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100 1  Gryskiewicz, Stanley S 
245 10 Discovering Creativity 
264  1 Greensboro :|bCenter for Creative Leadership,|c1993 
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505 0  Intro -- Contents -- Credits and Kudos -- Introduction -- 
       Continuous Improvement -- Hard Organizational Development-
       A Business Approach to Quality: The Osteonics Story -- The
       Positive Impact of Humor in the Workplace or TQM (Total 
       Quality Mirth) in Organizations -- Introducing the 
       Integrated Programme for the Creative Training of Leaders 
       -- The Vision of Quality Versus the Quality vision: 
       Leading Cultural Changes for Innovation -- Flying High: 
       Exploring Whole Systems and Quality -- COMM=Unity-A 
       Process for Understanding Connecting -- Seven Levels of 
       Change Model: A Process for Linking Creativity, Innovation,
       and Continuous Improvement -- Diversity -- Creative 
       Community Development-Where It Really Begins -- Managing 
       Diversity in Communication and Problem Solving with 
       Effective Levels of Abstraction -- Entrepreneurs: Who Are 
       They and How Do We Find Them? A KAI Study -- Learnings 
       from Selection or How to Develop Intuition Into Shared 
       Insight -- Next Generation -- The Fire This Time: Coping 
       with Sudden Imposed Change -- Creating Breakthrough in 
       Organizations: Beyond the "Whack-a-Mole" Theory -- Process
       Explorations with Cyberquest -- A Hypermedia System for 
       Discovery and Innovation Support -- Leadership and 
       Creative Leadership: Some Personal Reflections -- Teaching
       Creativity by Distance Learning Methods -- Change as a 
       Creative Catalyst: A Model for a Regenerative Mindset -- 
       Learning to Create Shared Vision -- Participant Themes -- 
       What I Tell You Two Times Is True -- The Touchstone: 
       Discovering the Transformative Story Within -- The Art and
       Discipline of Debriefing -- Leadership Development Theory 
       and a Model for Intervention in the Development of Leaders
       -- Risk-taking and Innovation Performance -- Research -- 
       Work Environment Differences Between High Creativity and 
       Low Creativity Projects -- Discovering the Unseen Leader 
505 8  Introducing a Creativity Improvement Program for the 
       Federal Express I.S. Organization -- Creativity in Project
       Work: A Longitudinal Study of a Product Development 
       Project -- MBTI and IAI Bias on Creativity Courses -- An 
       Inquiry Into Cross-cultural Creativity Training: Results 
       from a Five-week Study Tour in Bergen and Bratislava -- 
       The Dynamic Nature of Creative Problem Solving -- 
       Profiling Creativity: Nature and Implications of a New 
       Research Program -- New Insights Into Different Styles of 
       Creativity -- Managing Creative People at Work -- A World 
       of Ideas: An Innovative Research Approach for Business -- 
       Bridging Theory and Practice: Disciplinary Implications 
       for the Field of Creativity -- Critical Thinking: An 
       Essential Ingredient for Effective Leadership -- Creating 
       Together: Who or What Generates the Creative Energy in a 
       Collective Effort? -- The Relationship Between the Kirton 
       Adaption-Innovation Inventory and the MBTI Creativity 
       Index -- Creativity East and West: Intuition vs. Logic? --
       Success Stories -- Creativity Research at the Delft 
       University of Technology -- On Becoming a Facilitator: 
       Discovering Oneself -- Innovation in the U.S. Military -- 
       Creating an Innovation Course in a Large Corporation -- 
       Promoting Targeted Innovation in Japan Through R&D 
       Division Liaison Between Different Industries -- 
       Developing Creativity in Japanese Companies -- Innovative 
       and Creative Change 
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