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100 1  Sheets, Debra J 
245 10 Enduring Questions in Gerontology 
264  1 New York :|bSpringer Publishing Company,|c2005 
264  4 |c©2006 
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505 0  Intro -- Contents -- About the Contributors -- Preface -- 
       Prologue: Finding New Beacons: Searching for Timeless and 
       Interdisciplinary Perspectives -- Four Useful 
       Generalizations -- Exploring the Significance of Changing 
       Perspectives and Enduring Questions -- Epochs, Systems, 
       and Scientific Revolutions -- Multidisciplinarity -- 1. 
       Identifying Enduring Questions in Gerontology -- 
       Identifying Knowledge and Making Sense -- Gerontology: 
       Enduring Questions -- Searching for Answers Inside and Out
       -- Beyond the Mind of Neanderthals -- Developing Critical 
       Awareness -- Public Policy: Questions or Answers -- The 
       World at the Doorstep -- What Does It All Mean? -- 2. A 
       Biologist's Perspective: Whence Come We, Where Are We, 
       Whither Go We? -- The Future: Ganymede or Tithonus? -- 
       What Animal Research Tells Us -- The Ames Dwarf Gene -- 
       Public Concerns about Life Extension Research -- How the 
       Scientific Community Can Best Make Its Case -- 3. New 
       Avenues, New Questions, and Changing Perspectives in 
       Geriatric Medicine -- The Baby-Boom Generation and the 
       Changing Doctor-Patient Relationship -- Training 
       Physicians in Geriatric Medicine -- The Practice of 
       Geriatrics -- Role of Other Providers -- Chronic Disease 
       Care -- The Role of the Health Care System in Geriatrics -
       - Ethical Issues -- Controlling Health Care Costs -- 4. 
       The Analytic Template in the Psychology of Aging -- The 
       Potentials and Limitations of Psychological Aging -- The 
       Sample Case of Cognitive Aging: Enduring Questions -- The 
       Development of Adult Intelligence -- Findings from 
       Cognitive Training Research -- From the Laboratory to the 
       Real World: Everyday Cognition -- The Sample Case of 
       Personality Aging -- The Sample Case of Socioemotional 
       Aging -- Conclusion and General Outlook -- 5. The Dynamic 
       Nature of Societal Aging in a Global Perspective -- 
       Sociological Perspectives on Aging 
505 8  Social Gerontology in Context -- Reconstructing the Life 
       Course -- The New Sociology of Family Life -- Social 
       Inequality and Social Divisions in Later Life: Current and
       Future Trends -- Globalization and the Sociology of Aging 
       -- Conclusion -- 6. Whatever Happened to Culture? -- The 
       Nature of Cultural Things -- The Nature of Culture and 
       Ethnography -- An Ethnography of Age: Age among the 
       Nacirema -- Have We Lost Culture in Our Explorations of 
       Age? -- Rediscovering Culture and Age -- Enduring 
       Questions from Anthropology -- 7. The Contributions of 
       Philosophy and Ethics in the Study of Age -- Facing 
       Enduring Questions -- Making Qualitative Distinctions -- 
       The Liminality of Old Age -- Ages and Stages -- "Quasi"-
       Normative Ideas about Aging: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern
       -- Old Age Becomes a Problem -- Contemporary 
       Gerontological Ideals: Implicit and Explicit -- Conclusion
       -- 8. Historical Gerontology: It Is a Matter of Time -- 
       The Origins of Historical Gerontology -- Enduring Issues 
       and Broader Perspectives in Historical Gerontology: An 
       Agenda -- The Challenge -- 9. The Purview and Sweep of 
       Aging Policy -- The Policy Sciences: Theory and Practice -
       - Public Administration and Law -- Enduring Questions in 
       Aging Policy -- The Next Generation of Enduring Questions 
       -- A Caveat -- Epilogue. Gerontology-Past, Present, and 
       Future -- The Past -- Gerontology in the Present -- The 
       Future of Gerontology -- A Summary Perspective on 
       Gerontology -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G --
       H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- Q -- R -- S -
       - T -- U -- V -- W 
520    Enduring Questions in Gerontology provides a comprehensive
       perspective on the abiding issues in gerontology. Both 
       current and future gerontologists will find this book 
       useful in examining emerging dilemmas and creating a 
       context for further progress in the field of aging. The 
       most creative thinkers contributing to the gerontological 
       literature reflect on their disciplines, consider how key 
       questions have emerged, review how they have changed in 
       the decades since gerontology entered the fray, and 
       speculate what may lie ahead. The resulting collection of 
       essays offers a comprehensive perspective on the enduring 
       questions in gerontology and how they have shaped our 
       understanding of differences in the experience of old age.
       Key contributors to this volume include:. George L. 
       Maddox. Christine L. Fry. Steven Austad. Kenneth Brummel-
       Smith. Manfred Diehl. Martha Holstein. W. Andrew 
       Achenbaum. James E. Birren. As an emerging or seasoned 
       scholar, you will find insights into the ways in which 
       each disciplinary focus grapples with societal transitions,
       identifies emerging issues, and lays out strategies and 
       salient perspectives for what should come next 
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