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      Advances in predictive models and methodologies for numerically efficient linear and nonlinear analysis of composites / edited by Marco Petrolo   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      GNSS for rail transportation : challenges and opportunities / edited by Letizia Lo Presti, Salvatore Sabina   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Innovations in ventilative cooling / edited by Giacomo Chiesa, Maria Kolokotroni, Per Heiselberg   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      An introduction to linear ordinary differential equations using the impulsive response method and factorization / by Roberto Camporesi Camporesi, Roberto,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
9 additional entries    
      Defining and measuring economic resilience from a societal, environmental and security perspective / by Adam Rose Rose, Adam,  電子書 2017
      Disaster risk communication : a challenge from a social psychological perspective / edited by Katsuya Yamori   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Economic consequence analysis of disasters : the E-CAT software tool / by Adam Rose, Fynnwin Prager, Zhenhua Chen, Samrat Chatterjee, Dan Wei, Nathaniel Heatwole, Eric Warren Rose, Adam,  電子書 2017
      Extreme and systemic risk analysis : a loss distribution approach / by Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The biology of early life stress : understanding child maltreatment and trauma / edited by Jennie G. Noll, Idan Shalev   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Parenting and family processes in child maltreatment and intervention [electronic resource] / edited by Douglas M. Teti   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Trauma-informed schools : integrating child maltreatment prevention, detection, and intervention / edited by Carlomagno C. Panlilio   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2509-7261 / Print version: Su, Qingtang. Color image watermarking : algorithms and technologies. Berlin, [Germany] ; Boston, [Massachusetts] : De Gruyter, c2017 xii, 185 pages Advances in Computer Science ; Volume 1 9783110487572 2016048964 : Su, Qingtang,; Computing Center Lib.; COMPUTER FILE     
      Color image watermarking : algorithms and technologies / Qingtang Su Su, Qingtang,  COMPUTER FILE 2017
      The basal ganglia : novel perspectives on motor and cognitive functions / edited by Jean-Jacques Soghomonian   COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Neural mechanisms of language / Maria Mody, editor AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Neural mechanisms of language / edited by Maria Mody   電子書 2017
      Compatible finite element methods for geophysical flows : automation and implementation using Firedrake / by Thomas H. Gibson, Andrew T. T. McRae, Colin J. Cotter, Lawrence Mitchell, David A. Ham Gibson, Thomas H.,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Forecasting and assessing risk of individual electricity peaks / by Maria Jacob, Claudia Neves, Danica Vukadinovic Greetham Jacob, Maria,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Tropical intraseasonal variability and the stochastic skeleton method / by Andrew J. Majda, Samuel N. Stechmann, Shengqian Chen, H. Reed Ogrosky, Sulian Thual Majda, Andrew J.,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2509-7385 ;    
      Water resources and integrated management of the United Arab Emirates / by Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan, Zeinelabidin E. Rizk Alsharhan, Abdulrahman S.,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Water resources of Italy : protection, use and control / edited by Giuseppe Rossi, Marcello Benedini   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Water resources of Jordan : political, social and economic implications of scarce water resources / by Elias Salameh, Musa Shteiwi, Marwan Al Raggad Salameh, Elias,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Water resources of Lebanon / by Amin Shaban Shaban, Amin,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
3 additional entries    
2509-7407 ; / Research perspectives CRM barcelona, volume 10 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Extended abstracts Summer 2016 : slow-fast systems and hysteresis: theory and applications / edited by Andrei Korobeinikov   COMPUTER FILE 2018
2509762 : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib. ; PRINTED     
      Shades of the planet : American literature as world literature / edited by Wai Chee Dimock and Lawrence Buell AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
2509-7679 ;    
      The development of global legislative politics : Rousseau and Locke writ global / by Takashi Inoguchi, Lien Thi Quynh Le Inoguchi, Takashi,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Poor quality pharmaceuticals in global public health / by Satoru Kimura, Yasuhide Nakamura Kimura, Satoru,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Science of societal safety : living at times of risks and disasters / edited by Seiji Abe, Mamoru Ozawa, Yoshiaki Kawata   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Trust with Asian characteristics : interpersonal and institutional / edited by Takashi Inoguchi, Yasuharu Tokuda   電子書 2017
2509-7784 / SpringerBriefs in global understanding, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Eating, drinking: surviving : the International Year of Global Understanding - IYGU / edited by Peter Jackson, Walter E.L. Spiess, Farhana Sultana   COMPUTER FILE 2016
2509-7806 / Dunes of the world, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Inland dunes of North America / edited by Nicholas Lancaster, Patrick Hesp   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Cardiac regeneration / edited by Masaki Ieda, Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann   電子書 2017
      Channelopathies in heart disease / edited by Dierk Thomas, Carol Ann Remme   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Epigenetics in cardiac disease / edited by Johannes Backs, Timothy A. McKinsey   COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Genetic causes of cardiac disease / edited by Jeanette Erdmann, Alessandra Moretti   COMPUTER FILE 2019
3 additional entries    
      Archean rare-metal pegmatites in Zimbabwe and Western Australia : geology and metallogeny of pollucite mineralisations / by Thomas Dittrich, Thomas Seifert, Bernhard Schulz, Steffen Hagemann, Axel Gerdes, Jorg Pfander Dittrich, Thomas,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The Ni-Cu-(PGE) Aguablanca ore deposit (SW Spain) / by Ruben Pina Pina, Ruben,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Accountability, ethics and sustainability of organizations : new theories, strategies and tools for survival and growth / edited by Sandro Brunelli, Emiliano Di Carlo   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Business against intimate partner violence : a case of participatory action research and social action / edited by Melsa Ararat   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Corporate risk management for international business / by Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz, Triant Flouris Kucuk Yilmaz, Ayse,  電子書 2017
      Equity valuation and nagative earnings [electronic resource] : the case of the bubble / by Ana Paula Matias Gama, Liliane Cristina Segura, Marco Antonio Figueiredo Milani Filho Gama, Ana Paula Matias  COMPUTER FILE 2017
13 additional entries    
      Hilbert's seventh problem : solutions and extensions / by Robert Tubbs Tubbs, Robert,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Integral points on algebraic varieties : an introduction to diophantine geometry / by Pietro Corvaja Corvaja, Pietro,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Problems in the theory of modular forms / by M. Ram Murty, Michael Dewar, Hester Graves Murty, M. Ram,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
2509-8861 ;    
      Coolies of capitalism : Assam tea and the making of coolie labour / Nitin Varma Varma, Nitin,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Global histories of work / edited by Andreas Eckert DUE 06-21-23   PRINTED 2016
2509-8888 ;    
      Introduction to Soergel bimodules / by Ben Elias, Shotaro Makisumi, Ulrich Thiel, Geordie Williamson Elias, Ben,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Numerical semigroups and applications / by Abdallah Assi, Marco D'Anna, Pedro A. Garcia-Sanchez Assi, Abdallah,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Recent advances in pure and applied mathematics / edited by Francisco Ortegon Gallego, Juan Ignacio Garcia Garcia   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Taylor coefficients and coefficient multipliers of Hardy and Bergman-type spaces / by Miroljub Jevtic, Dragan Vukotic, Milos Arsenovic Jevtic, Miroljub,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Datenschutzaufsicht im europäischen Verbund : Unabhängigkeit, Effektivität, Rechtsschutz und Legitimation / Cornelia Kibler Kibler, Cornelia,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      Die Figur des Durchschnittsmenschen im Verwaltungsrecht / Lara Zwiffelhoffer Zwiffelhoffer, Lara,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Die Kodifikation des Europäischen Verwaltungsrechts : Theoretische Und Dogmatische Grundlagen / Lucas Hartmann Hartmann, Lucas,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Die Luftverkehrsverwaltung im Auftrag des Bundes : Praxis trägerübergreifender Verwaltungssteuerung / Samira Helena Thiery Thiery, Samira Helena,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
3 additional entries    
2509-9310 / Springer studium mathematik - master, : Gortz, Ulrich,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Algebraic geometry. I, Schemes : with examples and exercises / by Ulrich Gortz, Torsten Wedhorn Gortz, Ulrich,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Big data factories : collaborative approaches / edited by Sorin Adam Matei, Nicolas Jullien, Sean P. Goggins   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Big data in computational social science and humanities / edited by Shu-Heng Chen   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Complex spreading phenomena in social systems : influence and contagion in real-world social networks / edited by Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Computational conflict research / edited by Emanuel Deutschmann, Jan Lorenz, Luis G. Nardin, Davide Natalini, Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm   COMPUTER FILE 2020
10 additional entries    
2509-9604 / Handbook series of consent in pediatric surgical subspecialities, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Consent in pediatric urology / edited by Prasad Godbole, Duncan T. Wilcox, Martin A. Koyle   COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Energy internet and we-energy / by Qiuye Sun Sun, Qiuye,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Renewable energy and the environment / edited by Md. Rabiul Islam, Naruttam Kumar Roy, Saifur Rahman   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Connecting humans to equations : a reinterpretation of the philosophy of mathematics / by Ole Ravn, Ole Skovsmose Ravn, Ole,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      History of number : evidence from Papua New Guinea and Oceania / by Kay Owens, Glen Lean, Patricia Paraide, Charly Muke Owens, Kay,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Let history into the mathematics classroom / by Evelyne Barbin, Jean-Paul Guichard, Marc Moyon, Patrick Guyot, Catherine Morice-Singh, Frederic Metin, Martine Buhler, Dominique Tournes, Renaud Chorlay, Gerard Hamon Barbin, Evelyne,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Oral history and mathematics education / edited by Antonio Vicente Marafioti Garnica   COMPUTER FILE 2019
3 additional entries    
      The food-energy-water nexus / edited by Peter Saundry, Benjamin L. Ruddell   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Interdisciplinary teaching about earth and the environment for a sustainable future / edited by David C. Gosselin, Anne E. Egger, J. John Taber   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Ontology and closeness in human-nature relationships : beyond dualisms, materialism and posthumanism / by Neil H. Kessler Kessler, Neil H.,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Social and ecological system dynamics : characteristics, trends, and integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia / edited by Krystyna Stave, Goraw Goshu, Shimelis Aynalem   電子書 2017
2509-9973 ;    
      Berufsfreiheit des Leiharbeitnehmers : Über die Vereinbarkeit der Unwirksamkeits- und Fiktionsanordnungen des Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetzes mit höherrangigem Recht / Viktor Stepien Stepien, Viktor,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Die Einstellung behinderter Menschen : zwischen Beschäftigungspflicht und angemessenen Vorkehrungen / Julian Stassek Stassek, Julian  MAP 2020
      Die Einstellung behinderter Menschen : zwischen Beschäftigungspflicht und angemessenen Vorkehrungen / Julian Stassek Stassek, Julian,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe und kirchliches Arbeitsverhältnis / Anne Geismann Geismann, Anne,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Whistleblowing als Beitrag zur Rechtsdurchsetzung : Das öffentliche Informationsinteresse am Arbeitsplatz / Simona Kreis Kreis, Simona,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      Philosophical foundation of human rights / by Paul Tiedemann Tiedemann, Paul,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Philosophical foundation of human rights / Paul Tiedemann Tiedemann, Paul,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Contemporary research in technology education [electronic resource] : helping teachers develop research informed practice / edited by P John Williams, David Barlex   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Critique in design and technology education [electronic resource] / edited by P John Williams, Kay Stables   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Explorations in technology education research : helping teachers develop research informed practice / edited by P John Williams, David Barlex   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Food education and food technology in school curricula : international perspectives / edited by Marion Rutland, Angela Turner   COMPUTER FILE 2020
2 additional entries    
      Arctic ice shelves and ice islands / edited by Luke Copland, Derek Mueller   電子書 2017
      Arctic marine resource governance and development / edited by Niels Vestergaard, Brooks A. Kaiser, Linda Fernandez, Joan Nymand Larsen   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Arctic marine sustainability : Arctic maritime businesses and the resilience of the marine environment / edited by Eva Pongracz, Victor Pavlov, Niko Hanninen   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Arctic sea ice ecology : seasonal dynamics in algal and bacterial productivity / by Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Dorte Haubjerg Sogaard, Brian Keith Sorrell, Rolf Gradinger, Klaus Martin Meiners Lund-Hansen, Lars Chresten,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
12 additional entries    
2510-0785 ; / Culture, religion, and politics in the Greco-Roman world, 2 : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      Seeing the God : image, space, performance, and vision in the religion of the Roman Empire / edited by Marlis Arnhold, Harry O. Maier, and Jörg Rüpke DUE 02-01-22   PRINTED 2018
2510-0939 / Studien zur resilienzforschung, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Forced migration and resilience : conceptual issues and empirical results / edited by Michael Fingerle, Rudiger Wink   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Applied computer science for GGOS observatories : communication, coordination and automation of future geodetic infrastructures / by Alexander Neidhardt Neidhardt, Alexander,  電子書 2017
      ArcGIS for environmental and water issues / by William Bajjali Bajjali, William,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Atmospheres and oceans on computers : fundamental numerical methods for geophysical fluid dynamics / by Lars Petter Roed Roed, Lars Petter,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Mathematics for earth science and geography : introductory course with practical exercises and R/Xcas resources / by Cyril Fleurant, Sandrine Bodin-Fleurant Fleurant, Cyril,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
15 additional entries    
      The large flux problem to the Navier-Stokes equations : global strong solutions in cylindrical domains / by Joanna Renclawowicz, Wojciech M. Zajaczkowski Renclawowicz, Joanna,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Stokes-Darcy equations : analytic and numerical analysis / by Ulrich Wilbrandt Wilbrandt, Ulrich,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Loss and damage from climate change : concepts, methods and policy options / edited by Reinhard Mechler, Laurens M. Bouwer, Thomas Schinko, Swenja Surminski, JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Realising the 'triple dividend of resilience' : a new business case for disaster risk management / edited by Swenja Surminski, Thomas Tanner   COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Application of most-favoured-nation clauses by investor-state arbitral tribunals : implications for the developing countries / by Tanjina Sharmin Sharmin, Tanjina,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Asia's changing international investment regime : sustainability, regionalization, and arbitration / edited by Julien Chaisse, Tomoko Ishikawa, Sufian Jusoh   電子書 2017
      Climate refugees in South Asia : protection under international legal standards and state practices in South Asia / by Stellina Jolly, Nafees Ahmad Jolly, Stellina,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) standard in international investment arbitration : developing countries in context / by Rumana Islam Islam, Rumana,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
3 additional entries    
2510-1498 / Signal processing for security technologies, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Biometric security and privacy [electronic resource] : opportunities & challenges in the big data era / edited by Richard Jiang ... [et al.]   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Data analytics for drilling engineering : theory, algorithms, experiments, software / by Qilong Xue Xue, Qilong,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Data-driven prediction for industrial processes and their applications / by Jun Zhao, Wei Wang, Chunyang Sheng Zhao, Jun,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Feature learning and understanding : algorithms and applications / by Haitao Zhao, Zhihui Lai, Henry Leung, Xianyi Zhang Zhao, Haitao,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Information quality in information fusion and decision making / edited by Eloi Bosse, Galina L. Rogova   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2 additional entries    
      Handbook of mathematical geodesy : functional analytic and potential theoretic methods / edited by Willi Freeden, M. Zuhair Nashed   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Modern solvers for Helmholtz problems / edited by Domenico Lahaye, Jok Tang, Kees Vuik   電子書 2017
      Spherical sampling / by Willi Freeden, M. Zuhair Nashed, Michael Schreiner Freeden, Willi,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Hybrid soft computing for multilevel image and data segmentation / by Sourav De, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Susanta Chakraborty, Paramartha Dutta De, Sourav,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
      Intelligent automation in renewable energy / by Tetyana Baydyk, Ernst Kussul, Donald C. Wunsch II Baydyk, Tetyana,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Beyond leadership : a relational approach to organizational theory in education / by Scott Eacott Eacott, Scott,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Paradox and the school leader : the struggle for the soul of the principal in neoliberal times / by Chris Dolan Dolan, Chris,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The principal and school improvement : theorising discourse, policy, and practice / by Amanda Heffernan Heffernan, Amanda,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Social, critical and political theories for educational leadership / by Richard Niesche, Christina Gowlett Niesche, Richard,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Teaching educational leadership in Muslim countries : theoretical, historical and cultural foundations / edited by Eugenie A. Samier, Eman S. ElKaleh   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Paleontological collections of Germany, Austria and Switzerland : the history of life of fossil organisms at museums and universities / edited by Lothar A. Beck, Ulrich Joger   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Zoological collections of Germany : the animal kingdom in its amazing plenty at museums and universities / edited by Lothar A. Beck   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Joint models of neural and behavioral data / by Brandon M. Turner, Birte U. Forstmann, Mark Steyvers Turner, Brandon M.,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Likelihood-free methods for cognitive science / by James J. Palestro, Per B. Sederberg, Adam F. Osth, Trisha Van Zandt, Brandon M. Turner Palestro, James J.,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      State-trace analysis / by John C. Dunn, Michael L. Kalish Dunn, John C.,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Diabetes complications, comorbidities and related disorders / edited by Enzo Bonora, Ralph A. DeFronzo   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Endocrinology of the testis and male reproduction / edited by Manuela Simoni, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi   電子書 2017
      Female reproductive dysfunction / edited by Felice Petraglia, Bart C. Fauser   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Obesity : pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment / edited by Paolo Sbraccia, Nicholas Finer   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2 additional entries    
2510-2524 / Reliable and sustainable electric power and energy systems management, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Sustainable power systems [electronic resource] : modelling, simulation and analysis / edited by Nava Raj Karki ... [et al.]   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Computing and communication systems in urban development : a detailed perspective / by Anandakumar Haldorai, Arulmurugan Ramu, Suriya Murugan Haldorai, Anandakumar,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Intelligent transport system in smart cities : aspects and challenges of vehicular networks and cloud / by Rodolfo I. Meneguette, Robson E. De Grande, Antonio A. F. Loureiro Meneguette, Rodolfo I.,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Smart and digital cities : from computational intelligence to applied social sciences / Vitor Nazário Coelho, Igor Machado Coelho, Thays A. Oliveira and Luiz Satoru Ochi, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Polyhydroxyalkanoates biopolymers : production strategies / by Geeta Gahlawat Gahlawat, Geeta,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Polysaccharide based hybrid materials : metals and metal oxides, graphene and carbon nanotubes / by Carla Vilela, Ricardo Joao Borges Pinto, Susana Pinto, Paula Marques, Armando Silvestre, Carmen Sofia da Rocha Freire Barros Vilela, Carla,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Starch, chitin and chitosan based composites and nanocomposites / by Merin Sara Thomas, Rekha Rose Koshy, Siji K. Mary, Sabu Thomas, Laly A. Pothan Thomas, Merin Sara,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Surface properties of non-conventional cellulose fibres / by Majda Sfiligoj Smole, Silvo Hribernik, Manja Kurecic, Andreja Urbanek Krajnc, Tatjana Kreže, Karin Stana Kleinschek Sfiligoj Smole, Majda,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Cellulose-based superabsorbent hydrogels / edited by Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Fillers for polymer applications [electronic resource] / edited by Roger Rothon   COMPUTER FILE 2017
      Functional biopolymers / edited by Mohammad Abu Jafar Mazumder, Heather Sheardown, Amir Al-Ahmed   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Functional polymers / edited by Mohammad Abu Jafar Mazumder, Heather Sheardown, Amir Al-Ahmed   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Liquid crystalline polymers / edited by Lei Zhu, Christopher Y. Li   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer / edited by Daniele Regge, Giulia Zamboni   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      The thorax / edited by Nicola Sverzellati, Mario Silva   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Advancing health and wellbeing in the changing urban environment : implementing a systems approach / by Franz W. Gatzweiler, Yong-Guan Zhu, Anna V. Diez Roux, Anthony Capon, Christel Donnelly, Gerard Salem, Hany M. Ayad, Ilene Speizer, Indira Nath, Jo I. Boufford, Keisuke Hanaki, Luuk C. Rietveld, Pierre Ritchie, Saroj Jayasinghe, Susan Parnell, Yi Zhang Gatzweiler, Franz W.,  電子書 2017
      Urban health and wellbeing programme : policy briefs. Volume 1 / edited by Franz W. Gatzweiler   COMPUTER FILE 2020
2510-3970 / Studies in economic design, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The future of economic design : the continuing development of a field as envisioned by its researchers / edited by Jean-Francois Laslier, Herve Moulin, M. Remzi Sanver, William S. Zwicker   COMPUTER FILE 2019
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