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008    831004s1960    nyuac    b    010 0 eng   
010    60015886 //r83 
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050 0  QC3|b.F52 
082 0  530.82 
100 1  Fierz, Markus,|eed 
245 10 Theoretical physics in the twentieth century;|ba memorial 
       volume to Wolfgang Pauli,|cedited by M. Fierz and V.F. 
260    New York,|bInterscience Publishers,|c1960 
300    x, 328 p.|bport., diagrs.|c24 cm 
504    Includes bibliographies 
505 0  Foreword, by N. Bohr.--The turning point, by R. Kronig.--
       Erinnerungen an die Zeit der Entwicklung der 
       Quantenmechanik, by W. Heisenberg.--Quantum theory of 
       fields, until 1947, by G. Wentzel.--Regularization and non
       -singular interactions in quantum field theory, by F. 
       Villars.--Das Pauli-Prinzip und die Lorentz-Gruppe, by R. 
       Jost.--Paul and the theory of the solid state, by H.B.G. 
       Casimir.--Quantum thoery of solids, by R.E. Peierls.--
       Statistische Mechanik, by M. Fierz.--Relativity, by V. 
       Bargmann.--Exclusion principle and spin, by B.L. van der 
       Waerden.--Fundamental problems, by L.D. Landau.--The 
       neutrino, by C.S. Wu.--Bibliography Wolfgang Pauli, by 
       C.P. Enz 
600 10 Pauli, Wolfgang,|d1900-1958 
650  0 Physics 
700 10 Weisskopf, Victor Frederick,|d1908-|ejoint ed 
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