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050 0  HC79.P6|bA56 
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100 10 Allen, Vernon L.,|d1933-|ecomp 
245 10 Psychological factors in poverty /|cedited by Vernon L. 
260 0  New York :|bAcademic Press,|cc1970 
300    viii, 392 p.|c24 cm 
440  0 Institute for Research on Poverty monograph series 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Neutralizing the disinherited, by L. Rainwater.--The 
       culture of poverty, social identity, and cognitive 
       outcomes, by T. R. Sarbin.--Poverty versus equality of 
       opportunity, by J. M. Hunt.--The transmission of cognitive
       strategies in poor families, by R. D. Hess.--A new 
       approach to the study of school motivation in minority 
       group children, by I. Katz.--Learning ability, 
       intelligence, and educability, by A. R. Jensen.--A "try 
       simplest cases" approach to the heredity-poverty-crime 
       problem, by W. Shockley.--Do genetic factors contribute to
       poverty? By J. F. Crow.--Genetic factors in poverty, by S.
       G. Vandenberg.--Children of the city, by T. S. Langner, 
       and others.--The psychological costs of quality and 
       equality in education, by U. Bronfenbrenner.--Economic 
       aspects of poverty, by D. Caplovitz.--Personality 
       correlates of poverty, by V. L. Allen.--An expectancy 
       approach to job training programs, by G. Gurin.--Poverty 
       and motivation, by U. Pareek.--Some theoretical and 
       practical problems in compensatory education as an 
       antidote to poverty, by E. W. Gordon.--The role of 
       motivation and self-image in social change in slum areas, 
       by M. B. Clinard.--The poverty of psychology, by A. Pearl.
       --The psychology of poverty, by V. L. Allen 
650  0 Poverty|xPsychological aspects|xAddresses, essays, 
650  0 Poverty|xAddresses, essays, lectures 
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