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111 2  International Conference on Innovation in Infrastructure
       |n(1st :|d2018) 
245 10 Innovative research in transportation infrastructure :
       |bproceedings of ICIIF 2018 /|cedited by Dipankar Deb, 
       Valentina E. Balas, Rajeeb Dey, Jiten Shah 
246 3  ICIIF 2018 
264  1 Singapore :|bSpringer Singapore :|bImprint: Springer,
300    1 online resource (x, 145 pages) :|billustrations (some 
       color), digital ;|c24 cm 
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490 1  Lecture notes in intelligent transportation and 
505 0  In-vehicle Adaptive Traffic Collision Impact System for 
       Next-Generation Traffic -- Multimodal Integration 
       Transport System: A Case Study of Successful Cities 
       Worldwide -- Influence of Driving Environment on Safety of
       Unsignalized T-intersection Under Mixed Traffic Condition 
       -- Exploring Performance of Intercity Expressway Using ITS
       Based Technology -- Analysis of Truck Trips Generated from
       Port Infrastructure Based on Trip Length Distribution -- 
       Methodological Framework for Modelling Following Behavior 
       of Vehicles Under Indian Traffic Scenario -- Human 
       Evacuation Simulation During Disaster: A Web Tool -- Use 
       of Fibre Reinforcement in Soil for Sustainable Solution of
       Infrastructure -- Determinants of Public-Private 
       Partnership in Infrastructure: Empirical Evidences from 
       India -- An Innovative Approach to assess Sustainability 
       of Urban Mobility -- Efficient Road Asset Management with 
       Output and Performance Based Road Contract 
520    This book presents innovative research and its 
       applications in the development of transportation 
       infrastructure, and discusses the latest trends, 
       challenges and unsolved problems in the field of transport
       technology. The book also presents a range of solutions to
       problems faced by the rapidly growing economies of the 
       developing world. Core challenges confronting policymakers
       in the field of transport technology include traffic 
       congestion, air pollution, traffic fatalities and injuries,
       and petroleum dependence. At the same time, the increased 
       use of hybrid and electric vehicles is changing consumer 
       needs and behaviors. The solutions discussed in this book 
       will encourage and inspire researchers, industry 
       professionals and policymakers alike to put these methods 
       into practice 
650  0 Transportation|vCongresses 
650  0 Transportation|xPlanning|vCongresses 
650 14 Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering 
650 24 Transportation 
650 24 Renewable and Green Energy 
650 24 Innovation/Technology Management 
650 24 Facility Management 
700 1  Deb, Dipankar,|eeditor 
700 1  Balas, Valentina E.,|eeditor 
700 1  Dey, Rajeeb,|eeditor 
700 1  Shah, Jiten,|eeditor 
710 2  SpringerLink (Online service) 
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830  0 Lecture notes in intelligent transportation and 
856 40 |uhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-13-2032-3