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100 10 Quandt, Richard E.,|ecomp 
245 14 The demand for travel: theory and measurement /|cEdited by
       Richard E. Quandt 
260 0  Lexington, Mass. :|bHeath Lexington Books,|cc1970 
300    xii, 304 p. ;|c23 cm 
504    Includes bibliographies 
505 0  Introduction to the analysis of travel demand, by R. E. 
       Quandt.--A new approach to consumer theory, by K. J. 
       Lancaster.--A statistical theory of spatial distribution 
       models, by A. G. Wilson.--The demand for abstract 
       transport modes: theory and measurement, by R. E. Quandt 
       and W. J. Baumol.--Structural requirements for abstract-
       mode models of passenger transportation, by J. P. 
       Mayberry.--Cross-sectional travel demand models: estimates
       and tests, by R. E. Quandt and K. H. Young.--Estimation of
       modal splits, by R. E. Quandt.--A non-linear model of the 
       demand for travel, by A. J. Blackburn.--An alternative 
       approach to aggregation and estimation in the non-linear 
       model, by A. J. Blackburn.--Value of time, choice of mode,
       and the subsidy issue in urban transportation, by L. N. 
       Moses and H. F. Williamson.--The value of time spent in 
       travelling: some new evidence, by M. E. Beesley.--The 
       choice of travel mode for the journey to work: some 
       findings, by D. A. Quarmby 
650  0 Transportation|xResearch|xAddresses, essays, lectures 
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