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245 00 American shame :|bstigma and the body politic /|cedited by
       Myra Mendible 
264  1 Bloomington, Indiana :|bIndiana University Press,|c[2016] 
300    x, 288 pages ;|c24 cm 
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337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and  index 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Introduction : American Shame and the Boundaries of 
       Belonging / Myra Mendible -- Shame before the Law : 
       Affects of Abortion Regulation / Karen Weingarten -- Sex, 
       Shame, and the Single Life : Bond and the "Black Shirley 
       Temple" / Daniel McNeil -- Neoliberal Crimmigration : The 
       "Commonsense" Shaming of the Undocumented / Leah Perry -- 
       The Look of Sovereignty : Style and Politics in the Young 
       Lords / Frances Negrón-Muntaner -- Suicide as an 
       Invocation of Shame in Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant 
       Fundamentalist / Renee Lee Gardner -- Fat, Shame, and the 
       Disciplining Practices of Health Expertise / Meghan 
       Griffin -- Citizenship at Odds : Disability, Liberalism, 
       and the Shame of Interdependence / Noel Glover -- Shame 
       and Shitting : Postfeminist Episodes in Contemporary 
       Hollywood Films / Madeline Walker -- Distancing Maneuvers 
       : Collective Shame in Iraq War Films / Mike Rancourt -- 
       Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill, Shame, and the
       Rise of the "Slasher" Trope in Halloween / Anthony Carlton
       Cooke -- Shaming and Reclaiming Women's Sexuality through 
       Cinematic Depictions of Masturbation / Megan Tagle Adams -
       - Dieting for the Sake of Art : Eleanor Antin, Rachel 
       Rosenthal, and Faith Ringgold / Emily Newman 
520    "On any given day in America's news cycle, stories and 
       images of disgraced politicians and celebrities solicit 
       our moral indignation, their misdeeds fueling a lucrative 
       economy of shame and scandal. Shame is one of the most 
       coercive, painful, and intriguing of human emotions. Only 
       in recent years has interest in shame extended beyond a 
       focus on the subjective experience of this emotion and its
       psychological effects. The essays collected here consider 
       the role of shame as cultural practice and examine ways 
       that public shaming practices enforce conformity and group
       coherence. Addressing abortion, mental illness, suicide, 
       immigration, and body image among other issues, this 
       volume calls attention to the ways shaming practices 
       create and police social boundaries; how shaming speech is
       endorsed, judged, or challenged by various groups; and the
       distinct ways that shame is encoded and embodied in a 
       nation that prides itself on individualism, diversity, and
       exceptionalism. Examining shame through a prism of race, 
       sexuality, ethnicity, and gender, these provocative essays
       offer a broader understanding of how America's discourse 
       of shame helps to define its people as citizens, 
       spectators, consumers, and moral actors."--Back cover 
650  0 Shame|xSocial aspects|zUnited States 
650  0 Shame|xPolitical aspects|zUnited States 
650  0 Popular culture|zUnited States 
650  0 Political culture|zUnited States 
700 1  Mendible, Myra,|d1954-|eeditor 
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