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Author Kool, Tom W
Title Properties Of Perovskites And Other Oxides
Imprint Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010
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Note Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction -- I. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance -- References -- IA. EPR of Transition-Metal Ions in SrTi03 -- IA1 . Paramagnetische Resonanz von Fe3+ in SrTi03-Einkristallen (thesis, originally in German, translated into English), KA. Muller, Helv. Phys. Acta 31, 173-204 (1958) -- I. Introduction -- II. Properties of SrTi03 -- III. Theory -- IV. The resonance spectrometer -- V. Experimental results and their interpretation -- The samples -- Measurements at room temperature -- Determination of the Stark splitting -- Discussion of the room-temperature results -- Results at 80 oK and their explanation -- VI Acknowledgements -- References -- IA2. Electron paramagnetic resonance of manganese IV in SrTi03, K.A. Muller, Phys. Rev. Lett. 2, 341-343 (1959) -- IA3. Resonance paramagnetique du Cr3+ dans des monocristaux de SrTi03, KA. Muller, Arch. Sci. (Geneve) 11, 150--152 (1958) -- IA4 . Photo chromic Fe5+ (3d3 ) in SrTi03, evidence from paramagnetic resonance, KA. Muller, Th. von Waldkirch, W. Berlinger and B.W. Faughnan, Solid State Commun. 9, 1097-1101 (1971) -- REFERENCES -- IA5 . Paramagnetic resonance and optical absorption of Co4+ in SrTi03, KW. Blazey and KA. Muller, J. Phys. C: Solid State Phys. 16, 5491-5502 (1983) -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Experiment and results -- 3. Assignment of the new EPR spectrum to C04+ -- 4. Determination of the orbital reduction factor k and radial electron distribution (r-3) -- 5. Linewidth anisotropy and strain coupling -- 6. The dynamic Jahn-Teller effect -- 7. Axiality of the g-value and hyperfine interaction -- 8. Conclusion -- Acknowledgment -- References -- IA6 . Paramagnetic Ru5+ and Ru3+ centers in Ti02:Ru, KW. Blazey, KA. Muller, W. Berlinger, P. Triggs and F. Levy, Solid State Commun. 54, 1039-1041 (1985) -- REFERENCES
IA7 . V2+ in SrTi03: An extreme double acceptor, K.A. Muller, M. Aguilar, W. Berlinger and KW. Blazey, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2, 2735-2741 (1990) -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Creation and identification of the centre -- 3. d spin and charge delocalisation -- 4. The V2+ and V3+ energy levels near the SrTi03 conduction band -- 5. Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- IB. Hyperfine and Superhyperfine Interactions -- IB1 . Paramagnetic resonance of Cr3+ in the layer structure of NaInS 2, K.A. Muller and W. Berlinger, Phys. Rev. 175, 503-511 (1968) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- ll. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS -- III. CATION-SUPERHYPERFlNE STRUCTURE -- IV. DISCUSSION OF THE AND D PARAMETERS -- A. g Shift -- B. D Parameter -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- APPENDIX: ESTIMATE OF AN UPPER LIMIT OF THE g SHIFT -- IB2. Covalency and hyperfine structure constant A of iron group impurities in crystals, E. Simanek and K.A. Muller, J. Phys. Chem. Solids 31, 1027-1040 (1970) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- 2. EXCHANGE POLARIZATION OF THE BONDING ORBITALS -- 3. UNPAIRED s-DENSITY AT MANGANESE NUCLEUS -- 4. DISCUSSION -- (a) General remarks -- (b) Numerical estimates -- (c) 3d3 in octahedral surroundings -- 5. CONCLUSIONS -- REFERENCES -- Appendix: Table 1 -- IC. Unusual Phenomena in the Linewidth and Defect Centers -- IC1 . The temperature dependence of the linewidth of iron group ions in MgO, A.M. Stoneham, KA. Muller and W. Berlinger, Solid State Commun. 10, 1005-1008 (1972) -- REFERENCES -- IC2. Defects in neutron-irradiated strontium titanate: Ti3+ "off center" on a Sr2+ site, O.F. Schirmer and KA. Muller, Phys. Rev. B 7, 2986-2995 (1973) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- II. EXPERIMENTAL -- III. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS -- A. TTc -- IV. INTERPRETATION -- A. Model of Center -- B. Electric Field Effects -- C. Orthorhombicity of Centers -- D. Fluctuations near Tc -- V. HYPERFINE INTERACTION
VI. COMPARISON WITH OTHER NONCENTROSYMMETRIC CENTERS IN PEROVSKlTE-TYPE CRYSTALS -- VII. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- IC3. Holes trapped near Mg2+ and A13+ impurities in SrTi03, O.F. Schirmer, W. Berlinger and KA. Muller, Solid State Commun. 18, 1505-1508 (1976) -- REFERENCES -- IC4 . Electron paramagnetic resonance of photochromic Fe 2+ -0- in SrTi03, Th.W. Kool and M. Glasbeek, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 5, 361-370 (1993) -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Experimental details -- 3. Results -- 4. Discussion -- 4.1. Characterization of the centre -- 4.2. Electric field and stress effects -- 5. Conclusion -- Acknowledgment -- References -- IC5 . O- holes associated with alkali acceptors in BaTi03, T. Varnhorst, O.F. Schirmer, H. Krose, R Scharfschwerdt and Th.W. Kool, Phys. Rev. B 53, 116-125 (1996) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- II. EXPERIMENTAL DETAILS -- III. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AND THEIR INTERPRETATION -- A. Electron spin resonance spectra -- B. Analysis of ESR data -- 1. g tensors -- 2. Na hyperfine interaction -- C. Thermal stability of the neutral state of the alkali acceptors -- D. Energy levels -- E. Optical absorption -- F. Reorientation of the Na+-0- axes under uniaxial stress -- IV. DISCUSSION -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- APPENDIX: JAHN-TELLER EFFECT OF THE 0- ORBITALS -- IC6 . Characterization of particle orientations in ceramics by electron paramagnetic resonance, F. Mehran, K.A. Muller, W.J. Fitzpatrick, W. Berlinger and M.S. Fung, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 64, C129-C130 (1981) -- Acknowledgments -- References -- II. 'Transition-Metal Ions in Pyramidal Oxygen Coordination -- IIA. The Observation of Me-Va Centers -- Reference -- IIA1. Strong axial electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum of Fe3+ in SrTi03 due to nearest-neighbor charge compensation, E.S. Kirkpatrick, KA. Muller and RS. Rubins, Phys. Rev. 135, A86-A90 (1964) -- I. INTRODUCTION
II. THEORY -- The g Values of Ions of Half-Integral Spin (S ) in a Strong Positive Axial Field -- IlI. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS -- IV. DISCUSSION -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- IIA2. Analysis of the Fe3+ -Vo center in the tetragonal phase of SrTi03, Th. von Waldkirch, KA. Muller and W. Berlinger, Phys. Rev. B 5, 4324-4334 (1972) -- 1. INTRODUCTION -- II. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AND IDENTIFICATION OF RESONANCE LINES -- III. THEORETICAL ANALYSIS -- IV. DISCUSSION -- A. Rotational Parameter (T) -- B. Orthorhombic E(T) Term -- C. Application of the Center for Structural Studies -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- IIA3. Observation of two charged states of a nickel-oxygen vacancy pair in SrTi03 by paramagnetic resonance, KA. Muller, W. Berlinger and RS. Rubins, Phys. Rev. 186, 361-371 (1969) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- II. PARAMAGNETIC-RESONANCE SPECTRA -- III. 9 VALUES FOR 3d7 AND 3d9 CONFIGURATIONS -- IV. ASSIGNMENT OF STABLE SPECTRUM TO NiH-Vo DEFECT -- A. Steric and Axial Crystal Field Considerations -- B. g Shifts -- C. Titanium Superhyperfine Interaction -- D. Linewidth Broadening -- V. ASSIGNMENT OF LIGHT-INDUCED SPECTRUM TO A NiH-Vo-(-2e) PAIR -- A. Steric and Crystal Field Considerations -- B. g Shifts, SHS, and Linewidth -- C. Energy, Stability, and Charge -- VI. MISSING NiH-Vo-(-e) CENTER SPECTRUM -- VII. COMPARISON WITH TETRAGONAL SPECTRA IN KTa03 AND BaTi03 -- A. Low-Spin NiH Spectra in KTa03 -- B. "F Center" or TiH Resonance in BaTiOa -- VIII. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- IIA4 . Electron spin resonance and optical identification of Fe4+ -Vo in SrTi03, O.F. Schirmer, W. Berlinger and KA. Muller, Solid State Commun. 16, 1289-1292 (1975) -- REFERENCES -- IIA5 . Electron paramagnetic resonance of three manganese centers in reduced SrTi03, RA. Serway, W. Berlinger, KA. Muller and RW. Collins, Phys. Rev. B 16, 4761-4768 (1977) -- I. INTRODUCTION
II. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE -- III. CUBIC Mnl+ CENTER -- IV. Mn2+-Vo CENTER -- V. Mn3 +-Vo -- IIB. The Structure of the Me-Vo Centers -- IIB1. Structure of transition-metal-oxygen-vacancy pair centers, E. Siegel and KA. Muller, Phys. Rev. B 19, 109-120 (1979) -- I. INTRODUCTION -- II. NEWMAN LINEAR-SUPERPOSITION MODEL -- III. DETERMINATION OF b2 -- A. b2, for Fe3+ and Mn2+ in oxide compounds -- B. b2 for Fe3+ in fluoride perovskite compounds -- IV. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT OF M.Vo PAIR CENTERS IN OXIDE PEROVSKITE COMPOUNDS -- V. DISCUSSION OF SOME AXIAL CENTERS -- A. Axial MgO and srO centers -- B. Strong axial Fe3+ centers in some fluorine perovskite compounds -- APPENDlX A: DETERMINA nON OF THE SITE OF Mn2+ IN BaTi03 -- A. Cubic parameter a -- B. Hyperfine coupling constant A -- C. Spin-Hamiltonian parameter b -- APPENDIX B: AXIAL CENTER OF Mn2+ IN KTa03 -- IIB2 . Structure of the Cr3+ -Vo centers in WO3, KA. Muller, J. Phys. Soc. lpn. 55, 719-722 (1986) -- References -- IIB3. Superposition model for sixfold-coordinated Cr3+ in oxide crystals, KA. Muller and W. Berlinger, J. Phys. C: Solid State Phys. 16, 6861-6874 (1983) -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Theory -- 2.1. Superposition model for S < 2 -- 2.2. Stress-induced spin-Hamiltonian terms -- 3. Experiments -- 4. Discussion -- 4.1. Dependence on b2(R) for Cr3 + -- 4.2. Charge and size misfits -- 4.3. Cr3+ substitution for a three-valent host ion -- 5. Summary -- Acknowledgments -- References -- IIB4 . Oxygen vacancy-transition metal-ion impurity association in SrTi03, KW. Blazey, J.M. Cabrera and KA. Muller, Solid State Commun. 45, 903-906 (1983) -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Experiment and Results -- 3. Discussion -- References -- IIC. The Axial Gd3+ -O2- Center in RbCaF3
IIC1. EPR of the Gd3+ -O2- pair as a probe to establish the phase diagram of [111]-stressed RbCaF3 , J.Y. Buzare, W. Berlinger and KA. Muller, Proc. of the XXII Congress Ampere, Zurich, 1984, eds. KA. Muller, R. Kind and J. Roos (Zurich Ampere Committee, 1984), pp. 30-31
Key Features:It groups the reproduced papers according to the subject they deal with and not just historicallyEach of the eleven chapters is preceded by an introductory text. This allows an interested reader to understand the main advance exposed and find relevant publicationsThe whole volume shows the application of the EPR method over a period of half a century. The understanding of especially the Jahn-Teller effect led to the discovery of high temperature superconductivityK Alex Müller - Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1987
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Subject Transition metal oxides -- Electric properties.;Superconductivity.;Transition metal ions
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Alt Author Muller, Karl Alex
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