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2199-4617 / Scottish graduate series, : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      LHC phenomenology / edited by Einan Gardi, Nigel Glover, Aidan Robson   電子書 2015
      Virtual reality for physical and motor rehabilitation / edited by Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss, Emily A. Keshner, Mindy F. Levin   電子書 2014
      Virtual reality for psychological and neurocognitive interventions / edited by Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Stephane Bouchard   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2199-4765 ; / Surveys and tutorials in the applied mathematical sciences, volume 7 : Wang, Haiyan,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Modeling information diffusion in online social networks with partial differential equations / by Haiyan Wang, Feng Wang, Kuai Xu Wang, Haiyan,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2199-4773 ;    
      Exploring formalisation : a primer in human-readable mathematics in Lean 3 with examples from simplicial topology / by Clara Loh Loh, Clara,  電子書 2022
      Graded finite element methods for elliptic problems in nonsmooth domains / by Hengguang Li Li, Hengguang,  電子書 2022
      Internal waves in the ocean : theory and practice / by Marek Stastna Stastna, Marek,  電子書 2022
      Kernel mode decomposition and the programming of kernels / by Houman Owhadi, Clint Scovel, Gene Ryan Yoo Owhadi, Houman,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The alfalfa genome / edited by Long-Xi Yu, Chittaranjan Kole   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The Allium genomes / edited by Masayoshi Shigyo, Anil Khar, Mostafa Abdelrahman   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      The amaranth genome / edited by Dinesh Adhikary, Michael K. Deyholos, John P. Delano-Frier   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The apple genome / edited by Schuyler S. Korban   COMPUTER FILE 2021
43 additional entries    
      The Brassica Juncea genome / edited by Chittaranjan Kole, Trilochan Mohapatra   電子書 2022
      The Catharanthus genome / edited by Chittaranjan Kole   電子書 2022
      The coconut genome / edited by M. K. Rajesh, S. V. Ramesh, Lalith Perera, Chittaranjan Kole   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The coconut genome / edited by M. K. Rajesh, S. V. Ramesh, Lalith Perera, Chittaranjan Kole   COMPUTER FILE 2021
17 additional entries    
2199-5214 / Print version: Haverkamp, Nick. Intuitionism vs. classicism : a mathematical attack on classical logic. Frankfurt, [Germany] : Vittorio Klostermann, c2015 xvi, 270 pages Studies in theoretical philosophy ; Volume 2. 9783465039068 : Haverkamp, Nick,; Computing Center Lib.; COMPUTER FILE     
      Intuitionism vs. classicism : a mathematical attack on classical logic / Nick Haverkamp Haverkamp, Nick,  COMPUTER FILE 2015
      Governance of urban sustainability transitions : European and Asian experiences / edited by Derk Loorbach, Julia M. Wittmayer, Hideaki Shiroyama, Junichi Fujino, Satoru Mizuguchi   電子書 2016
      Nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation in urban areas : linkages between science, policy and practice / edited by Nadja Kabisch, Horst Korn, Jutta Stadler, Aletta Bonn   電子書 2017
      Urban sustainability transitions : Australian cases- international perspectives / edited by Trivess Moore, Fjalar de Haan, Ralph Horne, Brendan James Gleeson   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      3D printing architecture : workflows, applications, and trends / by Carlos Banon, Felix Raspall Banon, Carlos,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Adaptive thermal comfort of indoor environment for residential buildings : efficient strategy for saving energy / by David Bienvenido-Huertas, Carlos Rubio-Bellido Bienvenido-Huertas, David,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      City form, economics and culture : for the architecture of public space / by Pablo Guillen, Ursa Komac Guillen, Pablo,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Computational and manufacturing strategies : experimental expressions of wood capabilities / by Andrea Quartara, Djordje Stanojevic Quartara, Andrea,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
7 additional entries    
      Comfort and perception in architecture / by J. Alstan Jakubiec Jakubiec, J. Alstan,  電子書 2022
      Fire evacuation and exit design in heritage cultural centres / by John Gales, Rene Champagne, Georgette Harun, Hannah Carton, Michael Kinsey Gales, John,  電子書 2022
      Outdoor thermal comfort in urban environment : assessments and applications in urban planning and design / by Kevin Ka-Lun Lau, Zheng Tan, Tobi Eniolu Morakinyo, Chao Ren Lau, Kevin Ka-Lun,  電子書 2022
      Overhang design methods : optimal thermal and daylighting performance / by Sanja Stevanovic Stevanovic, Sanja,  電子書 2022
2199-5974 ;    
      Advances in local public economics : theoretical and empirical studies / edited by Minoru Kunizaki, Kazuyuki Nakamura, Kota Sugahara, Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Applied approaches to societal institutions and economics : essays in honor of Moriki Hosoe / edited by Tohru Naito, Woohyung Lee, Yasunori Ouchida   電子書 2017
      Arsenic mitigation in rural Bangladesh : a policy-mix for supplying safe water in badly affected areas of Meherpur District / by Wardatul Akmam Akmam, Wardatul,  COMPUTER FILE 2017
      A broad view of regional science : essays in honor of Peter Nijkamp / edited by Soushi Suzuki, Roberto Patuelli   COMPUTER FILE 2021
37 additional entries    
2199-5982 ;    
      Disaster management and city planning : lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake / by Yasuhisa Mitsui Mitsui, Yasuhisa,  電子書 2022
      Economic analysis of housing policy in Japan : policy concerning housing quality / by Keiko Nosse Hirono Hirono, Keiko Nosse,  電子書 2022
      Economic and societal transformation in pandemic-trapped India : emerging challenges and resilient policy prescriptions / edited by Subrata Saha, Mukunda Mishra, Anil Bhuimali   電子書 2022
      International trade, economic development, and the vietnamese economy : essays in honor of Binh Tran-Nam / edited by Cuong Le Van, Van Pham Hoang, Makoto Tawada   電子書 2022
11 additional entries    
2199-6288 ;    
      Communication and technology / edited by Lorenzo Cantoni and James A. Danowski   COMPUTER FILE 2015
      Communication competence / edited by Annegret F. Hannawa ; Brian H. Spitzberg   COMPUTER FILE 2015
      Communicstion and learning / edited by Paul L. Witt   電子書 2016
      Intercultural communication / edited by Ling Chen   COMPUTER FILE 2017
2 additional entries    
      Adolescent and young adult rheumatology in clinical practice / edited by Janet E. McDonagh, Rachel S. Tattersall   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Adult congenital heart disease in clinical practice / edited by Doreen DeFaria Yeh, Ami Bhatt   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Arterial blood gas interpretation in clinical practice / by Anil Mane Mane, Anil,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Avoiding misdiagnosis in pediatric practice / by A. Sahib El-Radhi El-Radhi, A. Sahib,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
22 additional entries    
      Bariatric surgery in clinical practice / edited by David Haslam, Aseem Malhotra, Matthew S. Capehorn   電子書 2022
      Botulinum toxin in clinical practice / by Miles G. Berry Berry, Miles G.,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Botulinum toxin in clinical practice / by Miles G. Berry Berry, Miles G.,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      COVID-19 in clinical practice : lessons learned and future perspectives / edited by Flavio Tangianu, Ombretta Para, Fabio Capello   COMPUTER FILE 2021
4 additional entries    
      Food sharing : chemical evaluation of durable foods / by Alessandra Pellerito, Ralf Dounz-Weigt, Maria Micali Pellerito, Alessandra,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Food traceability in Jordan : current perspectives / by Moawiya A. Haddad, Mohammed I. Yamani, Da'san M. M. Jaradat, Maher Obeidat, Saeid M. Abu-Romman, Salvatore Parisi Haddad, Moawiya A.,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The Maillard reaction in food chemistry : current technology and applications / by Dongliang Ruan, Hui Wang, Faliang Cheng Ruan, Dongliang,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
2199-6962 ; / Perspectives on Jewish texts and contexts, volume 15 : CLP Library; PRINTED     
      Levinas and literature : new directions / Michael Fagenblatt AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      Soil and water conservation for sustainable food production / by Subhabrata Panda Panda, Subhabrata,  電子書 2022
      Trends in food chemistry, nutrition and technology in Indian Sub-Continent / by Suni Mary Varghese, Salvatore Parisi, Rajeev K. Singla, A. S. Anitha Begum Varghese, Suni Mary,  電子書 2022
      Applied multiple imputation : advantages, pitfalls, new developments and applications in R / by Kristian Kleinke, Jost Reinecke, Daniel Salfran, Martin Spiess Kleinke, Kristian,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The basics of item response theory using R / by Frank B. Baker, Seock-Ho Kim Baker, Frank B.,  電子書 2017
      Bayesian networks in educational assessment / by Russell G. Almond, Robert J. Mislevy, Linda S. Steinberg, Duanli Yan, David M. Williamson Almond, Russell G.,  電子書 2015
      A course on small area estimation and mixed models : methods, theory and applications in R / by Domingo Morales, Maria Dolores Esteban, Agustin Perez, Tomas Hobza Morales, Domingo,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
5 additional entries    
2199-7365 / Statistics for social and behavioral sciences, : Eye, Alexander von,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Configural frequency analysis : foundations, models, and applications / by Alexander von Eye, Wolfgang Wiedermann Eye, Alexander von,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Biodiversity and education for sustainable development / edited by Paula Castro, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro, Paula Bacelar-Nicolau, Walter Leal Filho, Anabela Marisa Azul   電子書 2016
      The contribution of social sciences to sustainable development at universities / edited by Walter Leal Filho, Michaela Zint   電子書 2016
      COVID-19 : paving the way for a more sustainable world / Walter Leal Filho, editor AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      COVID-19 : paving the way for a more sustainable world / edited by Walter Leal Filho   COMPUTER FILE 2021
33 additional entries    
      Handbook of best practices in sustainable development at university level / edited by Walter Leal Filho, Claudio Ruy Portela de Vasconcelos   電子書 2022
      Indigenous methodologies, research and practices for sustainable development / edited by Marcellus F. Mbah, Walter Leal Filho, Sandra Ajaps   電子書 2022
      Sustainability in natural resources management and land planning / edited by Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Andreia Faraoni Freitas Setti   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Sustainable agriculture and food security / edited by Walter Leal Filho, Marina Kovaleva, Elena Popkova   電子書 2022
2 additional entries    
      Abuse of dominant position and globalization & protection and disclosure of trade secrets and know-how / edited by Pranvera Kellezi, Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel   電子書 2017
      Antitrust analysis of online sales platforms & copyright limitations and exceptions / edited by Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Kellezi   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Antitrust in pharmaceutical markets & geographical rules of origin / edited by Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Kellezi, Bruce Kilpatrick   電子書 2017
      Antitrust in the groceries sector & liability issues in relation to corporate social responsibility / edited by Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Kellezi, Bruce Kilpatrick   電子書 2015
3 additional entries    
2199-7462 ;    
      Access to medicine versus test data exclusivity : safeguarding flexibilities under international law / Owais H. Shaikh Shaikh, Owais H.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Access to medicine versus test data exclusivity : safeguarding flexibilities under international law / by Owais H. Shaikh Shaikh, Owais H.,  電子書 2016
      Capacity withdrawals in the electricity wholesale market : between competition law and regulation / by Panagiotis Tsangaris Tsangaris, Panagiotis,  電子書 2017
      Chinese merger control law : an assessment of its competition-policy orientation after the first years of application / by Tingting Weinreich-Zhao Weinreich-Zhao, Tingting,  電子書 2015
13 additional entries    
2199-7470 ;    
      Health data pools under European data protection and competition law : health as a digital business / by Giulia Schneider Schneider, Giulia,  電子書 2022
      Intangible cultural heritage, sustainable development and intellectual property : international and European perspectives / by Benedetta Ubertazzi Ubertazzi, Benedetta,  電子書 2022
      Applications of differential-algebraic equations : examples and benchmarks / edited by Stephen Campbell, Achim Ilchmann, Volker Mehrmann, Timo Reis   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Linear time-invariant systems, behaviors and modules / by Ulrich Oberst, Martin Scheicher, Ingrid Scheicher Oberst, Ulrich,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Progress in differential-algebraic equations : Deskriptor 2013 / edited by Sebastian Schops, Andreas Bartel, Michael Gunther, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Peter C Muller   電子書 2014
      Progress in differential-algebraic equations II [electronic resource] / edited by Timo Reis, Sara Grundel, Sebastian Schops   COMPUTER FILE 2020
4 additional entries    
2199-8167 ;    
      Hegel and metaphysics : on logic and ontology in the system / edited by Allegra de Laurentiis ; with the collaboration of Soren Whited Hegel Society of America.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Hegel and scepticism : on Klaus Vieweg's interpretation / edited by Jannis Kozatsas, Georges Faraklas, Stella Synegianni, and Klaus Vieweg AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Hegel und Foucault : die Geschichtlichkeit des Wissens als Entwicklung und Transformation / Holden Kelm Kelm, Holden,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Hegels Lehre vom Wesen / herausgegeben von Andreas Arndt, Günter Kruck AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Der Masstab der Kritik des modernen Staates bei Hegel und Marx : der Zusammenhang zwischen subjektiver und sozialer Freiheit / Emmanuel Nakamura Nakamura, Emmanuel,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
      Agile information business : exploring managerial implications / edited by Natalia Kryvinska, Michal Gregus   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Flexibility in resource management / edited by Sushil, T. P. Singh, Anand J. Kulkarni   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Flexible strategies in VUCA markets / edited by Sanjay Dhir, Sushil   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Flexible work organizations : the challenges of capacity building in Asia / edited by Sushil, Julia Connell, John Burgess   電子書 2016
6 additional entries    
2199-8507 / Flexible systems management, : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Flexibility, innovation, and sustainable business / edited by Ramesh Anbanandam, Santosh Rangnekar   電子書 2022
2199-8515 ;    
      Bone adaptation : in silico approach / by Yoshitaka Kameo, Ken-ichi Tsubota, Taiji Adachi Kameo, Yoshitaka,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Innovative approaches to cell biomechanics : from cell migration to on-chip manipulation / by Kennedy Omondi Okeyo, Hiromi Miyoshi, Taiji Adachi Okeyo, Kennedy Omondi,  電子書 2015
      Multiscale mechanobiology in tissue engineering / by Damien Lacroix, Marzia Brunelli, Cecile Perrault, Adrien Baldit, Maryam Shariatzadeh, Ana Campos Marin, Andre Castro, Sara Barreto Lacroix, Damien,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Fair development in China [electronic resource] / edited by Qingyun Jiang, Lixian Qian, Min Ding   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Intergenerational pathways to a sustainable society [electronic resource] / by Matthew Kaplan, Mariano Sanchez, Jaco Hoffman Kaplan, Matthew  COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Sustainable development for the healthcare industry : reprogramming the healthcare value chain / edited by Pierre A. Morgon   電子書 2015
      Compact models and performance investigations for subthreshold interconnects / by Rohit Dhiman, Rajeevan Chandel Dhiman, Rohit,  電子書 2015
      Design and control of matrix converters : regulated 3-phase power supply and voltage sag mitigation for linear loads / by Anindya Dasgupta, Parthasarathi Sensarma Dasgupta, Anindya,  電子書 2017
      Design and development of MEMS based guided beam type piezoelectric energy harvester / by Shanky Saxena, Ritu Sharma, B. D. Pant Saxena, Shanky,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Fundamentals and innovations in solar energy / edited by Sri Niwas Singh, Prabhakar Tiwari, Sumit Tiwari   COMPUTER FILE 2021
11 additional entries    
      DC-DC converters for future renewable energy systems / edited by Neeraj Priyadarshi, Akash Kumar Bhoi, Ramesh C. Bansal, Akhtar Kalam   電子書 2022
      Energy harvesting and storage : fundamentals and materials / edited by M. K. Jayaraj, Aldrin Antony, P. P. Subha   電子書 2022
      Modelling and design of nanostructured optoelectronic devices : solar cells and photodetectors / by Jagdish A. Krishnaswamy, Praveen C. Ramamurthy, Gopalkrishna Hegde, Debiprosad Roy Mahapatra Krishnaswamy, Jagdish A.,  電子書 2022
      Planning of hybrid renewable energy systems, electric vehicles and microgrid : modeling, control and optimization / edited by Aashish Kumar Bohre, Pradyumn Chaturvedi, Mohan Lal Kolhe, Sri Niwas Singh   電子書 2022
2199-8604 / Behavioral telehealth, : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Clinical videoconferencing in telehealth : program development and practice / edited by Peter W. Tuerk, Peter Shore   電子書 2015
      Blockchain and crypt currency : building a high quality marketplace for crypt data / edited by Makoto Yano, Chris Dai, Kenichi Masuda, Yoshio Kishimoto   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Carbon pricing in Japan / edited by Toshi H. Arimura, Shigeru Matsumoto   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Dynamics of Japan's trade and industrial policy in the post rapid growth era (1980-2000) / Committee on the History of Japan's Trade andIndustry Policy RIETI   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Education and migration in an Asian context / edited by Francis Peddie, Jing Liu   COMPUTER FILE 2021
12 additional entries    
      Energy efficiency financing and market-based instruments / edited by Yang Liu, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Naoyuki Yoshino   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Energy efficiency financing and market-based instruments / edited by Yang Liu, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Naoyuki Yoshino   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Green digital finance and sustainable development goals / edited by Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Suk Hyun   電子書 2022
      Legal thoughts between the East and the West in the multilevel legal order : a liber amicorum in honour of Professor Herbert Han-Pao Ma / Chang-fa Lo, Nigel N. T. Li, Tsai-yu Lin, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Socio-life science and the Covid-19 outbreak : public health and public policy / edited by Makoto Yano, Fumihiko Matsuda, Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Shigeru Hirota   電子書 2022
2199-8647 ;    
      Fossil matter in the geosphere / Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovančićević Schwarzbauer, Jan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Fossil matter in the geosphere / by Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovancicevic Schwarzbauer, Jan,  電子書 2015
      From biomolecules to chemofossils / by Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovancicevic Schwarzbauer, Jan,  電子書 2016
      Introduction to analytical methods in organic geochemistry / by Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovancicevic Schwarzbauer, Jan,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Organic pollutants in the geosphere / by Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovancicevic Schwarzbauer, Jan,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
2199-8663 ;    
      Advances in knowledge management : celebrating twenty years of research and practice / edited by Ettore Bolisani, Meliha Handzic   電子書 2015
      Connecting adult learning and knowledge management : strategies for learning and change in higher education and organizations / edited by Monica Fedeli, Laura L. Bierema   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Corporate knowledge discovery and organizational learning : the role, importance, and application of semantic business process management / edited by Andras Gabor, Andrea Ko   電子書 2016
      Emergent knowledge strategies : strategic thinking in knowledge management / by Ettore Bolisani, Constantin Bratianu Bolisani, Ettore,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
6 additional entries    
2199-9007 ;    
      Ageing [electronic resource] : lessons from C. elegans / edited by Anders Olsen, Matthew S. Gill   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Biomarkers of human aging / edited by Alexey Moskalev   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Cellular ageing and replicative senescence / edited by Suresh I.S. Rattan, Leonard Hayflick   電子書 2016
      Circadian rhythms and their impact on aging / edited by S. Michal Jazwinski, Victoria P Belancio, Steven M Hill   電子書 2017
8 additional entries    
2199-9015 ;    
      Healthy longevity and immune system / edited by Valquiria Bueno, Graham Pawelec   電子書 2022
      Nutrition, food and diet in ageing and longevity / edited by Suresh I. S. Rattan, Gurcharan Kaur   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Nutrition, food and diet in ageing and longevity / edited by Suresh I. S. Rattan, Gurcharan Kaur   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Redox signaling and biomarkers in ageing / edited by Ufuk Cakatay   電子書 2022
2199-9023 : Economics Library; JOURNAL     
      International Journal of Health Economics and Management LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL
2199-9031 (online) : Economics Library; JOURNAL     
      International Journal of Health Economics and Management LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL
      Cross-cultural reflections on Chinese aesthetics, gender, embodiment and learning / by Eva Kit Wah Man Wen, Jiehua,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Deconstructing contemporary Chinese art : selected critical writings and conversations, 2007-2014 / Paul Gladston Gladston, Paul,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Deconstructing contemporary Chinese art : selected critical writings and conversations, 2007-2014 / by Paul Gladston Gladston, Paul,  電子書 2016
      A history of contemporary Chinese art : 1949 to present / by Yan Zhou Zhou, Yan,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
5 additional entries    
      High-mountain atmospheric research : the Italian Mt. Cimone WMO/GAW Global Station (2165 m a.s.l.) / by Paolo Cristofanelli, Erika Brattich, Stefano Decesari, Tony Christian Landi, Michela Maione, Davide Putero, Laura Tositti, Paolo Bonasoni Cristofanelli, Paolo,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Modeling of tropospheric delays using ANFIS / by Wayan Suparta, Kemal Maulana Alhasa Suparta, Wayan,  電子書 2016
      Rain formation in warm clouds : general systems theory / by A. M. Selvam Selvam, A. M.,  電子書 2015
      Jevons' paradoxes : William Stanley Jevons and the roots of biophysical and neoclassical economics / by Kent Klitgaard Klitgaard, Kent A.,  電子書 2022
      Switching off : meeting our energy needs in a constrained future / by Patrick Moriarty, Damon Honnery Moriarty, Patrick,  電子書 2022
      Geomorphology of lake-catchment systems : a new perspective from limnogeomorphology / by Kenji Kashiwaya Kashiwaya, Kenji,  電子書 2017
      Groundwater and global change in the western Mediterranean area / edited by Maria Luisa Calvache, Carlos Duque, David Pulido-Velazquez   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Mineral and thermal waters of Southeastern Europe / edited by Petar Papic   電子書 2016
      New ecoinformatics tools in environmental science : applications and decision-making / by Vladimir F. Krapivin, Costas A. Varotsos, Vladimir Yu. Soldatov Krapivin, Vladimir F.,  電子書 2015
      Sustainable development of water resources and hydraulic engineering in China : proceedings for the 2016 International Conference on Water Resource and Hydraulic Engineering / edited by Wei Dong, Yanqing Lian, Yong Zhang 2016 International Conference on Water Resource and Hydraulic Engineering  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Assessing the environmental impacts of hydropower projects / by Robert Zwahlen Zwahlen, Robert,  電子書 2022
      Climate change, natural resources and sustainable environmental management / edited by Huseyin Gokcekus, Youssef Kassem   電子書 2022
      Environmental assessment of Patagonia's water resources / edited by Americo Iadran Torres, Verena Agustina Campodonico   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The poetry of Cao Zhi / translated by Robert Joe Cutter ; volume edited by Paul W. Kroll Cao, Zhi,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      The poetry of Du Fu / translated and edited by Stephen Owen ; volume edited by Paul W. Kroll and Ding Xiang Warner   COMPUTER FILE 2016
      The works of Li Qingzhao / translated by Ronald Egan ; volume edited by Anna M. Shields Li, Qingzhao,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
2200014112 : Bruneteau, Bernard; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Histoire de l'unification europeenne / Bernard Bruneteau Bruneteau, Bernard; CANCEL   PRINTED 1996
2200015011 (t. 3) : Leveque, Pierre; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Histoire des forces politiques en France / Pierre Leveque Leveque, Pierre; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
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