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245 10 Inhumane, & cruel bloody news from Leeds in York-shire
       |h[electronic resource] :|bBeing a true relation of a 
       young man which intic't an other man's wife from London, 
       down into the country; which after some time he most 
       barbarously murthered in a most frightful manner, in a 
       desart place, neer Leeds, cutting her tongue and her eyes 
       out of her head, her throat being cutt from ear to ear; 
       and after all this, being not satisfied, rips her open, 
       and takes a child out of her womb, laying it down by her 
       side: this being done, he took horse and was coming for 
       London; but the murder being found he was pursued and 
       taken, and sent to York Castle, where he must lye till the
       next Lent assizes, and then receive his due punishment. 
       This being written in the mean time for a warning piece to
       all young-women, to be careful how they be trappan'd by 
       false and deceitful young men. With allowance, Jan. 4. Ro.
       L'Estrange. The tune is, The bleeding heart, &c 
260    [London] :|bPrinted for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, and 
       J. Clarke,|c[1676] 
300    1 sheet ([1] p.) :|bill. (woodcut) 
500    Place of publication and suggested imprint date from Wing,
       which gives publication date of 1674-1679 
500    Verse - "Alas what times here be," 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library 
510 4  Wing (2nd ed.)|cI188B 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bAnn Arbor, Mich. :|cUMI,|d1999-
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       English books, 1641-1700 ; 1851:21)|7s1999    miun s 
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