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050  4 HD9526.C62|bC539 2012 
245 04 The Chinese steel industry's transformation :|bstructural 
       change, performance and demand on resources /|cedited by 
       Ligang Song and Haimin Liu 
260    Cheltenham, UK ;|aNorthampton, MA :|bEdward Elgar,|cc2012 
300    x, 183 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Steel industry development and transformation in China : 
       an overview / Ligang Song and Haimin Liu -- Metal        
       intensity in comparative historical perspective : China, 
       North Asia and the United States / Huw McKay -- Economic 
       growth, regional disparities and core steel demand in 
       China / Jane Golley, Yu Sheng and Yuchun Zheng -- China's 
       iron and steel industry performance : total factor 
       productivity and its determinants / Yu Sheng and Ligang 
       Song -- The technical efficiency of China's large and 
       medium iron and steel enterprises : a firm-level analysis 
       / Yu Sheng and Ligang Song -- The backward and forward 
       linkages of the iron and steel industry in China and their
       implications / Yu Sheng and Ligang Song -- China's shift 
       from being a net importer to a net exporter of steel and 
       its implications / Haimin Liu and Ligang Song -- China's 
       iron ore import demand and its determinants : a time-
       series analysis / Yu Sheng and Ligang Song -- 
       Restructuring China's steel industry and the implications 
       for energy use and the environment / Guoqing Dai and 
       Ligang Song  
650  0 Steel industry and trade|zChina 
700 1  Song, Ligang 
700 1  Liu, Haimin 
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