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Author Davidson, Matthew G
Title Contemporary Boron Chemistry
Imprint Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2000
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Edition 1st ed
Descript 1 online resource (555 pages)
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Note Contemporary Boron Chemistry -- Contents -- Applications to Polyolefin Catalysis -- Ethylene Oligomerization and Polymerization Catalysts Supported by Boratabenzene Ligands -- Borate, Boryl and Borole Compounds and their Role in Olefin Polymerisation Catalysis -- Group 4 Complexes Derived from o-Carborane: Catalytic and Luminescent Properties -- Cationic Metallocenes Derived from Cyclic Organo-hydroborate Metallocene Complexes -- Organolanthanide Complexes Bearing Versatile Ligands -- Aluminoxanes via Boron Compounds -- Highly Fluorinated closo-Borane and -Carborane Anions -- Materials and Polymers -- A New Class of π-Conjugated Organoboron Polymers -- Catalytic Syntheses of Linear Polycarboranes -- Thermal, Photochemical, and Redox Reactions of Borane and Metallaborane Clusters with Applications to Molecular Electronics -- Engineered Fullerenes-Carborane Conjugated Rods: New Hybrid Materials for NLO Devices -- Aminoboranes as Versatile Precursors of Boron Nitride: Preparation of BN Matrices, Coatings and Fibres -- Boron-containing, Non-oxide Ceramics from Organometallic Polymers: Synthesis, Thermolysis and the Influence of Boron on Materials Thermal Stability -- Borosilicate Cage Chemistry -- Acid-Base Properties of Anhydrous Borate Systems -- Synthesis and Lewis Acidity of Organo B-O-Si and B-O-Sn Derivatives -- Synthesis and Properties of Vanadoborate Cluster Materials -- Medicinal Applications -- Synthesis of Boron-rich Building Blocks for Phosphodiester Oligomers in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy -- The Development of Boron Neutron Capture Agents Utilizing Positron Emission Tomography -- Synthesis and Evaluation of DNA Tumor Targeting Agents for Neutron Capture Therapy -- Stabilised Liposomes with Double Targeting for Use in BNCT
Synthesis of O-Bonded Derivatives of closo-Dodecaborate Anion. [B12]-[C2B10] Double Cage Boron Compounds - A New Approach to Synthesis of BNCT Agents -- A New Medicinal Application of Boron Clusters. Potent Nuclear Receptor Ligands Bearing Carborane as a Hydrophobic Pharmacophore -- closo-Decaborate (2-) Anion as a Prosthetic Group for Labelling Proteins with Astatine -- Effect of Ionising Radiation on the Labelling of closo-Dodecaborate(2-) Anion with 125I -- Cluster Synthesis -- A Convincing Evidence of the S+ Charge in SB11H11 and its Derivatives -- Reactions of the Undecaborate Anion [B11H11]2- -- Synthesis of Schiff Bases and Monoalkylamino Derivatives of closo-Dodecaborate(2-) Anion -- Chemistry of Inner Sulfonium Salts of Dodecaborane -- Macropolyhedral Boron-containing Cluster Chemistry. Further Progress Beyond the Icosahedron. July 1999 -- Progress in the Chemistry of Fused-cage Boranes and Heteroboranes -- Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of the Anion nido-[B8H11]-, and New Insights into the Structures of Other Octaborane Species -- Tetraboranes of the Type B4R4, B4H2R4 and B4H4R4 -- Carboranes -- Broadening the Conflux of Boron and Carbon Chemistries -- Skeletal Rearrangements following Electrophilic Alkylation of 7,8- and 7,9- Dicarbollide Anions (A Review) -- New Routes to Carboranes -- New Routes to Small Carboranes -- Studies of Icosahedral Carboranes with Iminotris(dimethylarnino)phosphorane, HNP(NMe2)3 -- Novel Organic Derivatives of Carboranes: Synthesis and Chemical Properties -- Synthesis and Properties of Some Novel o-Carborane-containing Synthons -- Unusual Double Silylation Reactions of Bis(silyl)metal Complexes with o-Carboranyl Unit -- Cyclisation of Cage-carborane Compounds using Transition Metal Catalysts and Carbene Intermediates -- Metallaboranes
Intercomparison of Syntheses and Structures of Mono- and Dimetallaboranes Containing Transition Metals from Groups 5-9 -- Reactions of Bidentate Phosphines with Metallaboranes: Possible Routes to Linked Cluster Systems -- Preparation of Bidentate Phosphine Derivatives and their Reactions with nido- [(PPh3)2(CO)OsB5H9]: Crystal and Molecular Structure of [(p-cym)RuCl2·PPh2CH2C6H4CH2Ph2P·BH3] -- Metal Borides: Interstitial Boron at the Molecular Level -- Metallaheteroboranes -- Boron-functionalized MC2B4 and MC2B3M′ Clusters and their Applications -- The Ligating Properties of the Anionic Rhenacarboranes [Re(CO)3(η5-7,8-C2B9H11)]- and [Re(CO)3(η5-7-CB10H11)]2- -- Carboranes and Metallacarboranes: Chemistry in New Directions -- Pyrrole and o-Carborane -- Metallacarboranes and Metal Amides -- Novel Osmacarboranes: Reactivity and Application to the Syntheses of exo-Os-closo-M'-Bimetallacarboranes -- Towards Experimental Mapping of the Mechanism of Heteroborane Isomerisation -- Metallatricarbollide Ligands - Analogues of [η5-C5H5]- -- Clusters from Organoboranes and Electron-poor Metal Complexes -- Chemistry of Silaboranes -- Synthesis, Structures and Coordination Chemistry of New Phosphamonocarboranes -- Organic and Inorganic Chemistry of Mono- and Di-boron Systems -- Transition Metal Complexes of Boron -- Boryl Complexes of Ruthenium and Osmium -- Organoboron Compounds of the Heavier Group 14 Elements -- Recent Advances in Diborane(4) Chemistry -- H-D Exchange Reaction of Borane-Lewis Base Adducts by Rhenium Polyhydride Complexes -- Rhodium-catalyzed Addition Reactions of Organoboronic Acids -- Metal-catalyzed Routes to Alpha-Heteroatom-substituted Boronic Acids and Boronate Esters -- Organoborane Dienophiles as 1 -Alkene Equivalents, Terpenylboranes, and Catalytic Hydroboration of Conjugated Dienes and Enynes
Boron Derivatives of Aminopyridines (B, Si and P N-substituted) -- Evaluation of an Organocyanoborane as Chiral Auxiliary in the Stereoselective Synthesis of Phosphines -- Combination of 1,1- and 1,2-Allylboration of Acetylenic Derivatives of Silicon and Tin - A Route to New Heterocycles -- Cyclic Polyunsaturated Triorganoboranes. Dynamic Behaviour and Chemical Properties -- Allylboration of Nitrogen Heterocycles -- Allylboration of Nitroarenes -- The Reaction of β-Ketoacids with Allylboronates -- Resolution of Racemic Diols and Amino Alcohols via Diastereomeric Borate Complexes -- Recent Developments in the Use of α,β-Unsaturated Boronates as Partners in Diels-Alder Cycloadditions -- Novel Silyl-mediated 10-TMS-9-BBD Organoborane Reagents for Asymmetric Synthesis -- Theoretical and Computational Studies -- Distortion by Hyperconjugation and by Formation of a Three-center-two-electron Bond Between Three Boron Atoms -- Ab Initio Study of Boron-Hydrogen Spheres -- nido-6(V) Versus nido-6-(IV) Configurations for the Known Species, C2B4H62- and N2B4H6, and some Calculated Analogs, B6H64-, CB5H63-, NB5H62-, SB5H52-, OB5H52-, NCB4H61-, SCB4H51-, OCB4H51-, SNB4H5, ONB4H5, S2B4H4, OSB4H4 and O2B4H4 -- Defective Vertices and Unsaturation in Borane Deltahedra -- The Dianions of o-, m-, p-Carboranes from Ab Initio Calculations -- Boron Carbon 'Ligands' Stabilized in Rare Earth Metal Solid State Compounds: A Theoretical Approach -- Author Index -- Subject Index
Comprehensive and up to date, graduates and researchers in a wide range of fields will welcome this book
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