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100 1  Coyle, Sean,|eauthor 
245 10 Modern jurisprudence :|ba philosophical guide /|cSean 
250    Third edition 
264  1 Oxford ;|aNew York :|bHart Publishing,|c2022 
300    xiii, 294 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Previous edition: 2017 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Justice, law and history -- Origins of the Western 
       jurisprudential tradition -- Jurisprudence : the classical
       tradition -- The Emergence of 'modern' political thought -
       - Images of law from Grotius to Kant -- Positive law, 
       positive justice : Hart -- Justice in the 'real world' : 
       Dworkin -- Justice and the liberal state : Rawls -- 
       Justice and the common good : Finnis -- Justice and 
       legality : Fuller -- Justice and legal order : further 
       reflections -- Disruptive theories -- Conclusions? 
520    "This textbook presents a clear exploration of the 
       historical developments and ideas that give modern 
       thinking its distinctive shape. It guides students through
       the rival standpoints on jurisprudence from the origins of
       Western jurisprudential thought and the classical 
       tradition to the emergence of 'modern' political thought. 
       Chapters on Hart, Fuller, Rawls, Dworkin and Finnis lead 
       the reader systematically through the terrain of modern 
       legal philosophy, tracing the issues back to fundamental 
       questions of philosophy, and indicating lines of criticism
       that result in a fresh and original perspective on the 
       subject. The third edition includes a new chapter on 
       feminist legal scholarship and non-Western approaches. 
       Praise for the previous editions: 'An ideal starting place
       for anyone interested in, or studying, legal philosophy 
       ... Its simple but ambitious aim to provide a concise and 
       accessible guide is easily achieved.' (Student Law 
       Journal) 'A decent choice for an introductory course on 
       jurisprudence, or for a serious student who wishes to 
       study on his or her own.' (Canadian Law Library)"--
       |cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Law|xPhilosophy|xHistory|y20th century 
650  0 Jurisprudence|xHistory|y20th century 
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