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245 00 Labourers' wages|bcopy of the act of Parliament, passed 
       the 24th July, 1820 which enacts that the wages of 
       labourers, artificers, and workmen, shall not be paid 
       directly nor indirectly otherwise than in money : the 
       speeches of those gentlemen in the House of Commons who 
       spoke on the bill : some observations tending to shew the 
       national and domestic evils resulting from too low wages, 
       and the great advantages from moderate wages : together 
       with some hints respecting means likely to render the 
       working classes better satisfied, more loyal, contented, 
       and happy.|h[electronic resource] : 
260    London :|bLackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, and Johns,
       |c1820|e(London :|fPrinted by R. Greenlaw9 
300    27 p 
500    Reproduction of original from Goldsmiths' Library, 
       University of London 
500    Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 22961 
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650  0 Wages|xLaw and legislation|zGreat Britain 
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