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245 00 Plant metabolomics :|bmethods and protocols /|cedited by 
       Carla António 
264  1 New York :|bHumana Press ;|bSpringer,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 355 pages) ;|billustrations (some 
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490 1  Methods in molecular biology,|x1064-3745 ;|v1778 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tImportance of experimental design, quality assurance, 
       and control in plant metabolomics experiments /|rMarina C.
       M. Martins, Camila Caldana, Lucia Daniela Wolf,  and Luis 
       Guilherme Furlan de Abreu --|tStandard key steps in mass 
       spectrometry-based plant metabolomics experiments : 
       instrument performance and analytical method validation /
       |rAna Margarida Rodrigues and Carla Ant onio --
       |tGuidelines for sample normalization to minimize batch 
       variation for large-scale metabolic profiling of plant 
       natural genetic variance /|rSaleh Alseekh, Si Wu, Yariv 
       Brotman, and Alisdair R. Fernie --|tGas chromatography-
       mass spectrometry-based 13C-labeling studies in plant 
       metabolomics /|rValeria F. Lima, Leonardo Perez de Souza, 
       Thomas C. R. Williams,  Alisdair R. Fernie, and Danilo M. 
       Daloso --|tCarbon atomic survey for identification of 
       selected metabolic fluxes /|rLeonardo Perez de Souza, 
       Alisdair R. Fernie, and Takayuki Tohge --|tQuantification 
       of low-abundant phosphorylated carbohydrates using HILIC-
       QqQ-MS/MS /|rTiago F. Jorge and Carla Antonio --
       |tQuantification of soluble sugars and sugar alcohols by 
       LC-MS/MS /|rRegina Feil and John Edward Lunn --
       |tUntargeted analysis of semipolar compounds by LC-MS and 
       targeted analysis of fatty acids by GC-MS/GC-FID : from 
       plant cultivation to extract preparation /|rCamille Benard,
       Sebastien Acket, Yannick Rossez, Olivier Fernandez, 
       Thierry Berton, Yves Gibon, and Cecile Cabasson --
       |tExtraction of plant lipids for LC-MS-based untargeted 
       plant lipidomics /|rThusitha W. T. Rupasinghe and Ute 
       Roessner --|tSemi-targeted lipidomics of plant acyl lipids
       using UPLC-HR-MS in combination with a data-independent 
       acquisition mode /|rMohamed A. Salem and Patrick 
       Giavalisco --|tPlant lipidomics using UPLC-QTOF-MS /|rYozo
       Okazaki and Kazuki Saito --|tTargeted LC-MS analysis for 
       plant secondary metabolites /|rTakafumi Shimizu, Mutsumi 
       Watanabe, Alisdair R. Fernie, and Takayuki Tohge --|tUHPLC
       -MS/MS method for target profiling of stress-related 
       phytohormones /|rOndrej Novak and Kristyna Flokova --
       |tComplete pipeline for generating a high-resolution LC-MS
       -based reference mass spectra library /|rNir Shahaf, Asaph
       Aharoni, and Ilana Rogachev --|tQuantification of sugars 
       and organic acids in biological matrices using GC-QqQ-MS /
       |rNirupama Samanmalie Jayasinghe, Himasha Mendis, Ute 
       Roessner,  and Daniel Anthony Dias --|tAcquisition of 
       volatile compounds by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
       (GC-MS) /|rJose G. Vallarino, Alexander Erban, Ines Fehrle,
       Alisdair R. Fernie, Joachim Kopka, and Sonia Osorio --
       |tMass spectrometry imaging (MSI) for plant metabolomics /
       |rBerin A. Boughton and Dinaiz Thinagaran --|tLaser 
       ablation electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry imaging
       (LAESI-MS) for spatially resolved plant metabolomics /
       |rDesalegn W. Etalo, Carmen D庭Sim on, Ric C. H. de Vos,  
       and Robert D. Hall --|tLive single-cell mass spectrometry 
       (LSC-MS) for plant metabolomics /|rKeiko Masuda, Yasmine 
       Abouleila, Ahmed Ali, Toshio Yanagida, and Tsutomu 
       Masujima --|tStatistical and multivariate analysis of MS-
       based plant metabolomics data /|rCarsten Jaeger and Jan 
       Lisec --|tIntegration of plant metabolomics data with 
       metabolic networks : progresses and challenges /|rNadine 
       Topfer, Samuel M. D. Seaver, and Asaph Aharoni --
       |tUnderstanding the functionality of a biological system 
       as a whole : comparative data analysis /|rIsabel Orf --
       |tRegression-based modeling of complex plant traits based 
       on metabolomics data /|rFrancisco de Abreu e Lima, Lydia 
       Leifels, and Zoran Nikoloski --|tMathematical modeling 
       approaches in plant metabolomics /|rLisa Furtauer, Jakob 
       Weiszmann, Wolfram Weckwerth, and Thomas Nȡgele 
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       (SpringerProtocol, viewed May 16, 2018) 
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700 1  António, Carla,|eeditor 
776 08 |iPrinted edition: |tPlant metabolomics : methods and 
830  0 Methods in molecular biology ;|v1778 
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