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100 1  Dhillon, B. S.|q(Balbir S.),|d1947- 
245 10 Transportation systems reliability and safety|h[electronic
       resource] /|cB.S. Dhillon 
260    Boca Raton, FL :|bCRC Press,|cc2011 
300    1 online resource (xvii, 218 p.) :|bill 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  1. Introduction -- 2. Reliability and safety mathematics -
       - 3. Reliability and safety basics -- 4. Methods for 
       performing transportation system reliability and safety 
       analysis -- 5. Transportation system failures -- 6. 
       Transportation system reliability modeling -- 7. Rail 
       safety -- 8. Truck and bus safety -- 9. Airline and ship 
       safety -- 10. Human error in rail and road transportation 
       systems -- 11. Human error in aviation and sea 
       transportation systems 
520    "During day-to-day use, thousands of lives are lost each 
       year due to accidents, directly or indirectly, resulting 
       from poor transportation system reliability and safety. In
       the United States, automobile accidents alone result in 
       around 42,000 deaths per year, costing billions of dollars
       to the economy each year. A common subject in journal 
       articles and conference proceedings, most of the recent 
       research on transportation systems reliability and safety 
       is scattered in different resources. Until now. Drawing 
       together the latest research spread throughout the 
       literature, Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety 
       eliminates the need to consult many different and diverse 
       sources to obtain up-to-date information and research. It 
       contains a chapter on mathematical concepts and another 
       chapter on reliability and safety basics that form a 
       foundation for understanding the contents of subsequent 
       chapters. The book also presents a chapter devoted to 
       methods for performing transportation system reliability 
       and safety analysis. It includes a reference section at 
       the end of each chapter for readers who wish to delve 
       deeper into a specific area. The author clearly and 
       concisely covers topics in such a manner that readers 
       require no previous knowledge to understand the concepts. 
       He provides examples and their solutions as well as 
       numerous problems at the end of each chapter to test 
       reader comprehension. The presentation of historical 
       information paired with recent research give readers a 
       foundation for understanding where the field is now and 
       snapshot of where it may be going"--|cProvided by 
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650  0 Transportation engineering 
650  0 Transportation|xSafety measures 
650  0 Transportation|xReliability 
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