Congresses.;Management information 
       systems -- Congresses 
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700 1  Hasman, A 
700 1  Househ, M.S 
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