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245 04 The economics of immigration and social diversity /
       |cedited by Carmel Chiswick, Solomon W. Polachek, Hillel 
260    Amsterdam ;|aOxford :|bElsevier JAI,|c2006 
300    xix, 467 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm 
490 1  Research in labor economics ;|vv. 24 
500    Selected conference papers 
500    Festschrift for Tikva Lecker 
505 0  |tIs immigration good or bad for the economy? : analysis 
       of attitudinal responses /|rChristian Dustmann and Ian 
       Preston --|tThe effects of incomplete employee wage 
       information : a cross-country analysis /|rSolomon W. 
       Polachek and Jun Jeff Xiang --|tThe impact of immigrant 
       dynasties on wage inequality /|rMichael Ben-Gad --|tDoes 
       immigration affect labor demand? : model and test /|rĂ–rn 
       B. Bodvarsson and Hendrik Van den Berg --|tLenient policy 
       proposal for the struggle against illegal immigration /
       |rNava Kahana and Tikva Lecker--|tThe linguistic and 
       economic adjustment and economic adjustment of Soviet 
       Jewish immigrants in the United States, 1980-2000 /|rBarry
       R. Chiswick and Michael Wenz --|tMulti-generation model of
       immigrant earnings : theory and application /|rJoseph 
       Deutsch, Gil S. Epstein and Tikva Lecker --|tEthnic origin
       and multidimensional relative poverty in Israel : a study 
       based on the 1995 Israeli census /|rJoseph Deutsch and 
       Jacques Silber --|tImmigrants in the Israeli hi-tech 
       industry : comparison to natives and the effect of 
       training /|rSarit Cohen-Goldner --|tWhat do wage 
       differentials tell about labor market discrimination? /
       |rJune E. O'Neill and Dave M. O'Neill --|tCultural 
       diversity, status concerns and the organization of work /
       |rChaim Fershtman, Hans K. Hvide and Yoram Weiss --
       |tEthnic diversity, market structure and risk sharing in 
       developing countries /|rMohamed Jellal and Yves Zenou --
       |tOn the law of return in rural-urban interactions : an 
       economic approach to solidarity with return migrants /
       |rCarine Drapier, Hubert Jayet and  Hillel Rapoport --|tAn
       economic perspective on religious education : complements 
       and substitutes in a human capital portfolio /|rCarmel U. 
650  0 Emigration and immigration|xEconomic aspects|vCongresses 
650  0 Immigrants|xEconomic conditions|vCongresses 
650  0 Pluralism (Social sciences)|xEconomic aspects|vCongresses 
700 1  Lecker, Tikva 
700 1  Chiswick, Carmel U 
700 1  Polachek, S. W 
700 1  Rapoport, Hillel 
730 0  Research in labor economics.|nVolume 24,|pThe economics of
       immigration and social diversity 
830  0 Research in labor economics,|x0147-9121 ;|vv. 24 
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