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      Automation and autonomy : labour, capital and machines in the artificial intelligence industry / by James Steinhoff Steinhoff, James,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      The Bourgeois and the Savage : a Marxian critique of the image of the isolated individual in Defoe, Turgot and Smith / by Alfonso Maurizio Iacono Iacono, Alfonso Maurizio,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The Brazilian left in the 21st century : conflict and conciliation in peripheral capitalism / edited by Vladimir Puzone, Luis Felipe Miguel   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Case studies in the origins of capitalism / edited by Xavier Lafrance, Charles Post   COMPUTER FILE 2019
24 additional entries    
      Interrogating modernity : debates with Hans Blumenberg / edited by Agata Bielik-Robson, Daniel Whistler   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The Marxian legacy : the search for the new left / by Dick Howard Howard, Dick,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Power in deliberative democracy : norms, forums, systems / by Nicole Curato, Marit Hammond, John B. Min Curato, Nicole,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Michael Oakeshott and Leo Strauss : the politics of Renaissance and Enlightenment / by David McIlwain McIlwain, David,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Multiculturalism in Canada : constructing a model multiculture with multicultural values / by Hugh Donald Forbes Forbes, Hugh Donald,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Self and city in the thought of Saint Augustine / by Ben Holland Holland, Ben,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Brexit and democracy : the role of parliaments in the UK and the European Union / edited by Thomas Christiansen, Diane Fromage   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Civil protection cooperation in the European Union : how trust and administrative culture matter for crisis management / by Sten Widmalm, Charles F. Parker, Thomas Persson Widmalm, Sten,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      European Parliament ascendant : parliamentary strategies of self-empowerment in the EU / by Adrienne Heritier, Katharina L. Meissner, Catherine Moury, Magnus G. Schoeller Heritier, Adrienne,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The European parliament in times of EU crisis : dynamics and transformations / edited by Olivier Costa   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Patterns of local autonomy in Europe / by Andreas Ladner, Nicolas Keuffer, Harald Baldersheim, Nikos Hlepas, Pawel Swianiewicz, Kristof Steyvers, Carmen Navarro Ladner, Andreas,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Performance-based budgeting in the public sector / edited by Michiel S. de Vries, Juraj Nemec, David Spacek   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Public administration in Europe : the contribution of EGPA / edited by Edoardo Ongaro   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Strategic planning in local communities : a cross-national study of 7 countries / edited by Calin Emilian Hintea, Marius Constantin Profiroiu, Tudor Cristian Ticlau   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Swiss public administration : making the state work successfully / edited by Andreas Ladner, Nils Soguel, Yves Emery, Sophie Weerts, Stephane Nahrath   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Customized implementation of European Union food safety policy : united in diversity? / by Eva Thomann Thomann, Eva,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Economic growth and cohesion policy implementation in Italy and Spain : institutions, strategic choices, administrative change / by Mattia Casula Casula, Mattia,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Evidence use in health policy making : an international public policy perspective / edited by Justin Parkhurst, Stefanie Ettelt, Benjamin Hawkins   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Gun control policies in Latin america / by Diego Sanjurjo Sanjurjo, Diego,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
3 additional entries    
      Manufacturing terrorism in Africa : the securitisation of South African Muslims / by Mohamed Natheem Hendricks Hendricks, Mohamed Natheem,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Reason, revelation and law in Islamic and Western theory and history / R. Charles Weller, Anver M. Emon, editors   PRINTED 2021
      Biased trials : insights from behavioral law and economics / by Goran Dominioni Dominioni, Goran,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The relation between large-scale land acquisitions and rural households : evidence from Ethiopia and Tanzania / by Giulia Barbanente Barbanente, Giulia,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-7387 / Palgrave studies in medieval and early modern medicine, : Verwaal, Ruben E; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Bodily fluids, chemistry and medicine in the eighteenth-century Boerhaave School [electronic resource] / by Ruben E. Verwaal Verwaal, Ruben E  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Lead in plants and the environment / edited by Dharmendra K. Gupta, Soumya Chatterjee, Clemens Walther   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Uranium in plants and the environment / edited by Dharmendra K. Gupta, Clemens Walther   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Mass strikes and social movements in Brazil and India : popular mobilisation in the long depression / by Jorg Nowak Nowak, Jorg,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The political economy of Southeast Asia : politics and uneven development under hyperglobalisation / edited by Toby Carroll, Shahar Hameiri, Lee Jones   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Regulating the rise of China : Australia's Foray into middle power economics / by Michael Peters Peters, Michael,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-7468 ;    
      Archaeology of Manila Galleon seaports and early maritime globalization / edited by Chunming Wu, Roberto Junco Sanchez, Miao Liu   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      New frontiers in the Neolithic archaeology of Taiwan (5600-1800 BP) : a perspective of maritime cultural interaction / by Su-chiu Kuo Kuo, Su-chiu,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      New frontiers in the Neolithic archaeology of Taiwan (5600-1800 BP) : a perspective of maritime cultural interaction / Su-chiu Kuo Kuo, Su-chiu,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Prehistoric maritime cultures and seafaring in East Asia / Chunming Wu, Barry Vladimir Rolett, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Prehistoric maritime cultures and seafaring in East Asia / edited by Chunming Wu, Barry Vladimir Rolett   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Arts-based pathways into thinking : troubling standardization/s, enticing multiplicities, inhabiting creative imaginings / by Michael Crowhurst, Michael Emslie Crowhurst, Michael,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Constellations of alternative education tutors : a poetic inquiry / by Adrian Schoone Schoone, Adrian,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Advanced computing technologies and applications : proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies and Applications-ICACTA 2020 / edited by Hari Vasudevan, Antonis Michalas, Narendra Shekokar, Meera Narvekar International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies and Applications  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Advancement of machine intelligence in interactive medical image analysis / edited by Om Prakash Verma, Sudipta Roy, Subhash Chandra Pandey, Mamta Mittal   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Advances in computational intelligence techniques / edited by Shruti Jain, Meenakshi Sood, Sudip Paul   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Advances in computing and intelligent systems : proceedings of ICACM 2019 / edited by Harish Sharma, Kannan Govindan, Ramesh C. Poonia, Sandeep Kumar, Wael M. El-Medany International Conference on Advancements in Computing and Management  COMPUTER FILE 2020
22 additional entries    
      Asian children's literature and film in a global age : local, national, and transnational trajectories / edited by Bernard Wilson, Sharmani Patricia Gabriel   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      British Romanticism in Asia : the reception, translation, and transformation of Romantic literature in India and East Asia / edited by Alex Watson, Laurence Williams   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The 2018 yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab / edited by Carl Ohman, David Watson   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The 2019 yearbook of the digital ethics lab / edited by Christopher Burr, Silvia Milano   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Computational and methodological statistics and biostatistics : contemporary essays in advancement / edited by Andriette Bekker, (Din) Ding-Geng Chen, Johannes T. Ferreira   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Design and analysis of subgroups with biopharmaceutical applications / edited by Naitee Ting, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Shuyen Ho, (Din) Ding-Geng Chen   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Marginal models in analysis of correlated binary data with time dependent covariates / by Jeffrey R. Wilson, Elsa Vazquez-Arreola, (Din) Ding-Geng Chen Wilson, Jeffrey R.,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Statistical modeling in biomedical research : contemporary topics and voices in the field / edited by Yichuan Zhao, Ding-Geng (Din) Chen   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Charles Darwin's incomplete revolution : the origin of species and the static worldview / by Richard G. Delisle Delisle, Richard G.,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      The major metaphors of evolution : Darwinism then and now / by Salvatore J. Agosta, Daniel R. Brooks Agosta, Salvatore J.,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-7778 / Proceedings in automotive engineering, : International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering CONAT; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering (AMMA 2018) / edited by Nicolae Burnete, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering CONAT  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-7794 / Rare rheumatic diseases, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Rare rheumatic diseases of immunologic dysregulation / edited by Teresa Kathleen Tarrant   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Descriptive geometry, the spread of a polytechnic art : the legacy of Gaspard Monge / edited by Evelyne Barbin, Marta Menghini, Klaus Volkert   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Eastern European mathematics education in the decades of change / edited by Alexander Karp   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Interfaces between mathematical practices and mathematical education / edited by Gert Schubring   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-8049 ;    
      Artificial intelligence, computational modelling and criminal proceedings : a framework for a European legal discussion / by Serena Quattrocolo Quattrocolo, Serena,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
      The just culture principles in aviation law : towards a safety-oriented approach / by Francesca Pellegrino Pellegrino, Francesca,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Personal participation in criminal proceedings : a comparative study of participatory safeguards and in absentia trials in Europe / edited by Serena Quattrocolo, Stefano Ruggeri   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Behavioural support for students with special educational needs : trends across the Asia-Pacific Region / edited by Fiona Bryer, Wendi Beamish   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Careers for students with special educational needs : perspectives on development and transitions from the Asia-Pacific region / edited by Mantak Yuen, Wendi Beamish, V. Scott H. Solberg   COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8251 / Palgrave studies in accounting and finance practice, : Akuffo, Jonas Abraham,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Corporate governance and accountability of financial institutions : the power and illusion of quality corporate disclosure / by Jonas Abraham Akuffo Akuffo, Jonas Abraham,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8278 / Pediatric school psychology, : Shaw, Steven R.,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Pediatric intellectual disabilities at school : translating research into practice / by Steven R. Shaw, Anna M. Jankowska Shaw, Steven R.,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Brain and heart crosstalk / edited by Hemanshu Prabhakar, Indu Kapoor   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Brain and kidney crosstalk / edited by Hemanshu Prabhakar, Nidhi Gupta   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Brain and lung crosstalk / edited by Hemanshu Prabhakar, Charu Mahajan   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Political regimes and neopatrimonialism in Central Asia : a sociology of power perspective / Ferran Izquierdo-Brichs, Francesc Serra-Massansalvador, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      The Prince 2.0 : applying Machiavellian strategy to contemporary political life / by Jean-Francois Caron Caron, Jean-Francois,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-8375 / Yearbook of the European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO), : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Arts and cultural education in a world of diversity : ENO Yearbook 1 / edited by Ligia Ferro, Ernst Wagner, Luisa Veloso, Teunis IJdens, Joao Teixeira Lopes   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-8405 ; / Comprehensive approach to psychiatry, 1 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Violence and mental disorders / edited by Bernardo Carpiniello, Antonio Vita, Claudio Mencacci   COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8421 ; / Education science, evidence, and the public good, volume 1 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Educational research for social justice : evidence and practice from the UK / edited by Alistair Ross   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Harmonism as an alternative / by Keping Wang Wang, Keping,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Modern notions of civilization and culture in China / by Weigui Fang ; translated by Weidong Wang Fang, Weigui,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Redefining a philosophy for world governance / by Tingyang Zhao ; translated by Liquing Tao Zhao, Tingyang,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Redefining Chinese literature and art / by Jixi Yuan Yuan, Jixi,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Zhong and Zhongyong in Confucian classics / by Chunqing Li Li, Chunqing,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8480 / SpringerBriefs in citizenship education for the 21st century, : Peterson, Andrew,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Civility and democratic education / by Andrew Peterson Peterson, Andrew,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-8537 ; / International study of city youth education, volume 2 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Resisting education : a cross-national study on systems and school effects / edited by Jannick Demanet, Mieke Van Houtte   COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-857X ;    
      Continuum thermodynamics / by Paolo Podio-Guidugli Podio-Guidugli, Paolo,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Lectures on nonsmooth differential geometry / by Nicola Gigli, Enrico Pasqualetto Gigli, Nicola,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8596 / SpringerBriefs in crystallography, : Bindi, Luca,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Natural quasicrystals : the solar system's hidden secrets / by Luca Bindi Bindi, Luca,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8715 ;    
      Balkan yearbook of European and international law 2019 / edited by Zlatan Meskic, Ivana Kunda, Dusan V. Popovic, Enis Omerovic   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Balkan yearbook of European and international law 2020 / edited by Zlatan Meskic, Ivana Kunda, Dusan V. Popovic, Enis Omerovic   COMPUTER FILE 2021
2524-8820 / Palgrave studies in literature, culture and human rights, : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Writing beyond the state : post-sovereign approaches to human rights in literary studies / edited by Alexandra S. Moore, Samantha Pinto   COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8847 / Palgrave studies on Henry George for the 21st century, : Nell, Edward,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Henry George andhow growth in real estate contributes to inequality and financial instability / by Edward Nell Nell, Edward,  COMPUTER FILE 2019
2524-8863 ; / Sinophone and Taiwan studies, volume 3 : Fang, Wei-Ta,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Envisioning environmental literacy : action and outreach / by Wei-Ta Fang Fang, Wei-Ta,  COMPUTER FILE 2020
2524-8928 ;    
      The European Union as protector and promoter of equality / edited by Thomas Giegerich   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Whistleblower protection by the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union : an emerging consensus / by Hava Charlotte Lan Yurttagul Yurttagul, Hava Charlotte Lan,  COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Lived nation as the history of experiences and emotions in Finland, 1800-2000 / edited by Ville Kivimaki, Sami Suodenjoki, Tanja Vahtikari   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Lived religion and everyday life in early modern hagiographic material / edited by Jenni Kuuliala, Rose-Marie Peake, Paivi Raisanen-Schroder   COMPUTER FILE 2019
      Lived religion and everyday life in early modern hagiographic material / Jenni Kuuliala, Rose-Marie Peake, Päivi Räisänen-Schröder, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      China and East Asian economic integration / editors, Sarah Y. Tong, East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Kong Tuan Yuen, East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      China's development : social investment and challenges / by Zhao Litao, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore Zhao, Litao,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      The Chinese Communist Party in transformation : the crisis of identity and possibility for renewal / Editor, Lance L P Gore, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      Chinese society in the Xi Jinping era / edited by Litao Zhao (East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore), Dongtao Qi (East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
2 additional entries    
2529-7554 ;    
      Alzheimer's disease [electronic resource] / lead authors, Brian May, Mei Feng May, Brian  COMPUTER FILE c2018
      Diabetic kidney disease [electronic resource] / lead authors, Johannah Shergis, Lihong Yang Shergis, Johannah  COMPUTER FILE c2019
2529-7562 ; / Evidence-based clinical Chinese medicine, volume 16 : Coyle, Meaghan,; Life Sci. LIB; PRINTED     
      Atopic dermatitis / lead authors, Meaghan Coyle, Junfeng Liu Coyle, Meaghan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
2529-7686 ;    
      Robotic intelligence / editor, Phillip C-Y Sheu, University of California, Irvine AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Robotic intelligence [electronic resource] / editor, Phillip C-Y Sheu   COMPUTER FILE c2019
2529-7716 ; / Series on chemistry, energy and the environment, v. 5 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Bioinspired chemistry [electronic resource] : from enzymes to synthetic models / edited by Marius Réglier   COMPUTER FILE c2019
2529-7872 ; / IIScPress-WSPC publication, vol. 3 : Mallik, A. K.; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The story of numbers [electronic resource] / Asok Kumar Mallik Mallik, A. K.  COMPUTER FILE c2018
2529-8135 ; / Series on China-ASEAN relations, volume 1 : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      China-ASEAN relations : cooperation and development / editors, Lu Jianren, Fan Zuojun AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
2532 046 : Rossini, Gioacchino,; Life Sci. LIB; SOUND RECDING     
      Stabat Mater / Gioacchino Rossini Rossini, Gioacchino,; AVAILABLE   SOUND RECDING 1984?
2534-5192 ;    
      Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century : Grafematik, June 17-19, 2020 (online) : Proceedings / Yannis Haralambous, Ed. AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
      The nature of writing : a theory of grapholinguistics / Dimitrios Meletis Meletis, Dimitrios,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
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