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100 1  Lehmbruch, Gerhard 
245 10 Renegotiating the Welfare State :|bFlexible Adjustment 
       Through Corporatist Concertation 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Abingdon, Oxon :|bTaylor & Francis Group,|c2003 
264  4 |c©2003 
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490 1  Routledge Studies in the Political Economy of the Welfare 
       State Ser 
505 0  Cover -- Renegotiating the Welfare State: Flexible 
       Adjustment through Corporatist Concertation -- Copyright -
       - Contents -- Illustrations -- Contributors -- 
       Acknowledgements -- Part I Introduction -- 1 Renegotiating
       the welfare state through corporatist concertation: An 
       introduction -- Part II Countries with traditions of 
       corporatist concertation -- 2 The resurgence of Dutch 
       corporatist policy coordination in an age of globalization
       -- 3 The societal and historical embeddedness of Dutch 
       corporatism -- 4 Austrian social partnership: Just a 
       midlife crisis? -- 5 Nordic corporatism and welfare state 
       reforms: Denmark and Sweden compared -- 6 Welfare state 
       adjustment between consensual and adversarial politics: 
       The institutional context of reform in Germany -- 7 
       Renegotiating the Swiss welfare state -- Part III 
       Countries without historical corporatist traditions -- 8 
       'Bargaining Celtic style': The global economy and 
       negotiated governance in Ireland -- 9 The negotiator as 
       auctioneer: Wage centralization and wage flexibility: a 
       comparison of corporatist and non-corporatist countries --
       Part IV European corporatism? -- 10 Renegotiating social 
       and labour policies in the European multi-level system: 
       Any role for corporatist patterns? -- 11 The renaissance 
       of national corporatism: Unintended side-effect of 
       European economic and monetary union, or calculated 
       response to the absence of European social policy? -- 
520    Why have some countries have been more successful in 
       welfare state reform than others? This book examines the 
       experiences of various countries in reforming their 
       welfare states through renegotiations between the state 
       and peak associations of employers and employees. This 
       corporatist concertation has been blamed for bringing 
       about all the ills of the welfare state, but lately 
       corporate institutions have learned from their bad 
       performances, modified their structures and style of 
       operation, and assumed responsibility for welfare state 
       reform. Consensual bargaining is back on the agenda of 
       both policy makers and of social science. This topical 
       volume with its internationally respected panel of 
       contributors will appeal to all those interested in the 
       welfare state and labour relations. It includes chapters 
       focusing on the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, 
       Germany, Switzerland and Ireland as well as a section 
       looking at the role of corporatist concertation in the 
       European Union 
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650  0 Welfare state.;Comparative government 
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700 1  van Waarden, Frans 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLehmbruch, Gerhard|tRenegotiating the 
       Welfare State : Flexible Adjustment Through Corporatist 
       Concertation|dAbingdon, Oxon : Taylor & Francis Group,
830  0 Routledge Studies in the Political Economy of the Welfare 
       State Ser 
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