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037    CL0037000079|bProQuest Information and Learning. 300 N. 
       Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106 
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100 1  Playford, John,|d1623-1686? 
240 10 Breefe introduction to the skill of musick 
245 02 A brief introduction to the skill of musick|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bin three books. The first: the general 
       grounds and rules of musick,according tho the gam-ut and 
       other principles thereof. The second: instructions for the
       bass-viol, and also for the treble-violin: vvith lessons 
       for beginners. By John Playford philo-musicæ. The third: 
       The art of descant, or Composing musick in parts. by Dr. 
       Tho. Campion. With annotations thereon by Mr. C. Simpson 
246 2  Composing music in parts 
246 2  Art of descant 
260    London :|bprinted by William Godbid for John Playford, and
       are to be sold at his shop in the Temple,|c1667 
300    [20], 151, [1] p. :|bill. (port.) music 
500    Frontis. = ill 
500    First edition published in 1654 as "A breefe introduction 
       to the skill of musick, for song and viall." According to 
       Grove's Dictionary of music, but one copy of that 
       impression is now known 
500    "The art of descant or Composing of musick in parts" has 
       separate dated title page; register and pagination are 
500    With table of contents and an advertisement on final page 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Harvard University 
510 4  Wing (2nd ed.)|cP2453 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bAnn Arbor, Mich. :|cUMI,|d1999-
       |f(Early English books online)|nDigital version of: (Early
       English books, 1641-1700 ; 2011:35)|7s1999    miun s 
590    EBBO 
650  0 Music|y17th century 
700 1  Campion, Thomas,|d1567-1620.|tArt of descant: or, 
       Composing of music in parts.|4aut 
700 1  Simpson, Christopher,|dd. 1669 
740 0  Art of descant: or, Composing of music in parts 
830  0 Early English books online 
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