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050 00 QA329|b.W675 2015 
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111 2  Workshop on Problems and Recent Methods in Operator Theory
       |d(2015 :|cMemphis, Tenn.) 
245 10 Problems and recent methods in operator theory :
       |h[electronic resource] |bWorkshop on Problems and Recent 
       Methods in Operator Theory, October 15-16, 2015, 
       University of Memphis, Memphis, TN : AMS special session 
       in memory of James Jamison, advances in operator theory 
       and applications, October 17-18, 2015, University of 
       Memphis, Memphis, TN /|cFernanda Botelho, Raena King, 
       T.S.S.R.K. Rao, editors 
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264  1 Providence, Rhode Island :|bAmerican Mathematical Society,
300    1 online resource (pages cm.) 
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490 0  Contemporary mathematics, |x1098-3627 ; |vv. 687 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tFrom Helgermites to Lipschitz: Remembering Jim Jamison /
       |rRichard Fleming --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps:
       //doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13734|tA Mazur-Ulam theorem for
       normed gyrolinear spaces /|rToshikazu Abe --|uhttp://
       13733|tSparse Hamburger moment multisequences /|rSaroj 
       Aryal, Hayoung Choi and Farhad Jafari --|uhttp://
       13730|tPolynomial representation of quantum entanglement /
       |rSomshubhro Bandyopadhyay and Ajit Iqbal Singh --|uhttp:/
       13794|tOn span of small combination of slices points in 
       Banach spaces /|rSudeshna Basu --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm
       isometries on absolutely continuous vector valued function
       spaces /|rFernanda Botelho and James Jamison --|uhttp://
       13725|tCompactness, differentiability and similarity to 
       isometry of composition semigroups /|rI. Chalendar and J. 
       R. Partington --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps://
       doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13726|tWeighted composition 
       operators from Banach spaces of analytic functions into 
       Bloch-type spaces /|rFlavia Colonna and Maria Tjani --
       conm/687/13790|tA new proof of a Nordgren, Rosenthal and 
       Wintrobe Theorem on universal operators /|rCarl C. Cowen 
       and Eva A. Gallardo-Gutiérrez --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/
       687/|uhttps://doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13727|tWavelets and
       spectral triples for fractal representations of Cuntz 
       algebras /|rC. Farsi, E. Gillaspy, A. Julien, S. Kang and 
       J. Packer --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps://
       doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13795|tThe isometric equivalence 
       problem /|rNadia J. Gal --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/
       |uhttps://doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13789|tExtension of 
       isometries in generalized gyrovector spaces of the 
       positive cones /|rOsamu Hatori --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm
       $n$-circular projections on JB*-triples /|rDijana Ilišević
       conm/687/13729|tHermitian operators on $Ĥ1_{\mathcal 
       {H}}$ /|rRaena King --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/
       |uhttps://doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13791|tKernels of 
       adjoints of composition operators with rational symbols of
       degree two /|rBrittney Miller --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/
       isometries on the Banach space of continuously 
       differentiable functions /|rTakeshi Miura and Hiroyuki 
       Takagi --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps://doi.org/
       10.1090/conm/687/13787|tThe arithmetic, geometric and 
       harmonic means in operator algebras and transformations 
       among them /|rLajos Molnár --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687
       /|uhttps://doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13786|tOn sign 
       embeddings and narrow operators on $L_2$ /|rBeata 
       Randrianantoanina --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps:
       //doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13731|tInto isometries that 
       preserve finite dimensional structure of the range /|rT. 
       S. S. R. K. Rao --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps://
       doi.org/10.1090/conm/687/13761|tAssociating linear and 
       nonlinear operators /|rJessica E. Stovall and William A. 
       Feldman --|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/|uhttps://doi.org/
       10.1090/conm/687/13792|tNormality properties of weighted 
       composition operators on $Ĥ2$ /|rDerek Thompson --|uhttp:
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533    Electronic reproduction.|bProvidence, Rhode Island :
       |cAmerican Mathematical Society.|d2012 
538    Mode of access : World Wide Web 
588    Description based on print version record 
650  0 Operator theory|vCongresses 
650  7 Functional analysis -- Normed linear spaces and Banach 
       spaces; Banach lattices -- Geometry and structure of 
       normed linear spaces.|2msc 
650  7 Functional analysis -- Linear function spaces and their 
       duals -- Banach spaces of continuous, differentiable or 
       analytic functions.|2msc 
650  7 Functional analysis -- Selfadjoint operator algebras 
       ($Ĉ*$-algebras, von Neumann ($Ŵ*$-) algebras, etc.) -- 
       General theory of $Ĉ*$-algebras.|2msc 
650  7 Functional analysis -- Selfadjoint operator algebras 
       ($Ĉ*$-algebras, von Neumann ($Ŵ*$-) algebras, etc.) -- 
       Nonassociative selfadjoint operator algebras.|2msc 
650  7 Operator theory -- Special classes of linear operators -- 
       Hermitian and normal operators (spectral measures, 
       functional calculus, etc.).|2msc 
650  7 Operator theory -- Special classes of linear operators -- 
       Operators on function spaces (general).|2msc 
650  7 Operator theory -- Special classes of linear operators -- 
       Transformers, preservers (operators on spaces of 
650  7 Operator theory -- Linear spaces and algebras of operators
       -- Linear spaces of operators.|2msc 
650  7 Quantum theory -- Axiomatics, foundations, philosophy -- 
       Quantum coherence, entanglement, quantum correlations.
700 1  Jamison, James E 
700 1  Botelho, Fernanda,|d1957-|eeditor 
700 1  King, Raena,|d1984-|eeditor 
700 1  Rao, T. S. S. R. K.,|eeditor 
776 0  |iPrint version: |tProblems and recent methods in operator
       theory :|w(DLC)   2016041966|x0271-4132|z9781470427726 
856 4  |3Contents|uhttp://www.ams.org/conm/687/ 
856 4  |3Contents|uhttps://doi.org/10.1090/conm/687