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245 00 Latin at the crossroads of identity :|bthe evolution of 
       linguistic nationalism in the Kingdom of Hungary /|cedited
       by Gábor Almási and Lav Šubarić 
264  1 Leiden ;|aBoston :|bBrill,|c[2015] 
300    xii, 312 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c25 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Central and Eastern Europe. regional perspectives in 
       global context,|x1877-8550 ;|vVOLUME 5 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Introduction / Gábor Almási and Lav Šubarić -- PART 1. THE
       POLITICS OF LANGUAGE. When language became ideology : 
       Hungary in the eighteenth century / István Margócsy -- 
       Which language and which nation? : mother tongue and 
       political languages : insights from a pamphlet published 
       in 1790 / Henrik Hőnich -- 'Hungarus consciousness' in the
       age of early nationalism / Ambrus Miskolczy -- Before and 
       after 1773 : Central European Jesuits, the politics of 
       language and discourses of identity in the late eighteenth
       -century Habsburg monarchy / Per Pippin Aspaas and László 
       MEDIA. The Enlightenment's choice of Latin : the ratio 
       educationis of 1777 in the Kingdom of Hungary / Teodora 
       Shek Brnardić -- The long road of Hungarian media to 
       multilingualism : on the replacement of Latin in the 
       Kingdom of Hungary in the course of the eighteenth century
       / Andrea Seidler -- The language question and the 
       paradoxes of Latin journalism in eighteenth-century 
       Hungary / Piroska Balogh -- PART 3. THE OTHER HUNGARIANS. 
       From the aftermath of 1784 to the Illyrian turn : the slow
       demise of the official Latin in Croatia / Lav Šubarić -- 
       The Latin speeches in the Croatian parliament : collective
       and personal identities / Zvjezdana Sikirić Assouline -- 
       Latin as the panslavonic language, 1790-1848 / Alexander 
       Maxwell -- Latin and vernacular relations in the 
       eighteenth and nineteenth centuries : the Serbian case / 
       Nenad Ristović -- Romans, Romanians and Latin-speaking 
       Hungarians : the Latin language in the Hungarian-Romanian 
       intellectual discourse of the eighteenth and nineteenth 
       century / Levente Nagy 
520    "From the late 18th century in multi-ethnic Kingdom of 
       Hungary, new language-based national identities came to 
       dominate over those that had previously been constructed 
       on legal, territorial, or historical basis. While 
       Hungarian language struggled to emancipate itself, the 
       roles and functions of Latin (official language until 
       1844) were changing dramatically. Latin held a different 
       significance for varying segments of society, from being 
       the essential part of an individual identity to 
       representing an obstacle to "national survival", from 
       guaranteeing harmony between the different linguistic 
       communities to hindering change, social and political 
       justice. This pioneering volume aims to highlight the ways
       language debates about Latin and Hungarian contributed to 
       the creation of new identities and ideologies in Central 
       Europe. Contributors include Gábor Almási, Per Pippin 
       Aspaas, Piroska Balogh, Henrik Hönich, László Kontler, 
       István Margócsy, Alexander Maxwell, Ambrus Miskolczy, 
       Levente Nagy, Nenad Ristović, Andrea Seidler, Teodora Shek
       Brnardić, Zvjezdana Sikirić Assouline, and Lav Šubarić"--
       |cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Language policy|zHungary 
650  0 Latin language 
650  0 Language, Universal 
650  0 Language and languages|xPolitical aspects 
650  0 National characteristics, Hungarian 
650  0 Hungarian language 
650  0 Linguistic minorities|zHungary 
650  0 Language and history 
651  0 Hungary|xCivilization|y18th century 
651  0 Hungary|xIntellectual life|y18th century 
700 1  Almási, Gábor,|eeditor 
700 1  Šubarić, Lav,|eeditor 
830  0 Central and Eastern Europe (Leiden, Netherlands) ;|vv. 5 
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