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Author Yue, Zhenyu
Title Autophagy of the Nervous System : Cellular Self-Digestion in Neuros and Neurological Diseases
Imprint Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2012
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Note Intro -- CONTENTS -- Contributors -- Preface -- Section 1 Neuronal Autophagy: Cellular Process and Regulation -- Chapter 1 The Cellular Process of Autophagy and Control of Autophagy in Neurons Nicole C. McKnight, Noboru Mizushima and Zhenyu Yue -- INTRODUCTION -- AUTOPHAGY PATHWAYS -- AUTOPHAGY CORE MACHINERY -- ULK1/ULK2 Kinase Complex (Atg1) -- Atg9 Recycling Complex -- PI3-Kinase Complexes (Vps34-Beclin 1) -- Atg18/WIPI PI(3)P-Binding Protein and Atg2 -- Ubiquitin-like Conjugation Systems -- Atg12 conjugation reaction -- Atg8/LC3 conjugation reaction -- SOURCE OF THE AUTOPHAGOSOME MEMBRANE -- AUTOPHAGY SIGNALING/REGULATION OF AUTOPHAGY -- THE ROLE OF LC3-BINDING PROTEINS IN AUTOPHAGY -- AUTOPHAGY IN NEURONS -- Compartmentalized Autophagy in Neurons -- Autophagy Signaling in Neurons -- Autophagic Clearance of Protein Aggregates in Neurons -- Regulation of Neuronal Autophagy by Endosomal and ESCRT Machinery -- Neuroprotective versus Neurotoxic Role of Autophagy -- AUTOPHAGY IN NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES -- CONCLUSION -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 2 Autophagosome Maturation, Endocytosis and Neurodegenerative Disease Ai Yamamoto and Anne Simonsen -- INTRODUCTION -- MACROAUTOPHAGY -- A Brief Introduction -- Autophagosome Maturation: A Convergence with Endocytosis -- Endocytosis -- The maturation of an autophagosome to an autolysosome: Fusion with endocytic compartments -- Vps34 complexes -- Fusion with the lysosome -- AUTOPHAGOSOME MATURATION AND NEURODEGENERATION -- CONCLUDING REMARKS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 3 Cross-Talk Between the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System and Macroautophagy Serhiy Pankiv and Terje Johansen -- INTRODUCTION -- THE UBIQUITIN-PROTEASOME SYSTEM (UPS) -- AUTOPHAGY -- UPS AND AUTOPHAGY: CROSS-TALK AT THE REGULATORY LEVEL -- UPS AND AUTOPHAGY: CROSS-TALK AT THE SUBSTRATE LEVEL -- CONCLUSIONS -- REFERENCES
Chapter 4 Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy (CMA) in Neurons Maria Xilouri, Hsiao-Yu Peng and Leonidas Stefanis -- INTRODUCTION -- MECHANISM OF CMA -- CMA IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM -- CMA IN NEURODEGENERATION: THE CASE FOR PARKINSON'S DISEASE -- CMA IN OTHER NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES -- CONCLUSION -- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND FUNDING -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 5 Maintaining Autophagic Balance: A Role for Brakes Salvatore J. Cherra, III and Charleen T. Chu -- INTRODUCTION -- OVERVIEW OF AUTOPHAGY INDUCTION -- NEGATIVE REGULATORS OF AUTOPHAGY INDUCTION -- Proteins Regulating Autophagy Induction -- Mammalian target of rapamycin -- Jumpy (myotubularin related protein 14) -- Bcl-2 (B cell CLL/lymphoma-2) -- FLICE-inhibitory proteins -- Post-Translational Modifications that Regulate Autophagy Induction -- Proteolysis of autophagy proteins -- Regulation of autophagy by acetylation -- Regulation of autophagy induction by phosphorylation -- Regulation of LC3 by phosphorylation -- AUTOPHAGY DOWNREGULATING MECHANISMS IN RELATION TO CANONICAL AND NON-CANONICAL INDUCTION PATHWAYS -- ROLES OF AUTOPHAGY INHIBITION DURING DISEASE IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM -- CONCLUSION -- REFERENCES -- Section 2 Autophagy and Neurological Diseases -- Chapter 6 Autophagy and Its Cross-Talk with Cell Death in Neural Development Sabrina Di Bartolomeo and Francesco Cecconi -- INTRODUCTION -- THE ROLE OF AUTOPHAGY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF EUKARYOTES -- Autophagy in Drosophila melanogaster Development -- Autophagy in Caenorhabditis elegans Development -- Autophagy During the Vertebrate Development -- Common Features of the Phenotypes in Different Organisms -- THE ROLE OF AUTOPHAGY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM -- The Biogenesis of the Nervous System -- Autophagy Genes Involved in Neurogenesis -- CONCLUSION -- REFERENCES
Chapter 7 Autophagy in the Retina: Development, Physiology and Pathology Patricia Boya -- INTRODUCTION -- AUTOPHAGY AND CELL DEATH DURING RETINAL DEVELOPMENT -- AUTOPHAGY IN PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS OF THE RETINA -- Autophagy in Photoreceptors -- Autophagy in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells -- Autophagy in Retinal Ganglion Cells -- AUTOPHAGY IN RETINAL AND OPTIC NERVE PATHOLOGY -- Retinal Dystrophies -- Age-Related Macular Degeneration -- Light-Induced Degeneration -- Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Damage -- Ischemic Injury -- Retinal Proteinopathies -- Lysosomal Storage Diseases -- CONCLUDING REMARKS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 8 Genetic Mouse Models for Elucidation of Autophagy-Lysosomal Systems in Neurons under Physiologic and Pathologic Conditions Masaaki Komatsu, Masato Koike, Yoshinobu Ichimura and Yasuo Uchiyama -- INTRODUCTION -- AUTOPHAGY DEFICIENCY IN MICE -- Phenotypes of Tissue-Specific Autophagy-Deficient Mice -- Morphological Features Common in Various Autophagy-Deficient Cells -- SELECTIVE AUTOPHAGY SUBSTRATE, p62 -- Selective Autophagy -- Atg8 Lipidation System Essential for Autophagy -- LC3-Interacting Protein, P62 -- Molecular Mechanism of Selective Autophagy -- p62 as a Receptor for Ubiquitinated Proteins -- p62 as signaling hubs -- AUTOPHAGY IN LYSOSOME STORAGE DISORDERS DUE TO CATHEPSIN DEFICIENCY -- Lysosomal Storage Disorder -- Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses (NCLs) -- Cathepsin D Deficiency as CLN10 -- LAMP2 and Autophagy -- CELL DEATH AND AUTOPHAGY -- Cell Death and Lysosomes -- Autophagic neuron death -- CONCLUDING REMARKS -- References -- Chapter 9 Autophagy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Jozsef Gal and Haining Zhu -- INTRODUCTION -- PROTEIN TURNOVER PATHWAYS AND THEIR INVOLVEMENT IN ALS -- Alterations of UPS in ALS -- Alterations of Autophagy in ALS -- ROLE OF P62 AND LC3 IN AUTOPHAGY AND IN ALS
P62-Positive Protein Inclusions in ALS -- The Mechanistic Role of p62 in Autophagy -- The Mechanisms of p62 Recognizing Misfolded Proteins -- Role of LC3 in Autophagy and in ALS -- THE INVOLVEMENT OF AUTOPHAGY IN FAMILIAL ALS -- ALS1/SOD1 -- Mutant SOD1 aggregation in fALS -- The role of autophagy in mutant SOD1-mediated fALS -- ALS2/Alsin -- ALS10/TDP-43 -- ALS8/VAPB -- CHMP2B and the ESCRT Pathway in ALS -- The Dynein/Dynactin Complex -- FIG4 -- Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) -- THE POSSIBLE INVOLVEMENT OF HDAC6 IN AUTOPHAGY IN ALS -- FUTURE DIRECTIONS -- Mitophagy in ALS -- Therapeutic Promises of Autophagy Modulation -- CONCLUSION REMARKS -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 10 Autophagy Failure in Alzheimer's Disease and Lysosomal Storage Disorders: A Common Pathway to Neurodegeneration? Devin M. Wolfe and Ralph A. Nixon -- INTRODUCTION -- AUTOPHAGY IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE -- LYSOSOMAL STORAGE DISORDERS AND AUTOPHAGY -- CONCLUSION -- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 11 Autophagy in Huntington's and Parkinson's Diseases: Pathogenic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potentials Junghyun Lim, Lauren G. Friedman, Nicole C. McKnight and Zhenyu Yue -- INTRODUCTION -- PART 1. AUTOPHAGY AND HUNTINGTON'S DISEASE -- Huntington's Disease -- Early Evidence Implicating Autophagy in HD -- Degradation of Huntingtin -- Degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system -- Degradation by the autophagy-lysosomal system -- Regulation of Autophagy by Huntingtin -- Potential Role of p62/SQSTM1 and Alfy in Degradation of Htt via Selective Autophagy -- The Effect of Post-Translational Modifications in Htt Clearance -- Therapeutic Approaches for Huntington's Disease: Enhancing Autophagy for Mutant Huntingtin Clearance -- PART 2. PARKINSON'S DISEASE AND AUTOPHAGY -- Parkinson's Disease -- Autophagy in Toxin-Based PD Models: Early Observations
Protein Degradation Pathways in PD -- Degradation by the UPS -- Degradation by chaperone-mediated autophagy -- Degradation by macroautophagy -- Autosomal Dominant PD: Deregulation of Autophagy -- Autosomal Recessive PD: Impairment of Mitophagy -- Implication of Dysfunctional Autophagy in PD Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Development -- Additional N ote -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 12 Metabolism, Autophagy and Neurodegeneration W. Haung Yu and Karen E. Duff -- MITOCHONDRIA FUNCTION AND DYSFUNCTION -- Metabolism and Macroautophagy -- Aging and Mitochondrial Function -- DISEASES OF THE MITOCHONDRIA AND NEURODEGENERATION -- Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease -- Environmental and Exogenous Influences on Mitochondrial Function and Parkinsonism -- MPTP -- Rotenone -- Parkinson's Disease and Macroautophagy -- Alzheimer's Disease and Macroautophagy -- Huntington's Disease and Macroautophagy -- CONCLUSION -- REFERENCES -- Chapter 13 The Potential of Autophagy Regulation in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases Ashley R. Winslow, Zeyn W. Green-Thompson and David C. Rubinsztein -- INTRODUCTION -- Neurodegeneration -- Proteinopathies -- Protein Degradation Machinery -- UPS -- Autophagy -- Autophagy induction -- HUNTINGTON'S DISEASE -- Autophagy and HD -- Upregulation of Autophagy and Its Therapeutic Potential in HD -- AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS -- Autophagy, Dynein, ESCRT, and ALS -- Autophagy Modulation: Implications from a Lithium Clinical Trial and Animal Models -- ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE -- Lysosomal Dysfunction and AD: A Complicated Role for Autophagy in AD Pathogenesis -- Autophagy Modulation and AD -- PARKINSON'S DISEASE -- Mitophagy and Autophagy Dysfunction, Significant Contributors to PD Pathogenesis? -- Autophagy Induction Can Clear Mutant and Wildtype Alpha-Synuclein
Autophagy Modulation May Provide General Health Benefits in Dying Cells
Key Features:Collates the most recent research on autophagy regulation and critically examines the relevance of specific mechanisms to disease in light of unique aspects of neuronal cell biologyCovers newer knowledge of general autophagy processes, reviews the state of the art on specific aspects of autophagy regulation in neurons, and discusses the role of autophagy in neurodegenerative diseaseThe co-editors and contributing authors for each of the chapters are all experts, including some of the most influential figures in autophagy research and neurodegeneration
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Subject Nervous system -- Diseases.;Neurons
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