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245 00 Essays in the theory and measurement of consumer behaviour
       :|bin honour of Sir Richard Stone /|cedited by Angus 
260 0  Cambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,|c1981
300    viii, 344 p. ;|c24 cm 
504    "Bibliography of Sir Richard Stone's works, 1936-79": p. 
504    Includes bibliographies and indexes 
505 0  Gorman, W.M. Some Engel curves.--Johansen, L. Suggestions 
       towards freeing systems of demand functions from a strait-
       jacket.--Deaton, A.S. Theoretical and empirical approaches
       to consumer demand under rationing.--Theil, H. and K. 
       Laitinen. The independence transformation.--Fedorenko, 
       N.P. and N.J. Rimashevskaya. The analysis of consumption 
       and demand in the USSR.--Afriat, S.N. On the 
       constructability of consistent price indices between 
       several periods simultaneously.--Diewert, W.E. The 
       economic theory of index numbers.--Muellbauer, J. Testing 
       neoclassical models of the demand for consumer durables.--
       Hendry, D.F. and T. von Ungern-Sternberg. Liquidity and 
       inflation effects on consumers' expenditure.--Atkinson, 
       A.B. and N.H. Stern. On labour supply and commodity 
       demands.--Nerlove, M. and A. Razin. Child spacing and 
600 10 Stone, Richard,|cSir,|d1913-|xBibliography 
650  0 Consumption (Economics) 
650  0 Consumer behavior 
700 10 Stone, Richard,|cSir,|d1913- 
700 10 Deaton, Angus 
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