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Mortality -- Statistics. -- Great Britain

A collection of the yearly bills of mortality, from 1657 to 1758 inclusive together with several other bills of an earlier date : to which are subjoined I. Natural and political observations on the bills of mortality : by Capt. John Graunt, F.R.S. ... II. Another essay in political arithmetic ... by Sir William Petty, Kt. F.R.S. ... III. Observations on the past growth and present state of the city of London ... by Corbyn Morris, Esq ; F.R.S. IV. A comparative view of the diseases and ages, and
Birch, Thomas, 1705-1766
London : Printed for A. Millar, 1759

Location: 中央研究院

A comparative view of the mortality of the human species, at all ages and of the diseases and casualites by which they are destroyed or annoyed : illustrated with charts and tables
Black, William, 1749-1829
London : Printed for C. Dilly, 1788

Location: 中央研究院