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245 00 Pacific presences :|bOceanic art and European museums /
       |cedited by Lucie Carreau, Alison Clark, Alana Jelinek, 
       Erna Lilje & Nicholas Thomas 
264  1 Leiden :|bSidestone Press,|c[2018] 
300    2 volumes :|billustrations (some color), maps (chiefly 
       color) ;|c27 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Pacific presences ;|v4A-4B 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |gVolume 1.|tIntroduction /|rNicholas Thomas with Noelle 
       M.K.Y. Kahanu --|g1.|tPacific presences in Britain: 
       antiquarians, ethnographers, artists, emissaries /
       |rNicholas Thomas --|g2.|tCuriosity, revolution, science 
       and art: Pacific collections and French museums /|rLucie 
       Carreau --|g3.|tPapua collections in the Netherlands: a 
       story of exploration, research, missionization and 
       colonization /|rFanny Wonu Veys --|g4.|tOceania in Russian
       history: expeditions, collections, museums /|rElena Govor 
       --|g5.|tOceanic collections in German museums: collections,
       contexts and exhibits /|rRainer F. Buschmann 
505 00 |gVolume 2.|tIntroduction /|rNicholas Thomas --|gPart one 
       -- Materialities.|g1.|tFibre skirts: continuity and change
       /|rErna Lilje --|g2.|tShell money and context in western 
       island Melanesia /|rKatherine Szabó --|g3.|tAitutaki 
       patterns or listening to the voices of the Ancestors: 
       research on Aitutaki ta'unga in European museums /
       |rMichaela Appel and Ngaa Kitai Taria Pureariki --|g4.
       |tUnpacking cosmologies: frigate bird and turtle shell 
       headdresses in Nauru /|rMaia Nuku --|g5.|t'Reaching across
       the ocean': barkcloth in Oceania and beyond /|rAnna-Karina
       Hermkens --|g6.|t'U'u: an unfinished inquiry into the 
       history and adornment of Marquesan clubs /|rNicholas 
       Thomas --|gPart two -- Collection histories and 
       exhibitions.|g7.|tHaphazard histories: tracing Kanak 
       collections in UK museums /|rJulie Adams --|g8.
       |tInaccuracies, inconsistencies and implications: 
       researching Kiribati coconut fibre armour in UK 
       collections /|rPolly Bence --|g9|tFrom Russia with love: 
       Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay's Pacific collections /|rElena 
       Govor --|g10.|tCollecting procedure unknown: 
       contextualizing the Max Biermann collection in the Museum 
       Fünf Kontinente in Munich /|rHilke Thode-Arora --|g11.
       |tMade to measure: photographs from the Templeton Crocker 
       expedition /|rLucie Carreau --|g12.|tGerman women 
       collectors in the Pacific: Elizabeth Krämer-Bannow and 
       Antonie Brandeis /|rAmiria Salmond --|g13.|tThe 
       illustration of culture: work on paper in the art history 
       of Oceania /|rNicholas Thomas --|g14.|tTwo Germanies: 
       ethnographic museums, (post)colonial exhibitions, and the 
       'cold odyssey' of Pacific objects between East and West /
       |rPhilipp Schorch --|g15.|tMuseum dreams: the rise and 
       fall of a Port Vila museum /|rPeter Brunt --|gPart three -
       - Legacies of empire.|g16.|tKings, Rangatira and 
       relationships: the enduring meanings of 'treasure' 
       exchanges between Māori and Europeans in 1830s Whangaroa /
       |rDeidre Brown --|g17|tAn early Tongan ngatu tahina in 
       Sweden /|rNicholas Thomas --|g18.|tWilful amnesia? 
       Contemporary Dutch narratives about western New Guinea /
       |rFanny Wonu Veys --|g19.|tA glimmering presence: the 
       unheard Melanesian voices of St. Barnabas Memorial Chapel,
       Norfolk Island /|rLucie Carreau --|g20.|tThe Titikaveka 
       barkcloth: a preliminary account /|rNicholas Thomas --
       |g21.|t'The woman who walks': Lucy Evelyn Cheesman, her 
       collecting and contacts in western New Guinea /|rKatharina
       Wilhelmina Haslwanter --|g22.|tHistory and cultural 
       identity: commemorating the arrival of British in Kiribati
       /|rAlison Clark --|g23.|tMakereti and the Pitt Rivers 
       Museum, 1921-1930, and beyond /|rNgahuia te Awekotuku and 
       Jeremy Coote --|gPart four -- Contemporary activations.
       |g24.|tArchives Te Wāhi Pounamu /|rAreta Wilkinson and 
       Mark Adams --|g25.|tHoe Whakairo: painted paddles from New
       Zealand /|rSteve Gibbs, Billie Lythberg and Amiria Salmond
       --|g26.|tToi Hauiti and Hinematioro: a Māori ancestor in a
       German castle /|rWayne Ngata, Billie Lythberg and Amiria 
       Salmond --|g27.|tReinvigorating the study of Micronesian 
       objects in European museums: collections from Pohnpei and 
       Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia /|rHelen A. 
       Alderson --|g28.|tKnowing and not knowing /|rAlana Jelinek
       --|g29.|tInterview /|rKaetaeta Watson, Chris Charteris, 
       Lizzy Leckie and Alison Clark --|g30.|tPiecing together 
       the past: reflections on replicating an ancestral tiputa 
       with contemporary fabrics /|rPauline Reynolds --|g31.
       |tInterview /|rDairi Arua and Erna Lilje --|g32.|t'In 
       process' /|rAlana Jelinek --|g33.|tBackhand and full tusks
       : museology and the mused /|rRosanna Raymond --|tEpilogue 
650  0 Art|zOceania 
650  0 Material culture|zOceania 
650  0 Art objects, Pacific Island|xCollectors and collecting 
650  0 Museums|zEurope 
700 1  Carreau, Lucie,|eeditor,|econtributor 
700 1  Clark, Alison|c(Research fellow),|eeditor,|econtributor 
700 1  Jelinek, Alana,|eeditor,|econtributor 
700 1  Lilje, Erna,|eeditor,|econtributor 
700 1  Thomas, Nicholas,|d1960-|eeditor,|econtributor 
830  0 Pacific presences ;|v4A-4B 
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