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100 1  Sanford, Nathan,|d1777-1838 
245 10 In Senate of the United States, November 30, 1818.
       |h[electronic resource] :|bMr. Sanford, submitted the 
       following motion for consideration 
260    [Washington, D.C. :|bEdward De Krafft,|c1818] 
300    1 sheet ([1] p.) ;|c24 cm 
500    Resolving "that the Committee of Finance, inquire into the
       expediency of continuing in force, the act of the 29th of 
       April, 1816, regulating the currency of certain foreign 
       coins, within the United States." 
500    Caption title 
500    At head of title, in square brackets: 13 
500    Edward De Krafft was printer to the Senate for the 15th 
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c46286 
530    Microform version available in the Readex Early American 
       Imprints series 
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       in TIFF, GIF and PDF formats with inclusion of keyword 
       searchable text.|f(Early American imprints. Second series 
       ; no. 46286) 
610 10 United States.|tAct for regulating the currency, within 
       the United States, of the gold coins of Great Britain, 
       France, Portugal, and Spain, and the crowns of France, and
       five franc pieces 
650  0 Coins, Foreign|zUnited States 
650  0 Money|xLaw and legislation|zUnited States 
710 1  United States.|bCongress|n(15th, 2nd session :|d1818-
752    United States|bDistrict of Columbia|dWashington 
830  0 Early American imprints.|nSecond series ;|vno. 46286 
830  0 Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ;|v15th 
       Congress, 2nd session, no. 13 
856 41 |uhttp://opac.newsbank.com/select/shaw/46286|yShaw-
       Shoemaker Digital Edition