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050  4 AC801|b.G42 2010  
100 1  Ge, Weina 
245 10 Bayesian analysis of small groups in crowds /|cby Weina Ge
260    |c2010 
300    108 p. :|bcol. ill.  
500    "August 2010" 
500    "UMI Number: 3436141"--T.p. verso 
500    Thesis advisor: Robert T. Collins 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Pennsylvania State University, 2010 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. [99]-108) 
520    Crowd analysis is of increasing interest. Sociologists, 
       for example, are interested instudying social influence 
       within and between small groups of individuals travelingin
       a crowd. However, current empirical studies conducted by 
       human observersare very time-consuming. We propose an 
       automatic, vision-based system that de-tects and tracks 
       all individuals in video of crowds of varying nature and 
       densitywhile discovering small social groups. Individual 
       components of the system tacklecomputer vision problems 
       that are challenging in their own right, namely, 1) 
       toreliably detect individual people under reasonable crowd
       density and from differ-ent viewpoints, 2) to robustly 
       track individuals through crowds where inter-
       personocclusion is frequent, and 3) to infer at a distance
       which small groups of people areinteracting or traveling 
       together. Results from our automated crowd analysis sys-
       tem reveal interesting pedestrian group walking patterns 
       that complement currentresearch in crowd dynamics. These 
       discoveries also may provide helpful insightsfor 
       evacuation planning and for real-time situation awareness 
       during emergencyresponse to public disturbances 
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610 20 Pennsylvania State University|xDissertations 
700 1  Collins, Robert 
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