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100 1  Chatterjee, Choi 
245 10 Americans Experience Russia :|bEncountering the Enigma, 
       1917 to the Present 
250    1st ed 
264  1 London :|bTaylor & Francis Group,|c2012 
264  4 |c©2012 
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490 1  Routledge Studies in Cultural History Ser 
505 0  Intro -- Americans Experience Russia Encountering the 
       Enigma, 1917 to the present -- Copyright -- Contents -- 
       Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- 1 Studying Our Nearest 
       Oriental Neighbor: American Scholars and Late Imperial 
       Russia -- Part I: Inside Stories: Utopia, Bohemia, 
       Crucible -- 2 Hallie Flanagan and the Soviet Union: New 
       Heaven, New Earth, New Theater -- 3 Kennan Encounters 
       Russia, 1933-1937 -- 4 Constructing a Cold War Epic: 
       Harrison Salisbury and the Siege of Leningrad -- Part II: 
       Our Popular Russian Romance -- 5 The Russian Romance in 
       American Popular Culture, 1890-1939 -- 6 Russia on Their 
       Mind: How Hollywood Pictured the Soviet Front -- Part III:
       Conspicuous Consumers: Ambassadors and Donors -- 7 Another
       Mission to Moscow: Ida Rosenthal and Consumer Dreams -- 8 
       The Moscow Correspondents, Soviet Human Rights Activists, 
       and the Problem of the Western Gift -- Part IV: Americans 
       in the Russian Mirror -- 9 Interviewing Village Mothers-
       with Help from My Friends -- 10 Fear, Affluence, and the 
       Great Plutonium Extravaganza -- Part V: Living across 
       Cultures -- 11 An Interview with Marina Goldovskaya, a 
       "Russian American" Filmmaker -- 12 The Search for What 
       Might Be True: Thoughts from Inside an Era of Change -- 
       Contributors -- Index 
520    Americans Experience Russia analyzes how American scholars,
       journalists, and artists envisioned, experienced, and 
       interpreted Russia/the Soviet Union over the last century.
       While many histories of diplomatic, economic, and 
       intellectual connections between the United States and the
       Soviet Union can be found, none has yet examined how 
       Americans' encounters with Russian/Soviet society shaped 
       their representations of a Russian/Soviet 'other' and its 
       relationship with an American 'west.' The essays in this 
       volume critically engage with postcolonial theories which 
       posit that a self-valorizing, unmediated west dictated the
       colonial encounter, repressing native voices that must be 
       recovered. Unlike western imperialists and their colonial 
       subjects, Americans and Russians long co-existed in a 
       tense parity, regarding each other as other-than-European 
       equals, sometime cultural role models, temporary allies, 
       and political antagonists. In examining the fiction, film,
       journalism, treatises, and histories Americans produced 
       out of their 'Russian experience,' the contributors to 
       this volume closely analyze these texts, locate them in 
       their sociopolitical context, and gauge how their 
       producers' profession, politics, gender, class, and 
       interaction with native Russian interpreters conditioned 
       their authored responses to Russian/Soviet reality. The 
       volume also explores the blurred boundaries between 
       national identities and representations of self/other 
       after the Soviet Union's fall 
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       Union.;United States -- Relations -- Russia 
       (Federation);Russia (Federation) -- Relations -- United 
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700 1  Holmgren, Beth 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aChatterjee, Choi|tAmericans Experience 
       Russia : Encountering the Enigma, 1917 to the Present
       |dLondon : Taylor & Francis Group,c2012|z9780415893411 
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